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Re: How bad is WWE currently?

Originally Posted by vanboxmeer View Post
They should've elevated Daniel Bryan instead of sacrificing and marginalizing him to be a vehicle to push the likes of "Linda McMahon's campaign figurehead" AJ and "Let's book him like Hunter" Sheamus.
Now he's just a guy on the roster who loses all the time that no one takes seriously and they just had to resort to pushing RYBACK as the WWE equivalent of The Renegade.
But Ryback is POPULAR and he has MUSCLES ,who is this guy Daniel Bryan anyway? The fans don't care about him....Even Del Rio has more reaction from the crowd.
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Re: Any Long Time Fans Just Giving Up On Raw???

its really, really bad, its a chore to watch. And I don't see any end in sight. I keep waiting on Dean Ambrose to debut but no one man can carry a 3 hour show year round by himself.
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Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
I thought Smackdown last week and this week's Raw were both pretty good. Of course, I watch both on DVR and fast forward through stuff I don't want to see, but I don't even fast forward anymore. What I think is this: The sooner you guys learn to stop being so cynical and go in ready to enjoy SOMETHING the more you'll enjoy the show. I mean, it's not great and hardly good, but it's not awful. It just sort of drags every once in a while.

The best way to get through Raw every week is to allow yourself to enjoy the show. You shouldn't have to feel forced to watch the product. If the past 4 or 5 Raw have been terrible to you, then there's always other options in wrestling to watch, like TNA which is miles better than it was in 2011. You shouldn't have to watch something that you think is dreadful every week. If you see no hope in the product getting better anytime soon, then you don't have to watch, as you'll contribute to the effort of making the ratings lower.
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Re: How bad is WWE currently?

Originally Posted by JamesK View Post
But Ryback is POPULAR and he has MUSCLES ,who is this guy Daniel Bryan anyway? The fans don't care about him....Even Del Rio has more reaction from the crowd.
I bet Daniel Bryan is now THE RYBACK's personal chauffeur and bag boy as assigned by Vince.

I do have one question for anyone who might feel that Dwayne Johnson "owes" the business. Is it just him, or is it anyone who moved on to other things? Should Luna Vachon get heat for running a towing company instead of working on RAW? Should Maven be critiqued on his Home Shopping Network bits instead of wrestling?

Or is it only the ones who go on to highly visible careers in movies that owe something? Why do Johnson (who left after putting people over, doing the traditionally "right thing") and Lesnar (who did not; except for making Eddie a legitimate star) get called sell-outs who "forgot where they came from" when someone who retires to do some regular job get credit (as they should) for moving on and making it without falling into a sea of addiction?
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Re: Any Long Time Fans Just Giving Up On Raw???

giving up hope NOW? probably, the writting is simply shit, the booking is garbage and nothing sort of the rock appearing and smacking everyone around will kinda keep me interested, not planning on watching religiously like I did since I came back in the summer of punk until maybe road to WM

giving up hope for the future?, no, there are plenty of great talent in developmental in NXT, just the fact of guessins how they will fare keeps me interested for the future
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Re: Any Long Time Fans Just Giving Up On Raw???

scary thing is where is the future stars, once the rock/lesnar/hhh/hbk/taker are either gone for good or part time

they are still relying on stars from 10 years or more ago, the attitude era guys are still coming back to sell wrestlemania all these years later

who is that future number 1 star in sight??? nobody is currently in that position, sure you can give your insight on who that star should be, but there really is no progress or potential

they have not made a star in 10 years, they pushed cena and ratings have gone done, only kiddies who dont get wrestling like him, he is not austin/rock/hogan as much as wwe trys to hype him

if he was "the man" how come fans hate him and ratings have tanked since his main event push
ANSWER he is not "the man"

lesnar was the only guy if he stayed who had potential to be a true number 1 main event guy for years to come, im not saying he would reach heights on hogan/austin but he could of been a legit force in main event, and be a solid number 1 guy for 10-15 years

lesnar bolted, cena new face, downhill

now wwe is starting to pay in the ratings for there mistakes, no pushing new stars, all we have are two guys who are aging and nagging injuries

who are the main event guys right now full time
cena-wrong side of 35 and nagging injuries
punk-same thing

future stars full time
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Re: How bad is WWE currently?

