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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

There's a library in Sydney that moved all the Lance Armstrong books in to the fiction section this week.


It's like people go out of their way to "think" the opposite of what he says Jesus Christ.
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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Everyone on here is talking about it. Bravo CM Punk LOL!

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Post Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post
LOL at all these predictable haters saying Punk said this for attention. What is the guy not allowed to give his thoughts on something just because a few people know him? . I bet one of his followers probably even asked him about what he thought of Lance Armstrong and he simplied replied back.
Of course he did it for attention. If I post that you are a pussy what other reason should I have than attention? Also, he knows that his tweets will gain more attention than yours and mine because he works for a known company and that makes him an even bigger attention whore.
He could criticize Armstrong without using the word pussy but he knows that without the use of the word pussy he would not make it on every wrestlingsite and that there will be not a thread about this on every forum.

I hate it when Punk marks defend the guy for every move only because he is in their signature to not contradict themselves. If the Rock or John Cena would do the same you would change your opinion on the spot and you know that it's true
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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
No it isn't "typical hero worship". Prefacing your phony post with pseudo-intellectual comments about that bs doesn't make your terrible points any better either.

I don't give a shit if The Rock uses, or has used steroids at some point in his life. What I do give a shit about is your constant accusations of every wrestler who doesn't have an average build of using steroids. It's old, tired, and does nothing but perpetuate ignorant myths. THAT is my problem with your post, not that it was about The Rock.

So much of the rest of your post is full of both incorrect information and straight up irrelevant numbers.

First of all, 250 lbs is an meaningless number. 250 lbs for someone who's 5'9" is going to be a lot different than someone who's 6'5". It isn't some magical breakpoint for all human beings. Was that supposed to be a "scientific" point or something? Completely irrelevant number. Red flag #1 that you don't have a career in the field.

Secondly, no, you don't gain a bunch of fat just because you increase your strength. You gain fat when you eat a lot of calories to assit your workouts yet don't work them off. This usually happens when you don't spend much working on cardio and instead most focusing on building strength. Power lifters in strength competitions looks fatter because they don't really care about their image. Who cares about looking ripped when that does nothing but take energy away from building muscle? There's no weight limit for power lifting competitions either, so there's no reason to put in the extra work to trim down.

And oh yes, steroids don't magically make you lose weight either. Eating right and excersizing do. And that's not something you need roids to do. That's red flag that you're a liar #2. Pro tip: if you're going to be an internet phony and claim you work in sports nutrition, you should probably develop some common sense about the field.

Contrastingly, when you have an entertainment business like WWE, looking good is nearly as important as being strong. Therefore unlike in power lifting competitions, there's a big incentive to stay as trim as possible. Therefore more efforts will be made to look trim than if you lift just for strength. Even in sports such as boxing, you have to trim down to make weight, therefore you will also see very strong guys with barely any body fat. And that sport is very strictly tested for steroids and any other forms of PEDs.

You're comparing apples to oranges, and throwing out some bs credentials so you can pretend like your mindless bashing of every single wrestler who looks remotely above average "must be on steroids" has merit when it doesn't. You throw those accusations out every few weeks. Claiming you're a body builder and sports nutritionist doesn't mean shit if the information you give is completely wrong and full of myths and amatuer misconceptions.

The fact that you sat there and flat out said that anybody who has significant muscle mass but is also lean is definitely on roids proves your ignorance of human biology, sports nutrition, and body building.. It is not impossible. It's not even close to impossible. Red flag #3. Everything you said was either irrelevant, wrong, or a very lazy generalization (which was also wrong).
I fuckin LOLD at calling The Rock, aka 6'3 265 lbs 6% BF decent or slight above average. Terrible post. The biggest TOP natural bodybuilders at that height are around 205-210 lbs with the same conditioning. Are you telling me that there's some genetic freak that has 50-60 lbs on the worlds top guys at that height naturally and isn't even a bodybuilder, but a movie star? How about getting into the sport a bit more before calling 250 lbs+ shredded low single-digit bf monsters as "slightly above average". You can make a point about guys like Punk and Bryan beeing natural, but Cena, Rock, Triple H etc is laugable at best, idiotic and delusional at worst. I dare you to make a post like that on getbig or and get laughed at by the whole forum. What you basically said is the weightlifting version of "Khali is the greatest wrestler of all time, and if you disagree you need to learn more about wrestling".
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Punk haters going to blind hate. So he has to slag everyone off when he gives his view on something? Punk haters at least come up with logical reason to hate him. Lance Armstrong is scum and deserves all the stick he gets.

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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Cant believe this thread has gone on for so long.
As I went through the thread I found it hilarious reading all the red reped Punk haters posts.
One that got me the most was Armstrong would beat Punk in a real fight.

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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Being drug free doesn't make you stronger. It's a choice, not a test of will. Sorry, Punk.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Punk just garnering attention
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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
Real ones or just hilarious ones like on Raw?
Now you're committing character assassination to defend Punk?

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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Being drug free is indeed a test of will, am not really a punk fan but agree with him on this one. Armstrong deserves every bit of what he is getting right now.
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