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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

She was overexposed and poorly thrown into big angles.... nowhere near the MVP

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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

I do love AJ and objectively 2012 was a great year for her, but at the same time I believe they already have exhausted the character. She's had big angles with most of the major stars, she was GM, she went from face to tweener to heel.etc all in one year. Now they are scrambling for ways to keep her relevant and the only way they know how is to have her go from one superstar to the next, and it's getting old. The only thing left is to have her win the Divas championship and once that reign is done I don't see much left for her. Of course I could be wrong, but eh.
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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

A.J. has her moments, but she was also part of one of the worst angles of the year with her and Cena vs. Ziggler and Vickie. Far from the most valuable.
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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Dont know if OP is trolling...
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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Originally Posted by bmp487 View Post
She has charisma far beyond most of her male colleagues.
Not really. People throw the word charisma way too much around here.

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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Yes, I'm sure WWE would totally release John Cena over AJ Lee you fucking idiot.

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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Everything AJ has touched, she has ruined. The only time I was ok with her is when she was with Bryan because she wasn't such a bitch back then. She has taken the spotlight away from every thing in a bad way. She needs to wrestle on her own instead of screwing wrestlers and stealing their spotlights over and over again. Not enjoyed her one bit.
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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Most valuable in 2012? Fuck no.

Was she entertaining? Yeah,Somewhat.

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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

Daniel Bryan was the MVP this year.. he's been getting practically the biggest crowd reactions of anybody on the roster, selling boatloads of merch (id be willing to bet he's close to Cena or Punk merch numbers lately), hes been a part of some of the best and funniest segments of the year with Kane, always puts on good matches and gets the crowd fired up, helped re-invent the tag team division, and created a new immortal wrestling chant to join the likes of Flair's WOOOOO, Austin's WHAT, etc.

Bottom line.. People will be chanting YES! and NO! 10, 15, 20 years from now at WWE events if the company is still in business. Nothing AJ has done will be remembered by this time next year.. DB is the MVP.
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Re: Most Valuable Superstar of 2012 = A.J. Lee

AJ has been one of the worst things about WWE.

Many feel she totally ruined Bryan Vs. Punk this year with her shitty acting ability and retarded "love triangle" storyline they concocted to bring in tween girls.

Just about everyone would agree that AJ as general manager was a terrible idea that went absolutely nowhere. I guess they did it for a shock factor but still...they did nothing with her aside from the Daniel Bryan & Kane stuff.

Who in the fuck even liked the AJ & Cena storyline? That was AWFUL! It was worse than anything 2000 WCW could have cooked up.

The girl can't act to save her life. Remember when she proposed to Punk?...fucking terrible. It went on for an eternity and fans were starting to shit on it. She sounds like she's literally reading off cue cards when she speaks. Then there's her "crazy act"...all she does is make weird faces like a child who just shit her pants and tilts her head like Michael Myers does. This does not = great acting.

Then there's this Ziggler shit. They're trying to recreate Edge & Lita...but Ziggler & AJ looks like an older man pedophile groping a 13 year old. Lita had a bangin body and looked like a woman. AJ looks like a tween girl you would see hanging out at the mall on weekends. Anyone who makes out with her looks like a total perv having his way with a under developed girl.

In closing...AJ sucks. Shitty actress, terrible matches and WWE must have some pedophile fetish for forcing her as a "sex symbol" on the crowd when she clearly doesn't have the bod for it.

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