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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

1. The Miz
2. Wade Barrett
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Cody Rhodes
5. Damien Sadow
6. Alex Riley
7. R-Truth
8. Kofi Kingston
9. Prime Time Players
10. Zack Ryder

Spoiler for PWA:


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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

1. Drew McIntyre - Don't know what they're doing with him now. This guy can be a major heel, he is legitimately hatable... almost Triple H like. He can also wrestle better than 90% of the roster and could be a very good World Champion. They're crushing his credibility. His character isn't even taking this seriously anymore.

2. Jinder Mahal - Like McIntyre. I'm happy these 2 are on TV at least, but they're worth so much more. Mahal is a classic heel and could very well be a World Champion. He can have a good match with anybody and has a real passion for the biz. I want these 2 to beat Slater up and attack Sheamus or something.

3. Tensai -Here you have arguably the best "fat" wrestler in the world, and you don't even bother anymore. Tensai needs to bring the original get-up back, the entrance gear, the green mist, all of it. All he needed back then was to work a faster paced style. And ironically enough, as soon as they stripped everything away, he was allowed to do that. Make a Tensai a character again, have him blind somebody with that mist and for god sake, stop jobbing him out to guys half his size. NO ONE believes that.

4. Hunico - You can go 2 ways with this guy. Re-debut him as a masked heel luchador which has never been done before (to my knowledge), or play up the Mexican gangster gimmick and have him feud with a big star like Randy Orton. The guy is incredible in the ring, he has used so many unique moves that I've never even seen before. And I watch A LOT of wrestling.

5. Mason Ryan - Make him Ziggler's bodyguard.

6. Yoshi Tatsu - Bring the face paint and black attire back, feud him with Sin Cara, call him TATSU and remove that god-awful music. Make Tensai his henchman and Sakamoto as his worshipper. I'm sure they could bring some other Japanese guys in and do a Dark Japanese stable.

7. The Dudebusters - I'm talking about Curt Hawkins and Trent Barreta here. We could have a new Edge and Christian on our hands. Give them a few goofy segments and I'm sure they can both pull it off cause they have the charisma.

8. The Great Khali - I want to see this guy have one last monster heel push.

9. R-Truth - I want heel Truth back. He should have turned heel on Kofi, Bourne could have made the save and they wouldn't have even have had to sacrifice a tag team. It was a win/win. Man, what a missed opportunity.

10. Evan Bourne - WWE have something special in their hands and I hope when he returns, they don't fuck it up. Bourne is legit one of the best wrestlers in the world. He can mat-wrestle with the best of them too, which hasn't been showcased in his WWE run. I'd love a Bourne/Kingston IC title feud. Believe it or not, Bourne can play the cocky heel well as shown in Wrestling Society X. Sure his voice may be a little bit goofy but maybe he can use it to his advantage.

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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

Barrett and Sandow definitely, but mostly Barrett for now. Sandow's time will come.

Oh and Zack Ryder too. Crowd still loves him and he's improved a lot. The guy deserves a good midcard title run and not like that bogus one last year.

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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

thanks for the admin to allow me
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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

1.Wade Barret
2.Yoshi Tatsu "Just give him a new theme and gimmick"
3.Jinder Mahal "Guy could become America's most hated"
4.Damien Sandow
5.William Regal "One last push for the WWE title"
6.Dolph Ziggler "Have him ditch Vickie and turn face"
7.Cody Rhodes
8.Justin Gabriel
9.R Truth "Turn him heel and have him win the WWE title"
10.Kofi Kingston
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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

I know there's some internet favorites but I can't stand Barrett, Sandow, or Kidd.

I would try pretty hard with Cesaro, Gabriel & Hunico though.
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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

1. Dolph Ziggler
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Kassius Ohno
4. Antonio Cezaro
5. Seth Rollins
6. Tensai
7. Damien Sandow
8. Tyson Kidd
9. Hunico
10. Christian
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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

Barrett, Curt Hawkins, Tyson Kidd, Ambrose, Corey Graves
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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

dont think i can make it to 10, i dont watch nxt or superstars.

1. hunico
2. mcgilicuty
3. sandow
4. ziggler

aside from ziggler, the others should be built and work their way up and not just handed titles or main events. like ryback.
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Re: Who Should Be Pushed? Top #10

1.) Mason Ryan - Seriously, why hasn't this guy gotten over more than Antonio Cesaro? (Really?)
2.) The Miz - They have a top notch heel here, I mean this guy got real heat against Orton last year, and yet he sits on commentary and drops the IC to Kofi 'Mid Card' Kingston
3.) Christian - Again, another tweener that can be used in a tag-team to bring some of his old antics in, yet he sits in wait. Sad
4.) Evan Borne - This guy has been flying around the ring in the mid card (or dark matches) forever, with nothing so much as a tap from management. Give him a run at the United States title, watch the t-shirt sales fly sky high.
5.) Rey Mysterio - Rey has had more sad title reigns than all of TNA's last 5 years. I want this guy to be the face so bad, but someone behind the scenes is working against me. Mexican wrestlers haven't been able to get a break since eddie.
6.) John Morrison - Okay, Okay, I know maybe he's not on the roster RIGHT NOW, but he will be. Just wait. And hopefully this time they don't hold him back by bringing him in against R-Truth. Have him come in with some wicked sick entrance, bada bing bada boom, Vince has a star.
7.) Percy Watson - OH YEAH!! Am I the only one who found this guy entertaining? My friends and I would greet each other with a OH YEAH!! and fist pump when this guy was on NXT. A nice ring presence, a little green, but a personality you can't beat. Little push, just get him on TV.
8.) Justin Gabriel - The high flyer coupled with #4 Evan Borne and a few others could reignight the light heavyweight championship division and bring a 3 hour raw to fruition. #PLEASEVINCEPLEASE
9.)Ezekiel Jackson - I would like to see a push for a black dude. Yea, I said it. A singles superstar black dude, not because he's black, but because it seems Vince never lets a brotha get a push. This would be the guy to do it to, strong back, a little stiff but could work it out for sure. He's a solid guy that needs a little work to really shine.
10.) Colt Cabana - Again, not gonna happen, but CM Punk said it best. Colt Cabana can wrestle and roll with the best of them, but Vince wouldn't know what to do with him. He had some of the longest (and best I might add) matches i've watched online. Check them out sometime, but he would have a nice realist wrestling career if matched with the right time, and right gimmick (Heyman stable anyone)
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