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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

Yep Back in the day The Ultimate Warrior was IC
made the belt feel like it was the WWE champion
they should do this with Randy Orton and if he
has a good run with it then maybe he can get out
of Vince's doghouse and compete for the WWE title
but thats if only Randy can keep it together.
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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

Triple H holding the IC Title in 2001 springs to mind.

I think it should be done to be honest. Randy Orton has absolutely nothing going on at this point in his career, if he were to feud with Wade Barrett going into Wrestlemania for the next 3 months it would elevate both Barrett and the Championship; sadly WWE doesn't believe in long term booking or using their talent appropriately.

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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

Because those are mid card titles and only mid carders should be able to win those titles.

Courtesy of yours truly
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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

Originally Posted by dxbender View Post
I know a title like IC/US have just been seen as a title for the mid card division, but why can't WWE have the bigger name stars also going for those titles?

They want to improve the division, but don't want to have guys in the division that'll improve it. It makes no sense(that'd be like wanting to buy something,but not wanting to spend money to buy it).

I know some people might say something like "if ___ is in the __ title scene, it means less mid card guys will be in title picture", but really, don't people think that WWE is at a point, where they should at least experiment with this?

I'm sure more people would care about something like Orton vs Cesaro in a US title feud, over Cesaro-Khali or something like that. Individual superstars aren't the ones who make people watch, it's the overall show.

Just like in sports. People don't tune in to see a single team(assuming they're not fans of the team), just cause that team has 1-2 good players on it, they'd tune into cause that team has good overall players.

I'd rather see a PPV where we'd have 4-5 matches with top(or close to top) stars in it, over 2-3 just loaded with all the stars in them.
It's strange that the champions are looked upon as the cream of the crop, but those in contention for the higher belts mean more than the lower champions.

Obviously, there are no weight classes unless predetermined rules are stated so they have to make their champions look strong without being equal, which doesn't make sense. We've all seen a top card guy go against the Inter-Continental champion, and as soon as the announcers say non-title you know that the guy who's usually higher up the card is more than likely to win as they can't have them lose, yet it's non-title because the belt is beneath him. It doesn't make sense to have the match in that case.

There have been people contending for the lower titles after world title wins, The Miz and Christian, and to a lesser extent Dolph Ziggler in recent years. I can remember reading that the reason Triple H won the IC title in around 2001 when it was the Brothers of Destruction feuding with him and Austin in the Two Man Power Trip, was simply as a reward for letting somebody defeat him clean. THAT, this type of thing, is what makes the titles look like jokes when the bigger star wins them.

I can see why it seems like a better idea to give the lower titles to bigger stars, but as they aren't considered equal they should be used to elevate talent and used as the next step up. Something I was expecting after Cody Rhodes has such a solid, by recent standards, run as IC champ.
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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

the only reason that midcard titles exist is to help you make a name for yourself and then you go for the world/tag titles

thats how the formula works
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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

In this era the WWE title is THE title. The WHC is more of the intercontinental and all the other minor titles now are just useless props. The IC belt was reduced not long ago to Santino and the Honk-a-meter.
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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

Actually there's a way to fix this, the IC title in my eyes stand for greatness because of it's pass legacy. When I think about the IC title, I think about Macho Man Randy Savage baby! I think about HBK Vs Razor, Ladder match baby!

Vince just needs to make the IC stand for something, make guys want it sooo bad! Because of it's legacy, because of what your holding consumes greatness.
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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

The way the system is set up now is the US and IC titles are subsequently used as a platform to launch directly from the mid upper card to the main event status. The business is really jumping people to that status quickly, the only thing we perceptive as different is when big stars were competing for the IC and US belts is that the rosters were more filled with well known talent. The writers now really focus on the WHC and WWE storylines and i think they spend less time developing the rivalries for the lower titles.

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Re: Why can't bigger names win other titles?

I honestly think having former world champions hold mid card titles DIMINISH the value of it. Mid cards were brought up for up and comers to carry the belt with honor and to show that the future is in good hands (Just look at Hart, Michaels, and etc. who were stealing the shows every night when carrying it). Having a former world champion "downgrade" to a mid card title just makes the belt look useless to me as it becomes exactly that, a "down grade" after so the prestige is just lost in my eyes when it becomes a down grade.

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