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Odd Couples/Tag Teams?

This has been done many times before in the WWE. We have had Yokozuna/Owen Hart which was a solid tag team. The Rock, and Sock Connection. The New Age Outlaws could even be thrown in there as well. Many of these pairings, or tag teams are successful. Today we have Team Hell No, and fans seemed to be really drawn to the both of these men. With that being said I thought of another pair that could definitely go over.

How about Santino, and Cesaro? If you are like me you are entertained by the character Santino, but hate when he is in the ring wrestling because he has no credibility. He is easily one of the funniest characters that they have ever had, and his humor is done well. At times yes he is corny, but I can't recall someone making me laugh as much he does in "Professional Wrestling". If this is entertainment Santino is perfect for the job, but when it comes to in the ring I would prefer he stayed out of it.

I happen to like Antonio Cesaro, and find that what he currently doing right now is typical. His ring work is crisp, and he is a rare breed that can tell a story during a match. Obviously he defeated Santino to hold the current title he has now, The United States Championship. Over all his character really hasn't taken off any where special, and others have said he is as plain as whole milk. What I like about him though is that his character is such a contrast of Santino's.

Having these two paired up with Marella basically trying as hard as he can to become Cesaro's friend. Obviously Antonio is reluctant. However, like he does with everyone Santino begins to grow on Antonio. Perhaps inadvertently causes Cesaro to win a few matches. Typically this would happen with two "face" stars, but in this case Cesaro is the heel, and Marella the face. This brings a rather different perspective on all of this especially when Santino would be costing other "face" stars their matches with Cesaro.

Like I said Santino's interference would always be by accident, and he would never willingly cheat for Cesaro. You just have Santino hanging out with Cesaro, and basically after trying hard to keep away from Marella, Cesaro ends up keeping him around. What you end up with is a possibility of placing Cesaro in for a solid face turn where he has to defend Santino's well being. Marella is a great act, and pairing him with Cesaro could really help out Cesaro form more of a character. Santino's character would ultimately end up complimenting Cesaro's weaknesses.

Santino would be that uncool friend you have to hang out with. I could see comedy between these two that could parallel what we have seen with Team Hell No. Just keep Marella out of the ring for competition, and have him play somewhat of a mouthpiece for Cesaro even though Antonio would want to speak for himself. You have the comedy balance out the dry character of Cesaro. What Santino lacks in the ring, Cesaro makes up for in the ring. I just think the WWE has another odd couple here that could really work.
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