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Re: Most brutal thing you ever saw on televised wrestling?

Couple of answers fit here:

Foley getting chokeslammed through the cell.
Foley getting his skull bashed in by Rock @ Rumble '99
Bob Holly cutting his back on the table in 2006
Eddie Guerrero's massive blood loss @ Judgment Day '04

But I think number one has to be Joey Mercury having his face explode @ Armageddon '06 via the ladder. Graphic. Still pretty gnarly to watch to this day.

Since you put Television wrestling I apparently can't go out and list something like Dustin Lee's lighttube cut on his back that had that chunk of flesh hanging. Or else that would probably take the cake.

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Re: Most brutal thing you ever saw on televised wrestling?

Foley vs undertaker king of the ring 1998. Thrown off the cell onto announce table then chokeslammed thru cell.
Foley vs The Rock Royal Rumble 1999. Those chair shots were brutal.

Honorable mention foley vs triple h royal rumble 2000 pedigree on thumbtacks
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Bork Laser beats up 1 leg man is the correct answer.
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Uncomfortable viewing?

Has there ever been a point while watching the WWE over the years where you just weren't entertained and just watched very uncomfortably?

Examples for me at least are:

Katie Vick incident, it was just fucked up
Heyman & Punk this Monday on Raw, I'm not deeming it terrible but i just wasn't entertained

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Re: Uncomfortable viewing?

cena calling rock out on his notes
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Vince gives me a comedy gimmick
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Re: Uncomfortable viewing?

Vickie Guerrero naked pics storyline. It was embarrasing.
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Re: Uncomfortable viewing?

Cena calling out Rock was a great and effective diss, I thought. And I'm not even a Cena fan. The Heath Slater gimmick is pretty bad to me. The dance/way he speaks/etc is just too over the top and forced to me. Someone not executing something correctly makes me feel way more anxious and uncomfortable than the subject matter itself usually and I don't think he does that well. The Vince McMahon ass stuff used to make me feel weird too. There are a handful but those are two recent-ish things that come to mind.
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Re: Uncomfortable viewing?

DX and Hornswoggle. Need I say more?

CM Punk holds world title for over 250 days. [X]
Zack Ryder wins another title. []
John Morrison comes back OR he reaches one million Facebook likes. [X]
Triple H vs Lesnar happens. [X]
Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, or Christian return. [X]
Cena takes time off. []
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Re: Uncomfortable viewing?

Recently the Cena/Vickie/AJ/Ziggler storyline....I this the best they can do?.... and Vickie overall makes me uncomfortable.

Hornswoggle as the anonymous gm...

Heyman/Punk this monday. I can´t see the fun in making fun of a guys heart attack.
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Re: Uncomfortable viewing?

Lately, anytime I see Zack Ryder and Santino. What purpose does either man serve on the roster?

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