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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

I'm going to go against the grain here and say no.

Now, the only reason I say no is because of the way it happened. Brock was on the way out and likely, WWE hadn't decided on to make JBL a champion. I'm not saying Eddie wasn't legit, because he was but I can't help but feel that it wasn't the original direction WWE planned to go in. But, the charisma and popularity couldn't be denied and it helped steer away from what people have been blinded into thinking what a champion should look like.

So, I guess my answer really wasn't no, more like "maybe".

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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

Yeah he was a total package. was over as fuck too iirc.

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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

I think Eddie after finally dealing with his drug problems had a HUGE future ahead of him. Everyone knows about his immense ring ability, his overness, his developed mic skills, his charisma. I think from that point on the title reign was inevitable. Brock leaving just sped things up a bit

But yeah, Eddie was a champion. Shame he didnt reign long enough

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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

Kevin Nash clearly made this thread.

John Cena is turning heel soon

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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Of course he was legit. People seriously need to get Vince's image of a main-eventer out of their heads.
Yeah, if they don't look like Lesnar or Cena they don't think they're a legit champion. They just completely disregard everything else about them. So depressing.
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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

Eddie Guerrero is arguably the most well rounded wrestler ever. Dude had it all.

Of course he was a legit Champ.
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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

R.I.P. Eddie. He was awesome!
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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

Definitely a great champ, although it was pretty obvious he was getting the belt off of Brock (was not secret that Brock was leaving and Goldberg, whom he was facing at Mania, was leaving too). That being said, he had charisma, even back in WCW, but he was held down. The guy definitely was talented in the ring though, one of the best. If he was still around, not sure if he'd still be on top or if he'd still be around though, let's not over reach. He'd probably have gotten lost in the shuffle between dudes like Cena and HHH.
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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

from watching at the time of his first reign he had abit of rey mysterios style (underdog) in his matches which is fine for a few months but after a while gets very boring i do however belive hed finally hit his stride with the main event style and his fued with batista just before he passed
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Re: Was Eddie Guerrero a legit WWE Champion?

Loved his matches and his mic work he had the full package in terms of ability, and he did deserve the WWE Championship no doubt about it.

I am probably one of the few people who though Eddie was overhyped... The only thing that annoys me is that next to Lesner and Batista, Eddie was so over rated by the IWC, I really cannot see that much in him compared to other WWE superstars that were around at the time. He was great but compared to how he is treated on these forums he certainly wasn't THAT great... He was a guy who deserved one or two runs as champion, no more than 4 at least. He was never up there with the Hogans, or Rocks or Austins...

Now during Eddie's title reign I actually stopped watching the WWe after being starting uni that year, I didn't watch WWE again until 2009. So try not to take everything aboard that I say as gospel for who knows what he did afterwards was probably pretty good... I never saw the Raw is Eddie show and didn't know he died until 2009 when I came back to watching WWE.

Eddie is actually in my Top 40 of all time but I am betting for alot of people he will be in their top 10. Its not a problem for me, more of a nit pick I guess.

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4. Miz v Dolph Ziggler: No Mercy
5. Cedric Alexander v Kota Ibushi, CWC
6. John Cena v AJ Styles Summerslam 2016
7. Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn, Battleground 2016
8. TJ Perkins v Kota Ibushi: CWC Finals
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