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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
Other than "he's a ripoff of Goldberg" because I could just as easily cite Ric Flair as an even bigger ripoff, or numerous other wrestlers, and kill that argument cold.

Seriously, what about Ryback is so logically different that he's terrible and Bill Goldberg is the fucking man? Many of you are the same people who thought Goldberg was the shit 10+ years ago, and now a guy with some similarities to him has appeared, and people are burying him and claiming he sucks. It's as if he "sucks" because a few people up here said it, and their opinions came to be your opinions, rather than you forming your own opinion.

I see Ryback in the ring, and I see a guy who is filling a very specific role - a big hulking tank like wrestler who is clearly a hevyweight, and a guy who fills the "Shit just got real" gap that WWE had since The Undertaker began working part time a few years ago. His in ring skills are not terrible. He's had a few botches, sure. Do some of you forget Bill Goldberg has more than a few botches as well? Ask Bret Hart.

Now, you can certainly make the argument that Goldberg may be a more talented in ring performer, or maybe you cannot, but I just don't see one or the other as vastly better. Goldberg was booked to the moon. He destroyed everyone, even moreso than Ryback has. He sold like shit often. His matches were short. His mic skills were decent, nothing spectacular.

How is Ryback so terrible and Goldberg so great? Do people have a view of Goldberg from their childhood that didn't really exist? What things made Goldberg that much more "epic" than Ryback? Multiple sentence answers would be preferred.
Your question is irrelevant. Goldberg doesn't have to still be awesome for Ryback to suck. Point is, he was once awesome and Ryback never was nor will be. And Ric "Buddy Rogers Jr." Flair can go to hell too.
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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Because Goldberg is

and Ryback is

But seriously now, Goldberg had this aura and intensity like already mentioned by Headliner.
The most important difference between these two is that Goldberg was so hot, they had no choice than to push him and they couldn't wait to give him the world title on a PPV and booked it on Nitro with only a 3 days announcement. Ryback on the other side was just forced into the main event.
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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Because Goldberg is the shit

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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Ryback being compared to Goldberg again...

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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Goldberg = more athletic, stronger, intimidating, presence, better entrance, innovative at the time

fuck some of you for bashing Flair. He might took some of Rogers' cocky heel gimmick and name the "nature boy" but Ric Flair did achieve more. Flair was innovative and he lived the gimmick. Still does. WOOOOOOOOOO!

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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Goldberg was in the attitude era, Ryback is in the pg era aka childish/kids show as people call it. Liking Goldberg more also gets others to think your an old fan of wrestling and know what you talk about.

Comparing wrestlers that were active in the attitude era with pg era wrestlers will always get the same answers. Its just how it works.
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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

I believe Ryback actually fueled the fire himself when being asked about Goldberg comparisons. He basically said he was better than Goldberg in every way. Dick move and now there is backlash from Goldberg fans and people who never cared about Goldberg until then.
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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

WAT a shit
Ryaback sucks, u can't compare him with a guy like Goldberg
he is acting like a dumb, he is also havn't power Goldberg's had
he is just puffy Muscle mass with elf body

ps; my lang is sucks, i try to learn
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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

I don't love Ryback. Initially I thought he was ugly, he has that ugly outfit on, the R logo is lame, his entrance is awkward. But the thing is that he was over. He took off, broke through. They should've put the belt on him. He has a good catchphrase, a great finishing move, and he is over.

He was the hottest thing they've had since Punk@MITB 2011. So I don't love Ryback but he was the golden goose that was there for the taking before HIAC.

With all that said Ryback is nothing compared to what Goldberg was. Goldberg looked like a superstar, like a million dollars. IMO he had the greatest entrance of any wrestler of all time. If you didn't get pumped up watching him getting escorted by 10 cops to the stage to that music in 98 you don't have much in common with me.

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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

They're both horrid.
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