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What are YOUR house show experiences?

I live in Australia and I attended a house show in 2011 at the Melbourne Rod Laver Arena, it was the same card as the capital punishment, but it had great atmosphere.
This year I am going to go again in hope of a better card, when I went in 2011 we had R-Truth calling people "Little Jimmy's" CM Punk was getting raped by Mysterio, and Alex Riley was fighting the miz in a tables match, but the main event of truth and cena was quite terrible. What are your experiences?

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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

wcw show way back when.

they had a 'wargames' main event, also steiner brothers, diamond stud w/ ddp, but i was mainly there to see steainers and flair.

ok card, scott steiner not there (replaced by tom zenk), first disappointment.

they announce that flair has been fired from wcw, crowd goes nuts booing. kevin goddamm sullivan replaces flair in wargames match.

not long after flair starts showing up on wwf weekend morning shows (well, from the neck down with a blurred out belt, anyway).

last show i ever went to hah
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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

My first show was in 1998 and had a card I dont think anyone will beat:

Fatal 4 Way Main Event for WWF Title:
Austin vs. Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Mankind

IC Title:
Triple H vs. The Rock

Street Fight
Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart

Faarooq vs. Mark Henry

Dennis Knight vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Val Venis vs. Savio Vega (I think...)

New Age Outlaws vs. DOA

Jeff Jarrett vs. X-Pac

Also had matches including D'Lo Brown, The Godfather, Headbangers, etc.

It was a pretty fun show, definitely a great card with awesome matches.
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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?


This was the greatest house show I've ever attended. I was only 11 years old, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

The main event was Jericho vs The Rock. Jericho came out and cut a great promo, then The Rock came out and cut another great promo, which had the crowd electric. Then they had a match, which The Rock was victorious in.

The Rock went to do his usual schtick after his match with Jericho, but the microphones wouldn't work. He tried the usual wireless mic, then went for a wired mic, and neither of them worked. So he convinced everybody in the entire arena to silence themselves as he delivered a IF YA SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!!!!

It was one of the most breath taking moments I've ever experienced in my life, too cool. If I ever have the chance to meet Rocky, that would be the #1 story I would ask him about, and I wonder if he remembers it?

The crowd's were INSANE back then. I miss the ole Attitude days.
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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

I also once attended a house show where Teddy Long was the referee of a match, and I can't quite recall who all was in the match, but I distinctly remember Teddy Long delivering a body slam to Hardcore Holly in the middle of the match. It was hilarious. The crowd was stunned, nobody knew WTF we just saw hahahahahaha.

Then later in the night, as I was in the parking lot, watching the wrestlers leave, I saw Teddy drive off in an old, beat-up, red pick-up truck with a dreamcatcher in the rear view mirror. Classic stuff.
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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

Most recent one was on the UK tour in 2011. Awesome moment where, after facing Daniel Bryan, Regal got on the mic and said Bryan is the future of the WWE and also gave a shout out to Robbie Brookside who was sitting in the audience.

Awesome, awesome moment. Really hope WWE captured that if ever they do some kind of Regal or British-themed DVD set in the future.
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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

Posted it loads in the past but when Eddie Guerrero died they cancelled the smackdown houseshow in Nottingham then the next two shows they did here were both RAW i think and then when Smackdown next came the main event was Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Khali. Can't remember who won but Batista and Rey were both hyping the crowd after the match and Eddie's VIVA LA RAZA music hit, they danced, the crowd went nuts and i marked like a little girl.

Edit: Carlito always used to get a big face reaction here too when he was a heel and he'd just look bemused at the crowd which i found funny.

I always have/had a video of a two funny promo's Jericho did during a no DQ match against Edge, he waited a while with the mic as if he was going to say something then just threw the mic down like he then did later during his end of the world return thing where he did similar promos and i vaguely remember him teasing a ladder or table and then telling us we didnt deserve it or something, guess you had to be there... :P

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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

first show was like 93 in Daytona Beach. i think i just remember Papa Shango and Koko B Ware

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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

I went to one in I believe 1996 and it was a pretty good card although overall. One thing that upset me a little though was that Dude Love defeated someone (HHH or maybe Owen Hart)for the Intercontinental title and even announced that he won it and he was celebrating with the belt..but...tune into RAW the next day and the title change was unrecognized like it never happened. Then I found out later that they do stuff like that at house shows to get more excitement, kind of lame, but it is what it is.
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Re: What are YOUR house show experiences?

Found the one I attended in 1998.

WWF @ Toronto, Ontario - SkyDome - November 7, 1998 (16,372)
Paul Ellering (sub. for 8-Ball) & Skull defeated Droz & Road Warrior Animal at 5:52 when Droz was pinned after being hit with Ellering's briefcase while Road Warrior Animal fought with an interfering Road Warrior Hawk
Tiger Ali Singh pinned Al Snow at 8:26 with a roll up
Steven Regal pinned Steve Blackman at 4:28 by using the ropes for leverage
Christian & Gangrel defeated Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor at 9:30 when Christian pinned Taylor with a reverse DDT
WWF European Champion X-Pac pinned Jeff Jarrett at 9:31 in a guitar on a pole match after hitting the challenger with the guitar after blocking Jarrett's attempt to come off the top with the guitar with a blow to the midsection
WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock defeated WWF Hardcore Champion Mankind in a streetfight at 6:13 following a chair shot
Edge & Sable defeated Marc Mero & WWF Women's Champion Jackie at 8:23 when Edge pinned Mero with the Downward Spiral after Mero sustained a low blow from Sable
Goldust pinned Val Venis with a roll up at 7:03
WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown at 7:23 after D-Lo was hit with one of the title belts
Steve Austin defeated Kane, Undertaker, and the Rock in a steel cage match by pinning the Rock with the Stunner at 8:57 as the Undertaker and Kane brawled their way backstage

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