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The Nememsis

I'm certain many of us can go through a list of names throughout wrestling history in which we could identify perfect rivals, or someone's particular nemesis. Hogan had Savage, Sting had Flair, Austin had Vince, Rock had HHH, Taker had Mankind, Von Erich's had The Funk Family, Dusty had the Four Horsemen, Pillman had Vicious, and so on, and so forth. In essence there were just feuds that just meshed very well with these folks, and became a part of wrestling culture. Do we have that in today's WWE?

This idea isn't just limited to the main event. I can recall even tag team, or mid card rivals. The Road Warriors had plenty of solid feuds with other tag teams like the Midnight Express. The Same can be said with The Steiner Brothers with Hall, and Nash. There are even classic mid card feuds in which we can draw. We don't seem to have that today. Is this part of the problem of the WWE? There aren't any real feuds that mean to have a strong feel to them. Everything just seems for the moment. What are your thoughts on this?
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Re: The Nememsis

They move on from feuds too quickly. I was going to say blame the monthly pay per views as back in the day they would build up feuds for months if not years.

But then Austin/Rock, HBK/Bret, Austin/Vince, these feuds were during a monthly pay per view era. How did they stand? Because they were built over months and if weren't the major storyline, they were the subtext (i.e. Austin vs. Big Boss Man but McMahon would interfere or setup a stipulation so Austin would get screwed).

Nowadays, WWE expects us as fans to have short term memories, to the point that if you see a auperstar fighting another person in November, forget that, they're now partners in December, ok, new month, let's move to a new feud.

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Re: The Nememsis

Nememsis? lol
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Re: The Nememsis

Cena/Punk is treated as something special, an we don't just get to see it a lot. The few one-one-one matchups are meaningful and don't happen too often.

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Re: The Nememsis

not really

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Re: The Nememsis

punk/cena is a notable one. wwe buried the hatchet on kofi/miz too early. aj/kaitlyn was the only other semi rivalry that came to mind after three minutes of thinking.

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