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Hogan 76 71.70%
Cena 30 28.30%
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Originally Posted by I'mBatman View Post
Hogan had power in WWF/E and WCW
oh and now he has power in TNA
Obviously, TNA is nowhere on the level of the WWE. However did not Hogan basically say one time that wherever he went pro wrestling went.
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Hogan had more power to ridiculously higher levels and I don't know how people are saying Cena. Outside of getting Alex Riley buried for a petty squabble, Cena hasn't shown much political power at all. He can't even get Vince to change the design of the WWE Championship.

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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
I'm not discrediting Hogan in the slightest, and I know he was the biggest star of the generation. I realize the icon that is Hulk Hogan. I'm just saying this, at least there were other relevant people when he was top dog.

At least people had alternatives like Savage and someone who got very close to taking Hogan's ball in one Ultimate Warrior, and at least creative would try to put someone on Hogan's level. They don't do that anymore.

If you get hot and there is a chance to become #1 now, you are intentionally sabotaged. And because of this inability or unwillingness to make new stars, no one matters but Cena. And he's got them by the balls, and I'm sure he doesn't want to be in that position. But through years and years of complacency and awful booking, he's got them by the balls.

And HAVING AND ABUSING POWER ARE NOT THE SAME THING!! I've said this already. The fact that some of you say Hogan because he was a master politician makes no sense.
I really do see where you're coming from here, but I can't agree.

Cena certainly has the power to up and leave and hurt WWE, although I don't think it'd kill the company.

Hogan had the power from the moment he walk back in the door in 1983. At that time, the most notable stars were Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik, who were feuding over the title. The like of Savage and the Warrior came later, and Hogan was a primary factor in them becoming the stars they were. Had Hogan decided to dump WWF prior to, or even during the Golden Age, it wouldn't have just crippled WWF, it would have had a profound effect on the future of wrestling as a national entity altogether.

Cena's power lies with the profitability of a company. Hogans power, at one time, lied with the potential fate of the industry as a whole. Without that success that WWF had at the time, it's quite possible that the popularity of wrestling wouldn't have been high enough for other companies to take the chance on national shows, and the history of wrestling during our lifetimes would look far different than they do today.
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Cena actually doesn't have any power; he's just a product. Do you really think Hogan would have been working right after having surgery? Hogan had Vince by the balls.
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Cena could have more power if he wanted to. Problem is he's a company man through and through.
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

I think Hogan could get away with more than Cena could as far as he is concerned, I think if Hogan wanted something pertaining too him it was his, but I think Cena has more "pull" as far as being in McMahon's year. Cena, for better or worse, is the reason for the PG Era, and I'm not saying that, Cena has said in interviews that he suggested it, because he felt the product was stale at the time. Now, what I this is misinterpreted is the word "stale", creatively, I think '07+ '08 was a good year,and it's when I started watching again, but it's really when Undertaker, Batista, Edge, and Cena were at it's peak and HBK had a great deal going on as far as quality wise, but other than that the rest of the show was still kind of average, but more importantly, the Benoit and steroid scandals occurred. So it was a lot of damage control, so take than into account before bashing Cena. Overall, business wise, I think it was a good decision for someone not involved on the business end.

But I don't think either had Vince by the balls like HBK did and that's probably only because of timing. Now, WWE is the number one and only one, TNA fans have no arguement because Bound For Glory hardly pulls the attendance a B PPV does, so I'm saying one and only. Hogan and Hulkamania put WWE in a great position and they while NWA/WCW was competition it wasn't yet a threat.

HBK, had something going for him where he had some real pull, WWE was on a rebuild and his "clique" was looked at as being a group of future breakout stars, and in reality it was, 3/5 became WWE Champion, but more importantly the were the nWo and DX respectively, albeit I'm sure Vince rather that Scott and Kevin had that nWo success in his company. You take Bret out the picture and you're only looking at Undertaker, before they knew what Austin would become. So they not only was able to lobby there one pushes, but famously stop others. Bam Bam Bigelow said he left because while his push wasn't effected he knew it would be.

CM Punk right now has a bit of pull now too, you might not realize it based on his booking of main events until now, but just take a look at who was champions after TLC, Beth, who he dated, Ryder, who he supported, Bourne and Bryan who he was friends with from the indies. Now take a look at who's been signed Chris Hero, Antonio Cesaro, Seth Rollins... CM Punk has hinted to having something to do with that. I would be suprised if Colt Cabana signed soon.
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Cena sells alot of merchandice but he hasn't exactly been great for ratings.
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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

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Re: Who had more power, Hogan or Cena?

Hogan, easily.
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