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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

Baretta didn't even stand out at all on NXT after his injury so I'm not surprised he was released. Of the names mentioned in this thread, they would be idiots to release Riley or Hunico but I'd be happy to see the rest of them go.

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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
About time. I knew it was coming once AJ Lee started getting a push. I can't wait to see who else gets fired.
What does AJ has do with Trent's release I can't see the relevance.
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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

Hunico was never my thing. It's not like he's a young up and comer. He'd be great with Primo/Epico, if that was a thing again. I don't know, just not buying him nor Camacho. I think Primo could out work Hunico and has more of a personality.
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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

lol tbh he lasted alot longer then i thought he would. When i first saw the "dudebusters" debut i knew they wouldnt be going anywhere. Caylen Croft got released straight away and Baretta was a jobber to the other jobbers.

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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

Don't care about Trent Barretta. WWE can use some spring cleaning. The roster is boring and generic overall. Sorry that he got fired, not sorry that I won't have to potentially see him on tv.

Originally Posted by God Movement View Post
Feel sorry for the guy, he's unemployed now, but sacrifices have to be made, they need to get the money for Dwayne's contract from somewhere
Not sure why people keep saying this when "Dwayne"'s contract gets paid for by the extra buyrates he pulls. It doesn't come out of everyone else's salaries and contracts.

That would only be the case if "Dwayne" didn't actually pull extra buyrates. Which of course, he does. Time to let that shtick go guys. It makes no sense.
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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

TNA is only after ultra cheap talent thesedays. Trent Baretta could be a good addition to Ring of Honor or PWG. Same goes for Curt Hawkins. Bourne would return as a top name for ROH.

Hunico would head to AAA. Tensai and Yoshi Tatsu back to Japan. Tyson Kidd - when of good health - would probably go to NJPW and soon become one of the top 10 in-ring performers in the business. Primo and Epico back to Puerto Rico.

If they had the money, I can't imagine TNA would be interested in Michael McGillicutty, Ted DiBiase, Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan. Bateman and JTG would maybe a gutcheck tryout. Jack Swagger is too expensive, but a feud with Kurt could redefine him.

TNA would open the cheque book for Mr Ryder, whether people think he's any good or not.
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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Sucks for anybody to lose their job, but if I where to guess the next few releases.

Most likely from this list

Alex Riley
Curt Hawkins
Derrick Bateman
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Jack Swagger
Percy Watson
Ted Dibiase
All of those are very likely to be gone in a mass firing. Add in Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Yoshi Tatsu and you got the full probable list of cuts. In reality, these people could be gone and WWE would fill in easily with NXT and indie wrestlers.

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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

Buggy Nova comes back from eating disorder rehab and she's shit-canned. Truth be told I can't imagine the business, especially how the wwe uses women wrestlers as complete eye candy sex objects, would be a good career choice for somebody with body image issues.

I hope Trenty sticks in the business - he's a young guy and really talented.
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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

As noted earlier here on the website, WWE performer Trent Barreta has been released today by the company. Baretta is already booked for PWS for WrestleMania weekend in Metuchen, NJ against Sonjay Dutt. It is also said that there may be more releases forthcoming. On WWE.com, Baretta's profile has been removed from the Superstars page. However, as of this writing, there has been no confirmation on the release by WWE. We're told more releases are coming but they may not happen tonight. We're working to confirm a second release right now. Stay tuned throughout the weekend.

So if there is a second about to happen, any calls on who this one will be?

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Re: WWE release Trent Baretta (POSSIBLY MORE TO COME)

I can't say I'm surprised. Once the dudebusters made their debut, I knew he didn't have a long WWE career ahead of him.

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