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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

Sheamus is booked with more credibility but holds a title lacking in any. The World title is often a show-opener. It hasn't main evented a PPV since Elimination Chamber 2010, I believe.

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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

Sheamus. When he wrestles, he seems like a legit force who overcomes things to win, whereas with Punk I constantly feel like he's just winning because the show's scripted and the outcome is predetermined in his favor.

Both guys are scripted to win too much imo though. Not just in matches, but also in promos and "beatdown" segments too. WWE needs to back it off a bit on how much babyfaces win imo.
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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

Punk by far.From Belt credibility right now the World Heavyweight Championship is at #3 spot.

Punk gets the focus on Raw and Team Hell No gets the main attention on both Raw and Smackdown.

Sheamus has been booked stronger in the matches but i think they ruined his Championship reigh with the way he won the belt at Wrestlemania and backfired and second with the 6 month feud with Del Rio.
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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

Punk as WWE champion will always be more credible than Sheamus, bogus world champion

Shemaus is definitely the one that lacks everything besides holding the big gold belt
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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

They both suck, they're probably the worst champions I've ever seen. I don't know the answer to your question
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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

For some fans it's always about who "looks" like a champion.

Since 2002 WWE became obsessed with how a Wrestler looked and not how good he was on the microphone or his ability in the ring.

Thats one of the major reasons why the ratings have fell so far. Yes everbody looks immense (and in sparkling HD) but nobody has any magic and it essentially became huge guys in tights.

John Morrison is a perfect example. Great Khali another.

Sheamus is below par on the microphone and he desperately needs someone to shave his head as he looks ridiculous.
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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

I always thought CM Punk has the physical build of a mid carder, on that point Sheamus is a more obvious main eventer.. But that is only superficial.

If you take into account storyline, career span, technical ability.. Punk is a WAY better champ than Sheamus at this point in time.

Sheamus has been booked as a Lesnar/ Nathan Jones squash machine.. That isn't always good as these guys are easily forgotten.

CM Punk has been booked as a face then heel, with a lot more creative input, and he will not soon be forgotten.

If you think about it, as far as actual storylines, Sheamus has hardly had any.
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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

Ha, so many people answering this question so many different ways.

For the record...

Kayfabe: Sheamus.

Real life: CM Punk.

Kayfabe Sheamus Because: He doesn't run from any fight, he fights all comers, it seems like he wrestles every-single-show, constantly, he's a fighting champion, he backs down from nobody, he displays inhuman durability and continues to steamroll through just about all of the B main-eventers WWE has to offer.

Real Life CM Punk Because: He's actually the WWE Champion. The World Heavyweight Championship is still recovering from (a) the Jack Swagger reign of 2010; (b) the ping-pong from Swagger to Rey Mysterio to Kane; (c) Kane's reign; (d) being the curtain-jerking match at Wrestlemania XXVII; (e) being won by Christian (sorry, but when you're effectively an upper midcarder, winning the championship is a slight ding to the championship's prestige, though less than just about all of these other, far more serious "dings"); (f) the collapse in booking for Mark Henry toward the end of his run; (g) curtain-jerking Wrestlemania XXVIII; (h) "18 seconds"; (i) Sheamus feuding with Daniel Bryan and primarily Alberto Del Rio forever, which, particularly with the latter gentleman, has done next to nothing for the championship, truth be told. Big Show might as well be John Cena compared to who Sheamus has faced as World Heavyweight Champion, not counting Randy Orton which almost doesn't count because they were both face and they never quite ever directly feuded (though admittedly he did wrestle him once or twice with the strap on the line with another couple of guys in the match).

Beyond that, Punk is the WWE Champion and the WWE Championship belongs to Raw. Raw is the (A) Show. Punk gets to close out more events, more Raws and, main-eventing a pay-per-view at Night of Champions, clearly beats Sheamus, which is just so LOL-worthy when you consider Cena has been out of the championship picture for so long but he's still at the top of the card above these two gentlemen.

Okay, enough.

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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

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Re: Sheamus or Punk - Who is the more credible champ?

Punk easily has more credibility, he probably the best wrestler in the wwe with DB. Why is everyone obssessed with people looking big, if that was the case big show should be the champion forever. Look at HBK and Bret Hart not massive guys are you telling me these guys were never credible due to their size. Fotgot to even mension Ric Flair he aint massive but 16 time champion who is considered a legend.

I aint even one of these huge butt kiss Punk fans just look at my posting history and it will tell u that, but insuch a limited talent pool he is the best i think at the moment to be WWE champions, id rather him champion then that feed me more goldberg ripoff. I think the only thing that lets any credibilty down on the wwe title though is the title it self, it looks like a plastic toy.
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