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Re: IWC cliches

When people on here speak of the IWC as if they aren't contributing to it.

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Re: IWC cliches

When people hate in Zack Ryder. He gave out terms that even casuals use now and then plus he did put himself over
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Re: IWC cliches

Everything CM Punk does is gold

Everything John Cena does is shit
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Re: IWC cliches

Originally Posted by Twisted14 View Post
Saying anything to imply that the IWC all share the one opinion, ignoring the fact that the IWC generally just argues all the time about everything.

Saying that you hate the IWC, and denying that you are a part of it, even though you post here and anywhere else on the internet.
Fuck you, I'm not part of the IWC. Daniel Bryan needs a push and EVERYONE knows it.

JK. Lol, I agree with you.

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Re: IWC cliches

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Everytime somebody loses to Cena some people claim that person was "jobbing".
pretty much everyone else has been fed to the Cena marketing machine (which in itself gets fed to the Brock/Rock marketing machine) so why not at this point?
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Re: IWC cliches

Everytime someone loses clean to Cena they're getting buried.
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Re: IWC cliches

"____ needs to be pushed"
"___ can't draw ratings"
"WWE is gonna go out of business soon"
"___ is stale"
"I'm not going to watch WWE anymore"
"___ isn't as good as they used to be"
"I wish ___ would return"

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Re: IWC cliches

They need to give (insert jobber) a world title run.
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Re: IWC cliches

Originally Posted by I Curry I View Post
"Punk can't draw" - Who gives a shit?
This statement doesn't make any sense. Your statement answers your own question. "Punk can't draw" indicates he does not bring in new fans or is unable to maintain the current fanbase. They left, so obviously they gave a shit cause they're not watching.

I don't know, it just seems that your statement didn't make sense. Not a anti Punk guy, you could put anyone in your statement and it still wouldn't make sense.

Anyways, my contribution

"X wrestler needs to turn heel" (There are many examples of wrestlers that are just as bad as a heel as they were when they were face)

"X wrestler deserves to be in the WWE HOF" (No one "deserves" to be in because the WWE HOF is crap. no voting, no credentials needed, no real rules to get in just one person has to liek you)

In regards to WWE, we are not in the PG Era. We are in the Watered Down Era!

"Triple H fans will say that everything is true if it has to do with making him look good. And if it's a bad rumor, it's not true because "it's from the dirtsheets"."

Triple H fans are the worst!
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Re: IWC cliches

Over the last couple of years there has been a growing trend in pretending to like shit.

When the internet first came around, of course everybody used to bum the obscure stuff to seem cool and smart. So you'd see a lot of user names like "RVD420" "NewFNSHOW" "ZANDIG" etc. Now everything is so common place with YouTube. Twitter etc, the biggest nerds try to go the other way. Instead of praising the obscure stuff or giving credit to something a ten year old can find and rightfully consider great, they pretend to enjoy MARK HENRY~~ etc. But the truth is, if Rock vs Mark Henry was announced as the Mania main event tomorrow, those massive nerds would be dying inside.

Internet wrestling fans are a very strange breed.

#F4W #UKFF #WrestleCrap #Losers

I mainly lurk on this board and have done for many, many years, but I don't mind it as you can tell their are just a lot of casual fans enjoying shit, and things don't get over analysed to death here.

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