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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

I was so young watching this, it was literally one of those "heart beating, hands shaking" kind of things. I honestly thought the Undertaker was possessed by a demon.
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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

anything involving Triple h in 1999-2000

there was this one time it The Rock vs Triple h for the title on RAW, Austin was on commentary, I think Triple h provoked Austin so Austin gave him the stunner which was immediately followed by a Rock Bottom and a cover from The Rock

I was 100% sure Rock was gonna get the 1 2 3 after that spot especially by how the crowd and announcers reacted to it and the fact that the match was hyped for two weeks (title changes happened a lot on RAW that year)

so as Rock was covering trips all of a sudden Bulldog comes in from the crowd and breaks the cover .. MEGA HEEL HEAT RIGHT DERE !!

also, anytime JBL got away with it on every PPV in 2004, it was so creative and smart how they booked his victories, but I was legit pissed especially during his feud with Taker, who made his Deadman gimmick return after 5 years and I wanted him to win the belt

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I know it is not a heel but 18 seconds. I was so angry when that happened. Also kayfabe wise Brock lesnar vs cena (after Edge's promo) and punk talking about lawler heart attack

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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

JBL fucking made me seethe every time he retained the WWE Title in his '04 - '05 reign. He was such a tremendous prick. I remember wanting Cena to fucking mutilate the guy at WM21.

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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

I pretty much enjoy all of the top heels like HBK, Bret, HHH, Austin, Rock, Hogan, JBL, etc. But when Kurt Angle first started I could not stand him winning everything, The Three I's & THE BIG A, and most of his promos. I look back on them as comedy gold and he became one of my favorite wrestlers after he lost the WWF Title in 2001. But the year before I couldn't stand him. I was so happy to see Undertaker and Triple H kicked his ass in 2000!

Edit - I also was legit mad when Lesnar beat Undertaker at No Mercy 02, or when they had a bunch of people beat Taker like with Mankind at Buried Alive 96 or the casket match with Yokozuna.


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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

When I was a kid, I was a massive Razor Ramon mark and as such, I really hated Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie.
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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

Royal Rumble 01 HHH V Austin.

I just watched this match for the first time a few months ago i was pissed that HHH had won so i tried to refrain from watching it took me 11 years to do so

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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

Originally Posted by KatKayson View Post
Lol I was fucking there I was pissed..

HHH for me I still don't like him.
Cole it makes it worse the he won at WM.
Kane when he set JR on fire.
Stone cold when turned heel and fucked the hardyz up.
JBL dat tittle reign.
Eric bishoff mainly because of

THIS. this was legit the first moment i can remember being so pissed, i was young at the time so i never understood the hate for bischoff but at this moment is when i truly hated triple h and bischoff

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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

When Randy Orton told Rey that Eddie was in hell. This was only a few months after Eddie's death and it really got to me! Couldn't stand Orton for a couple of years after it

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Re: Moments when heels actually got to you

Johny Polo in 93 legitimately got on my nerves, but that was when I first started watching wrestling and thought it was mostly real.
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