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Re: Worst WWE Superstar to win the WWE title

This thread is basically the ratings thread #2.

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Re: Worst WWE Superstar to win the WWE title

Originally Posted by straightedge891 View Post
Nice job cutting out a chunk of my reply.

And I never said that the BFG Triple Threat was GONNA happen. I only suggested it. When people didn't like it and called out that it didn't make sense, I gave them many reasons why it would, if it were to happen. It was my sig for a while with the points I made that puts some sense into the idea. I never said it was gonna happen. I suggested it was a good idea and gave clear points on it. I was never wrong for just hoping for it to happen. And I really didn't care if it didn't happen. I'm not bitter. I got Hardy/Aries instead and I'm okay with that. Speaking of wrong, Bully nor Joe won the BFGS. So in the end, everyone was wrong about that. :jeff

But this is about WWE's title. Not TNA's or nitpicking. I'm glad that Punk got you and your friends back into wwe. Good. I was intrigued myself for the time being, also. But he's just been really stale as champion. And the match with Goatface was at Over The Limit.
Actually its good job editing it when you decided what you said wasn't what you wanted to rebut with.

Saying he is stale, is not really true. It's not like his character hasnt changed or evolved. I'm not saying his reign has been stellar, but worst of all time? I think that is a little bit ridiculous. I will say he is being given way too much air time, but his feud with Jericho was really good, his matches with Bryan were fantastic (regardless of which ppv they were at) and his match with Cena at Night of Champions was way better than anyone could have expected. He has had some snoozer moments (Ziggler feud to the RR, AJ love triangle, being the middle man at Summer Slam)


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Re: Worst WWE Superstar to win the WWE title

The Miz IMO.

But what do I know. I'm a JBL fan
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Re: Worst WWE Superstar to win the WWE title

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Jeff Hardy.

At least Miz can talk on the mic. To have a world champion that can't talk is fucking painful. Also he is a horrible worker. I get the feeling there is a common misconception that he is a good wrestler. Being able to perform good spots at the occasional ppv does not a good wrestler make.
Depends on how you define "worker". Jeff Hardy certainly knows how to work a crowd.

Hardy has something which most wrestlers would kill for and that is a connection with the audience. The audience are there with him the whole match, every time he takes a bump they sympathise with him, Every time he begins a comeback the crowd are right behind him, every time he crashes and burns they gasp, every time he wins they are jubilant.

It's a quality he has always had in the WWE and I believe he is one of the finest performers the company produced during 2000-2009. If you're referring to in ring work, again I rate Hardy highly. One thing each wrestler should be looking to do is differentiate themselves from everyone else on the roster. One of the biggest problems in the WWE today is that everyone wrestles the same way. Hardy made himself different and did this with an unconventional and very "him" style and moveset.

So I believe he is a good worker. I also believe he earned his run as champion.
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