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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

The Cobra. Not even close.

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Crush's "Heart Punch"
MCV's "Pounce"
Christian's "Killswitch"

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Originally Posted by Jotunheim View Post
^this, how much can they insult our intelligence, it's a god damn punch, we've seen big show throw punches thorough all the match yet, this one punch it's the "finisher" that kills all
Well, to be fair, in boxing and MMA people throw a bunch of punches and yet it only takes one good shot to knock someone out.

I do believe it should not be a finisher in wrestling though.
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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

The cobra. Cannot believe that he almost won the Elimination chamber and Royal rumble with it :

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Hogan's Leg Drop, The Cobra, The Worm, and The People's Elbow.

The thing about the GTS is that it depends on how the move is sold for it to look devastating. Most of the WWE roster doesn't know how to sell a GTS which is why Punk's version isn't as devastating as KENTA's. Big Show's punch looks legit because he has a huge fist, and most people sell the move really good. If it was someone like Rey Mysterio doing the WMD, then it would be a horrible unrealistic finisher.

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

As hard as you can, hit yourself with the Cobra. When hit correctly it hurts for a while

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Yeah I'm Multi-Quoting, what of it?

Originally Posted by RevolverSnake View Post
AA looks extremly effective.
A Fireman's carry is not an effective finisher. Next?

Originally Posted by SandyRavage View Post
The overdrive/playmaker. It doesn't make any sense


Originally Posted by Smif-N-Wessun View Post
( On the Cross Arm Breaker ) That's actually realistic. You don't just try to power out of an armbar like that. If you don't tap right away, your arm is getting snapped in half.

As for the People's Elbow, I always thought it was the Rock Bottom that took the opponent out, while the Elbow was just an extra "fuck you".
Well said on both accounts.

Originally Posted by charmizard View Post
Skull Crushing Finale.

Jericho said he once tried to incorporate it as his finisher before the Code Breaker, but he said it looked like shit and got no reaction so he dropped it. Shame Miz never did the same thing with his career.
I do remember when Jericho would use that move regularly and he had the sense to consider it as a shite finisher.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
anything other than "Cobra" is the wrong answer.
Everyone knows that move is a joke and it's too much of an obvious answer.

In terms of execution: STF/GTS are effective moves that are done terribly, the GTS in particular is a dangerous move if it goes wrong, and I'm sure the Fed don't want any concussions. Moves aren't done with the same intensity as before, remember the intensity Benoit put in to the CCF? That shit looked so painful.

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Hulk Hogan's Leg Drop

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

John Morrison starship pain

Santino Marrella Cobra

John Cena AA

Big Show KO punch

Hogan Leg drop

Ultimate Warrior splash

Great khali chop

Mark Henry world strongest slam
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