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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

I think the AE had the greatest roster of all-time. You can argue that even some of the low-card guys of the AE are hall of famers.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by ThirtyYearFan View Post
I have watched wrestling since 1979 so I experienced both eras when they happened. The truth is that the wrestling business as a whole had more to offer in the 1980s then the Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era. If a person did not like the "cartoony" WWE then there was still several healthy NWA territories that offered non over the top gimmicky wrestling with Jim Crockett promotions and Florida and Georgia Championship wrestling as examples especially for people in the southeast. The NWA territories featured more serious wrestling. If those two(WWE and NWA) were not enough then there was the AWA and World Class wrestling organizations that also appeared on cable television. In other words the 1980s offered a wide variety of great wrestling for a person to choose from or to watch all the varieties.
But the same applies today and in the 90s.

In the 90s, if a fan didn't like WWE, they had WCW, Smokey Mountain, ECW, USWA, for starters. Nowadays, you have TNA, ROH and the dozens of quality indy promotions out there.

Problem is TV & cable wasn't like it was in the 80s as compared to the 90s and now. I, for one, only watched WCW regularly until I caught a syndicated WWF show on Saturday Night, after Smokey Mountain Wrestling. So, while more wrestling may have been available in the 80s, it wasn't necessarily accessible. During the Attitude Era, you had 3 different promotions regularly holding PPV's and thanks to satellite television, various syndicated and international promotions. And now with the rise of the internet and DVD sales, it's even more options.

But for a kid like me in the 80s, with a cable company that only provided 11 channels at the time, WCW was my only option to watch wrestling. So overall for the business, I feel the Attitude Era was better basically as a reflection of how advanced cable broadcasting & PPV had become.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by ThirtyYearFan View Post
Not really. Cable television had fewer channels in the 1980s but the amount of wrestling coverage overall was the same as today if not even more. Wrestling was literally on in some form or another on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, Saturday nights, Monday nights and weekday afternoons on ESPN. Between the various organizations you might have four different wrestling programs on Saturday, two on Sunday, etc.

I will say this however in that early 1980s before the advent of cable television and when we just had "rabbit ears" that wrestling in my area consisted of NWA Florida wrestling with Gordon Solie on Saturday nights and Jim Crockett NWA promotions on Sunday afternoons. However by the mid to late 1980s wrestling was saturated all over cable television even more so than now.

No offense to the younger fans here but in many ways I think the Monday Night Wars and the Attitude Era hurt wrestling in the longrun because it made wrestling too over the top. As someone probably older than most that post here I miss the 1980s wrestling and how great that era was. My favorite era of all time was the 1980s NWA Jim Crockett promotions. No other time in wrestling has been as great IMHO.
Same here. I enjoyed WWF but NWA (JCP) was my favorite. It was more about wrestling and wasn't cartoony. I preferred to watch 80's Flair stylin' & profilin' as NWA World champ over Hogan as WWF World champ and the 20 min. posedowns after all of his matches.
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

the new generation
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

they were both good eras ,golden era made the wwe and attitude era saved the wwe.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

Goldern Era all the way.

I grew up during the AE, but the Golder Era has aged better in my opinion.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

Golden Era: It had more bigger stars, people like Hogan, Savage, Flair, Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Sgt Slaughter.

it wasn't taking itself too seriously, the gimmicks were fun, you'd have a cop, a voodoo mystic, a viking, a warrior, an army sgt, an African (zulu-esque) warrior, a model... the list goes on. It was fun.

and the belts actually meant something. Even the intercontinental title were deemed more worthy than the WWE title at one point. title reigns were something worth watching and when someone won one it was as though god had touched them with a blessing of pure awesomeness, and that alone for just for the IC title :P

It could be that I grew in the Golden Era watching wrestling but I preferred it.

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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

Ruthless Agression.

All Hail the King
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Getting over in the mid-card
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

The Attitude Era for me.

Courtesy of a wwe meme search on google
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Re: Golden Era vs Attitude Era, Which do you prefer?

AE is the greatest era in wrestling history. Any of the wrestlers would tell you that from back then. They were sold out every arena they went to everyweek. The crowds were amazing. They really were.

Right now I am watching RAW eps 98/99 (every ep). I haven't skipped through one ep yet. It's so clear how much better the product is back then. How they present their stars and how they develop their stars. Like they give mid-carders the mic before having a match. Just to develop characters and to try and actually get over with the crowd.

I am into May 98 now. Steve Austin is getting crazy reactions. DX one week were getting booed and then the next week got a huge pop.

AE=GOAT era.
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