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Re: WWE has failed at..

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
If the WWE had any balls Ryback walks out Survivor Series with the WWE title, and also turns heel in the process. He lays out CM Punk, and Cena. Heyman turns on Punk, and reveals that he has been with Ryback the whole time. Paul explains that since his last client has no further interests in the WWE he needed a new monster, and possibly the nastiest man on the planet The Ryback. Ryback, and Heyman form an alliance. Have both CM Punk, and Cena on the shelf with severe injuries as to make Ryback look like a complete monster. Who is going to stop The Ryback? Everyone wants CM Punk, or Cena vs The Rock, but no one cares to know how much more intense, and unpredictable a match with Ryback vs The Rock is for the WWE title.
March yourself to Vinces office and force him to book it. As a story, it's very cool.

Will mark for Father Ted references.

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Re: WWE has failed at..

WWE has dropped the ball:
  • with Storytelling for sure
  • With development of it's lower and mid card talents
  • with using tired old cliche wrestling personas
  • by trying to appeal to kids with no concern for older fans
  • with putting up an effective Divas division. They'd be better off scrapping it and making them valets.
  • With gaining new talent
  • With failures to expand into having some smaller territories in other areas of country in order to find/develop new talents
  • By eliminating WCW completely. Without competition, there's no drive, no incentive and nowhere to steal talent from
  • by insulting the intelligence of any creature with a higher intellect than an ant
  • and finally, by complete lack of focus

Storylines are now complete drivel. Whenever I see AJ/Vickie doing their schtick, I change the channel or worse, watch it and fall asleep. It's even worse when they rehash the current episode of it. It's boring crap nobody really wants to see. Even kids can come up with more engaging storylines than this and since neither Cena nor AJ are married, even children don't care if they're having an "affair".

Also the rest of the storylines, mostly getting overshadowed due to this one being the one played too much, are unimaginative and stale.

Apparently, in about 95% of the country, nobody wants to be a pro wrestler. How do I say that? By lack of developing any talent in these areas. Does anyone recall the NWA? Pacific Northwest, World Class(Texas), AWA(loosely a partner with it, representing upper midwest), Mid South(Oklahoma, LOuisiana, etc.), Continental(Alabama, Mississippi), Florida Championship wrestling, Mid atlantic, Calgary Stampede etal. Whenever a wrestler became stale in one area, he went to another and was suddenly fresh again. Tired of seeing Randy Orton? Let him go to a WWE World Class(texas and states in that area) for a while and gather a bigger following there and then reappear a year or two later in the main WWE shows? He'd be fresh again.

VInce stole the best talent he could from those areas to build the WWE into what it is today. The wrestlers came into WWE already having a following in some areas of the country. It was a smorgasboard of wrestlers to pick from. "Hey,Ted Dibiase and Hacksaw Duggan are popular in MidSouth, I'll grab them". "Pacific Northwest has this popular guy, Billy Jack Haynes, sign him", And so on.
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Re: WWE has failed at..

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
You say that as if they don't have stock holders they have to appease with profit margins, that analyze losses, a problem they didn't have to worry about in the years of the past. No company is ever "too big." WWE is still gaining money but their revenue streams are dropping rapidly & it looks like a sinking ship. They need to start plugging holes as they can't coast on Vince McMahon's verbal boardroom bullshit to an uneducated audience forever. That's just reality. They're making money. They're still financially stable. But when you're losing money in areas that used to gain massive profits and you're looking into new areas to try to make up that revenue, you're not problem free.

It's a bigger problem than either marks want to admit or accept. WWE is fucking far away from worry free. If the Mattel line goes away. They're fucked. If USA stops backing them? They're fucked. If they can't sell a Wrestlemania card due to having no names? They're fucked. These are real problems. You can't sell merch or PPV if you have no TV. If you have no TV you have no audience to cater tickets to. If the ratings continue to drop, they lose TV. It's not impossible. Even if they're still the highest rated on USA & people can blame all the excuses they want, DVR, Monday Night Football, whatever. End of the day, USA is a business too & contract negotiations aren't too far off.
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