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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

Originally Posted by Priceless Blaze View Post
But if it ends it needs to be something that can be used forever, Cena ending it and going heel wouldn't be a long term thing cause I doubt Cena would stay heel the rest of his time in the WWE. Like I said it shouldn't end but if so someone in the middle like Ziggler(not saying Ziggler should, I'd like it cause he's my favorite right now) someone who can get a big push off it and use it anytime they need too that they beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The only person I'd take ending it that wouldn't even need it would be Kane but that's it.
The streak shouldn't be used to put someone over. It should be used for something that'll lead to the WWE making a buttload of cash off of it with Cena ending the streak which leads to his heel turn as an example. Whether Cena's heel turn is long-term or not is irrelevant. It'll still get people tuning in and seeing the new dynamic of John Cena's new heel persona.

But if the WWE aren't going to turn Cena heel at all, than the streak should remain intact. No point in it being broken now unless they are willing to take a risk with it for the sake of DAT DINERO.

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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

At Wrestlemania 26, Shawn Michaels was the last wrestler who could/should have broken the streak and gotten something out of it. Undertaker should have retired fulltime after he reached 20 wins.

Undertaker is so old and visibly broken in the ring, you can't take him seriously unless he's pitted against an old dog just like himself. Edge was probably the last average age wrestler who could have beaten him and gotten some prestige from it all. It doesn't matter what kind of history the guy has, old wrestlers are never taken seriously.

Ric Flair is undeniably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time with a huge list of accomplishments from his career, yet if any midcarder beat him today, nobody would care, it wouldn't be some epic win for him. Why? Because Ric Flair is an OLD MAN. So is Undertaker, he's almost 48, that's ancient for a wrestler, well past his prime.
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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

CM Punk should end it.. but of course, i'm being biased.

Originally Posted by That's irrelevant View Post
Dolph Ziggler ending the streak would be a terrible decision. Nothing against Ziggler at all but that would be worse than Kevin Nash ending Goldberg's undefeated streak at Starrcade 98.
I agree with this.
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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

I read all these comments about how guys such as Ziggler (or Barrett or whomever) simply doesn't have the credibility to end the streak and you're partially right. Orton back in 2005 was one guy that was close to ending the streak and he was about the same level as Ziggler current is at except the fact that Orton was a World Champion the year before. The streak also wasn't as strong back then.

One way that they CAN make it a more level playing field is by playing up how the defense of the streak has been wearing the Undertaker down over the past 4yrs. That coupled with age and injury along with a younger upcoming star that is amped up due to the high stakes and it may create a perfect storm to where The Undertaker just *might* have a small chance at losing.

Originally Posted by MrMeToo2 View Post
If I had to pick, rising newcomer. The old wrestling rule of putting someone who needs it over on your way out. Also it doesn't help that two of the biggest stars in wrestling history (Flair and HBK) were both retired by established vets (HBK and Undertaker)

IMO, I think the person who ends the streak (if it happens, I don't think it should) should be a wrestler in between vet and rising newcomer. Randy Orton circa 2005 was perfect. Someone who could win the world title (or has been a world champion before) has been in the main event for a good while but isn't an automatic Hall of Fame type of guy.
Orton did become the youngest world champion ever the year before but other than that, he was brand new to the main event scene and was actually made to look quite weak in his feud with HHH that ended at the Royal Rumble earlier that year.

Originally Posted by Priceless Blaze View Post
How has Cena not cemented his legacy yet? He's held the title more times then he should have, he's REALLY close to the flair record(of titles in all the companies flair has been in) I just don't see how Cena deserve to end it if anyone does.
Someone's sarcasm detector is broken..

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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

I would accept Punk or Barrett exclusively, so both.

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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

If this were pre-2008, I would say that it could've been used to give a younger guy the rub, but at this point, the streak shouldn't even be considered to be broken.

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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

It would be difficult to choose someone off the current roster.

Cena doesn't deserve it in the sense he has already won so much else, and it would be a disaster that someone like Cena would be rewarded with probably one of the biggest accolades left in wrestling.

CM Punk probably shouldn't end it as he has already been rewarded with the longest title reign in the last 25 years.

Randy Orton has already had a shot.

I would guess that it has been mentioned backstage that CM Punk, Sheamus, Cena and Ryback could end it.

Sheamus would probably be the biggest shout but I wouldn't want to see that happen and a Ryback match would look awful.

Its difficult to say who because nobody really deserves it.

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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

They should not ever even possibly think of breaking it. Twenty years of undefeated matches at Wrestlemania. That is unheard of. No one will ever come close to that again. Even if WWE planned to do it, you can't guarantee a guy will be around for 20 years, over for 20 years & healthy during Wrestlemania time for 20 years. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. If they break it, all of that goes out the window & it means nothing. It would be a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad decision. Not to mention, fuck, we're not even at Wrestlemania 30 yet. You can't make another one until like Wrestlemania 50 or some shit? WWE probably won't even be alive by then. The streak should not be touched & honestly, I would be finished with it now. 20-0, retirement. Untouchable.
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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

If they ever have the balls to do it, it should be used as an opportunity to make someone a megastar, or to shake the foundations of the company forever. A Cena heel turn could work perfectly, but I think that boat has sailed. Taker only has a couple of matches left in him, at the most, and I think a Cena turn is still a long way off yet. Barrett would be a good choice, but only if they put their full support behind him, and are ready to commit to making him a huge star. If it fails, it will ruin his career, and tarnish Taker's legacy.

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Re: If the streak was to ever be broken would you rather it be by...

Sting or no one that's it for me personally.
Of course no one is going to end it
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