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Visually Boring

Everybody looks the same. The WWE prototype look is boring as Hell.

What happened to the costumes? It went beyond ring attire, it was a costume. Lets look at an Intercontinental Champion level guy, when that meant something.

Here we have the flamboyantly sexual and sexually ambiguous heel gimmick, visually and verbally and physically carried off to perfection. Who did he feud with? A Real Man's Man type called Razor Ramon.

Look at that. You could literally be Razor Ramon or Goldust for Halloween. And people would know you were Goldust or Razor Ramon just the same way you could dress like Captain Jack Sparrow or Travis Bickle.

Okay, Wade Barrett doesn't even have the coat and the rose any more. He's a buff guy with his shirt off.

You know why people think wrestling is kind of boring lately? Because visually it is boring!

Compare Rowdy Roddy Piper to Drew McIntyre. He pranced out to the ring with bagpipes and worked matches in kilts! He had that badass jacket. You can dress like Rowdy Roddy Piper. Now explain Drew McIntyre to me. Drew McIntyre is basically Wade Barrett, right? If you didn't watch wrestling you could be easily confused as to who is who. Nobody would mistake Goldust for Piper or Steamboat for Savage.
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Re: Visually Boring

I hate black attires. Every wrestler has a now a stupid black attire. Orton used to wear blue, red trunks now it's just boring black shit. Same with Christian, his white tights from WrestleMania 20 were awesome. It's like WWE wants their superstars to look boring
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Re: Visually Boring

Everyone wears pants now, its not just some people its most of the roster! everyone looks like the buy there stuff from the same shop

Can't Stop Ultras
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Re: Visually Boring

Of course poster boy Cena changes the colour of his attire frequently. Seems most of the the others guy aren't allowed to. But good point OP, never really thought about the visual aspect of it.

Credit to CJ
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Re: Visually Boring

Well, if the superstars have enough charisma it wouldn't matter. They don't, so I agree. They need something to stand out. Your grievance really is just part of a bigger problem, though. The main problem is that the WWE lacks gimmicks and engaging characters. No one is going to care if everyone is the same dude, it's montonous and boring.

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Re: Visually Boring

It isn't just the attire, either. Everybody is about 6 foot and change, a former athlete, body builder or fitness model sort.

Where is a really creepy looking, out there guy with a more normal physique like Mankind? Why are the monster heels like Vader? What happened to guys like Bam Bam Bigelow? So "fat" people have to have silly appearances and silly gimmicks and get jobbed out?

Where have all the props gone? The vultures, urns, snakes, guitars, baseball bat etc.
There is a group called THREE MAN BAND and nobody has a musical instrument?

How lazy can you get?

Does any new wrestler have a piece of attire that sets him apart the way Bret Hart had the Hitman Jacket and glasses or Stone Cold had the vests and knee braces or The Rock had the 5000 dollar shirts or Sting had the trenchcoat? Even just little things like that are absent. I realize not everybody will be this gigantic, larger than life cartoony sort with an elaborate Undertaker/Kane wardrobe but still.

Almost every new guy and 50+ percet of the roster right now has a name like...

"Bertrand Trentwhistle" and dresses like a guy off the street. You'd never know even half of 'em were wrestlers if you saw them in the supermarket.

Here is another thing...

FACE PAINT AND MASKS. How cool are face paint and masks? That can really help get a guy over and tell you what he is about. Again, laziness. No face paint, can't have a mask unless you are a luchador.

I guarantee you Del Rio would be more over as a devious, diabolical backstabber, Two-Faced "Dos Caras." Dude looks boring right now. Ricardo has a better look.
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Re: Visually Boring

I completely agree.

I remember reading an article where someone compared WWE to MMA, and one of the MMA guys said that wrestling would be more successful if guys used their real names and didn't have gimmicks like MMA guys.

I've seen dozens of people on here say similar stuff too.

Yet, now that WWE has gone that direction. . .and it's boring as hell. WWE needs to bring back gimmicks. Not trot out dozens of "serious business" generic fighters who are out there trying to win for fake prize money.

It is boring, and I literally don't care about any wrestler that has that generic character of "I am a pro wrestler. . .that's it".
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Re: Visually Boring

Orton wearing black ring gear fits this character perfectly. The Orton that wore pink, purple, and blue ring gear fit the legend killer gimmick perfectly.

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Re: Visually Boring

I miss costumes. Its just part of Vince making wrestling less cartoony and more realistic. Some people need that costume face-paining masked thing in order to work, some don't. Just like everybody shouldn't be doing 10 minute monologues on the mic.
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Re: Visually Boring

It's not just attire, it's personality. Austin just wore blank trunks and boots, but loads of charisma. Personality is something that most Superstars lack today.
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