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Re: "Should of" game

The OP should HAVE named this thread correctly.


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Re: "Should of" game

Brock Lesnar should have won at Extreme Rules to keep the 'Has John Cena still got it?' tension around.

Equally John Cena should have taken some time off after he won so he didn't seem like a big fat phoney. Same for the other times in the last two years he's tried to play that particular sympathy card.

CM Punk should have shown up at a RoH show with the WWE title. Even just sitting in the crowd, it would have added legitimacy to the idea he had gone.

When they had the tournament to crown a new champion and at SummerSlam they should have used an older design as the placeholder to give the idea that it was a new title lineage and that Punk leaving with the actual title was actually a big deal.

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Re: "Should of" game

RVD should have gotten the WWE Title sooner.

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Re: "Should of" game

Daniel Bryan should've never dropped the YES! Chants, even if fans were starting to cheer for him.

Alex Riley should've never been taken off of TV. Even if they were going to de-push him, he should at least be in that jobber to the main event heels position that Kofi Kingston is in.

The World Heavyweight Championship should've never been conceived. Even with the brand split, there should only be one top champion

The Cruiserweight and Hardcore Championships should've never been retired.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins should've gotten back together a long time ago.
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Re: "Should of" game

WWE should have kept Paul Burchill in the pirate gimmick. It got a great reaction for a mid carder at that time.

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Re: "Should of" game

Vince McMahon should have told CM Punk "My nuts hurt" in responce to Punk's "respect" rant.

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Re: "Should of" game

Brock Lesnar should have beaten John Cena at ER

The Rock should have won at WM 2000

CM Punk should have stayed gone until Night of Champions last year to set up the Champion vs Champion match with Cena

Jack Swagger should have never won the MITB

Roddy Piper should have won the WWE Championship sometime in the 80s

Jack the Snake should have won the world title as well

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Re: "Should of" game

Batista should have regained the title at least once before he quit

Won´t removing until:
[X]Ziggler/Barrett/Rhodes Wins the world title HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD
[X]WWE inducts to the hall of fame Jake Roberts/Macho Man DO YOU TRUST ME?
[X]One of the GOAT dies (like Macho Man) RIP ULTIMATE WARRIOR
[]Justin Gabriel/Evan Bourne/Drew McIntyre wins a midcard singles title
[X]WrestleMania XXVIII has a "Show stealer" YES! GREAT WM!
[X]One of the two GM's gets the definitive control on RAW & SD! WELCOME JOHNNY! HOLLA HOLLA!!
[]NXT/Superstars is seen in Spanish TV (YES! I'm Spanish and we see crap)
[]We have another SUPER EXCITING storyline (like Summer of Punk 2011)
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Re: "Should Have" game

Punk's SES gimmick SHOULD have been MUCH bigger

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Re: "Should Have" game

The Corre should have never existed.
the nWo should have never been in WWE.
Jeff Hardy should have not been a junkie.
Punk should not have returned 8 days later, ruining the storyline.

[x] Wade Barrett wins any championship
[x] Dean Ambrose Debuts
[] Damien Sandow wins any championship
[] WHC and WWE Championship are unified
[] Christian wins another main event title
[x] Chris Jericho returns
[x] WWE Championship design is changed
[x] CM Punk vs The Rock

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