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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

AA looks extremly effective.
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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Fall of Humanity
Hogans Leg Drop...
Cenas STF
Twist of Fate.. Never was a fan of it for some reason.
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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

What is fall of humanity?
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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Originally Posted by DogSaget View Post

But that could be because nobody ever even bothers trying and just instantly taps before they even hit the ground.
That's actually realistic. You don't just try to power out of an armbar like that. If you don't tap right away, your arm is getting snapped in half.

I'll go with Wasteland. The Cobra is pretty horrid, but it's a joke finisher for a joke character, so I guess I can give it a pass. As for the People's Elbow, I always thought it was the Rock Bottom that took the opponent out, while the Elbow was just an extra "fuck you".

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
What's wrong with Cena's STF? i've tried it in real life and it is actually effective. As for Big Show's punch, punches do knock people out, and Big Show looks really realistic doing it, so i don't think there's anything wrong with it.
STF is an awesome move, one of my favorite wrestling submissions ever but Cena's STF is goddamn horrid, whoever gave him the permission to try and use an actual move that requires technique and coordination as a finisher is a bad bad person and an awesome troll.

It's a freakin' punch. I know it's supposed to be some kind of a feared move because he's a huge guy but he could go ahead and throw 10 of them at the very begining of the match. He could sit on his opponent and pound him with a whole barrage of those after that first shoulder block at the minute mark. But no, when the match is nearing it's end the Big Slob raises his fist in the air and calls upon the power on the gods giving that one punch some kind of a supernatural power. Give me a break.
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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

The Cobra, the Shellshock, Barrett's elbow, wasteland.

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Cobra, Rough Ryder, Worm



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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

The overdrive/playmaker. It doesn't make any sense

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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

Skull Crushing Finale. a) It's the dumbest name. Is it long enough? It doesn't sound threatening at all. I mean the Skull Crusher would sound slightly better and that still sounds awful. I cringe every time Michael Cole says it. Your skull doesn't even get crushed for fuck's sake, if anything your body is hitting the mat first. Maybe if he grabbed the guy's skull with both hands and physically drove it into the mat, but no, he just awkwardly pushes them over, it looks like he's just tripping them up half the time for a laugh and a joke. New name. The "Enjoy Your Trip? / See You Next Fall". b) Jericho said he once tried to incorporate it as his finisher before the Code Breaker, but he said it looked like shit and got no reaction so he dropped it. Shame Miz never did the same thing with his career.

R-Truth's finisher is arguably even worse, but I don't know what he calls it these days and I fast forward through his matches anyway so I'm indifferent.
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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

GTS looks sloppy and fake
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