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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
I question how the hell WWE came up with Irwin R Schyster.
IRS had to be the initials, then they just thought of ridiculous names that started with I and S? What did the R stand for(if it ever did stand for anything)

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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

I can understand "Irwin R" but Schyster?

What about Smith, Swanson or Samson? Plenty of better names than Schyster.

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Shyster: a person who is professionally unscrupulous especially in the practice of law or politics.

That's fit his character to a tee. He's a bad guy playing someone who works for the IRS using every underhanded trick he can to get the job done.

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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

Dont you take your first pets name and then your first street name you lived at? or the other way around?

Id be - Rocco Dale, or Dale Rocco ......... meh, not that exiting.

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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

I have no idea lol. If you ever watched Stone Colds recent recent DVD when he came up with a character that was cold as some madia hitman he saw on news and told creative they came up with some dreadful names.

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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

the most commen misconception is that the wwe has full control over the name picking process.

every wrestler who gets signed gives them a list of names. Bryan talked about it. Rollins talked about it.
Also you think its a coincidence that that Tyson Kidd was given Kid as a surname. A wrestler who was inspired bye Dynamite Kid


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Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Ryback obviously comes from his real name being Ryan and the Silverback nickname completes it as Oliver-94 pointed out.

As for the rest of the names... they probably just use some name generator. That's the only way to explain Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler and all these random names that have almost nothing in common with the wrestler's real names.
Apart from Dolph, I thought those were their real names. ghead:
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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

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Re: How Do They Think Up Wrestler Names?

IRS name in the wwe was perfectly executed
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Originally Posted by AlienND View Post
Hi All,
I got to wondering (I was bored, don't shoot me) how do they think up wrestler's names, specifically RyBack.
I imagined it might go something like this:

Creative 1 - "We need a name for this new wrestler."

Creative 2 - "Well, he likes to eat, let's make it food related."

Creative 1 - "Food? he needs to be tough, the guy is built like Goldberg. A food name would see him being laughed at."

Creative 2 - "Built tough? Like a Rhino?"

Creative 1 - "We can't use Rhino, been done."

Creative 2 - "I was thinking something like Rhino Beef."

Creative 1 - "It's funny you mention beef, I heard he got a plate full of beef sandwiches and only ate the beef. He took the bread back because he doesn't like Rye bread."

Creative 2 - "That's it!"

Creative 1 - "What?"

Creative 2 - "What you just said."

Creative 1 - "He took the Rye bread back?"

Creative 2 - "Yeah but drop the bread and we can't use the e, it's too foody."

Creative 1 - "Ry Back?"

Creative 2 - "Yeah, but make it one word, RyBack."
And then Creative 1 passed the blunt to Creative 2.
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