A post I made in another thread. Basically everything that's wrong with WWE. Just add the predictability.

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
A bunch of people are right in this thread.


The presentation of the product comes off way too fake in the last couple years. Backstage segments have no sense of realism, and everything comes off like terrible hollywood scripted action segments. Just look at the Kane/Ryder/Eve backstage stuff when Kane was chasing Zack & Eve, just look at the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon backstage action segment where Bret Hart "broke his leg". All of those segments look like bad hollywood outtakes which in turn forces the viewer to throw out the "suspend your belief" attitude.

Developing stars

WWE don't seem to care about the old concept of introducing a guy, getting him through the mid-card, then pushing him to the main-event when he's ready. After a few months, they label you a certain way and you're most likely going to stay "stuck" for the rest of your career because they don't believe in getting over mid-card guys. The theory is that only main-eventers make money so why bother with the rest of the card? The issue is that nobody gets over because you've trained the audience not to care, and you end up having the same guys on top in the same feuds for years. If you look at the mid-carders now, most of them were mid-carders three, four years ago and that just shouldn't happen. Kofi, Ziggler (yes, he's a mid-carder), Cody, Swagger, R-Truth, Ted Jr. (granted he hasn't been around, but he's not going anywhere in his career)

Also, the other issue they seem to have are forced main-event pushes to build new stars because they are too impatient to develop them probably. Ryback has been able to work so far, but their track record hasn't been good. Sheamus first WWE title run was wayyyyyy too soon. Once the heat on him died, there was no choice but to scale him back to mid-card misery until he was fresh enough to get pushed back to the main-event. The same happened with Jack Swagger. He was barely on TV before his MITB win, and won the World title the next week. Once one of the worse World title reigns in history was over, they were forced to put him in mid-card misery and so far he hasn't recovered. (That was 2.5 years ago, to show how bad the damage was) Koslov's main-event run was awful. He was a terrible worker, yet they tried to get him over by having him work/learn from Triple H and Taker. They even gave him a clean win over Taker! It did nothing. The fans knew he was shit, so it didn't work and he became a comedy gimmick before getting released.


Like Cat said, everyone is too generic these days. They look the same, and even at times it feels like they are coming out to the same music. There's nothing about these wrestlers that make fans want to attach to them. With that being said, WWE does a good job getting some guys character over on in nice little video segments, and on Main-Event. The problem is only a fraction of the audience views or main-event so the rest remain clueless. Showing these segments on Raw instead of the crap/filler/garbage that's on currently would do wonders for these guys getting over.

Too comfortable

Vince has got to be a risk taker again. It seems like after he brought WCW, slowly but surely we've seen Vince get complacent over the years. It's now to the point where they ruin every single hot character or storyline because they get too scared to go out their comfortable zone to try something different. Different is good, the same is stale. I think for years Vince thought the same stale formula worked because they were making money, but the fact is with more international revenue streams & partnerships opening up leading to more ways to make money compared to 10-20 years ago, I think it clouded their minds on how well the booking is really working.

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Re: How bad is WWE currently?


People are either 12, or in denial.
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Re: How bad is WWE currently?

Originally Posted by stephfan10 View Post
so your not going to watch next week and nobody will miss you
Looking at the ratings I'm sure Vince will miss him.
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Re: How bad is WWE currently?

Originally Posted by The_Jiz View Post
Looking at the ratings I'm sure Vince will miss him.
lol right on
vince needs all the ratings he can get, he should care if 1 less fan watches

2.5 for his flagship program, the "all mighty" wwe is laughable

programs like honey boo boo are beating wwe NUFF SAID
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