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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

It's so stupid when people say "Bret and Shawn were the first small guys to hold the title". They're jumping on the hidden agenda to ignore Randy Savage.
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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers.

Originally Posted by neolunar View Post
As far as I know, neither of the two drew shit.
Hart was big in Europe and Canada, but at the time he became "the guy", company was well on decline following succesfull Hogan era. Things got even worse in '96/mid'97 with Michaels on (and off) the top until Austin pretty much pissed on both of their reigns as "the guy".
You know, maybe this is me looking back through the lens of childhood, but I look at both the Hart and Michaels eras with much more fondness than Austin's ascent. Even though they weren't big guys, their personae were both larger than life. Anything involving Stone Cold drinking a beer and fighting with his boss was just so mundane and ridiculous that I was not invested.

I think the only AE moment I really spazzed out about for Austin was his rescue of Stephanie from the Undertaker.
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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

I hate the arguement that no one would buy a smaller guy beating a big roid-up meat head. I guess I am wierd in that I believe that a small guy can and will beat a big guy if he has enough skill to. I grew up watching kung fu movies and I know that Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donny Yen, or Sonny Chiba could wipe the floor with some body builder that does nothing but lift weights.

Hell, one of the biggest sports movie franchises is about a little dude fighting the odds with a lot of heart and determination. A little guy named Rocky Balboa (height, 5' 9") who was always smaller than the guys he was fighing, but people bought into it and cheered for him.

And small guys are always barred from being the top dogs then there is aways the problem that the majority of big guys are very untalented. I'd much rather WWE invest in talented experienced workers like Punk and Bryan rather than talentless meat-heads like Zeke or Mason Ryan. Skill and talent should trump looks any day.

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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

I'm alright either way. I don't favour a particular wrestling style so much as a strong character. For me, it's 75% about the persona and ability to pull it off - size doesn't necessarily come into it.
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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

Kevin Nash sucks .

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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

While a big guy might grab your attention, a guy with a good/great character will keep your attention. No matter how big he is. Benoit and Guerrero never really got the chance to prove if they could draw or not. Like C2D said, Benoit never even received another world title match after NYR 2005. It's not like either of them were horrible champions either. They had the crowd's support and put on great matches. WWE just decided to not properly build on their already successful title runs. Benoit was never gonna be the top guy in the company because he just didn't have the personality for it. Could he have been one of the top main event faces? Yes. Benoit remained over as a face from 2001-2007. When he went against main event heels like Austin, Angle, Lesnar, Triple H, and JBL, he had pretty good support from the fans. He should have had another run with the world heavyweight title or at least remained in the main event. Eddie could have been the top face. He had a very likable personality and he knew how to capture people's hearts. But, he died only a year after finally reaching the main event.

When it comes to Mysterio, he is just not believable what so ever as a full blown main eventer. Benoit & Guerreo may have been under 6 feet but they were of average male height. Mysterio was of below average height and weight for some men his age. Him being a successful mid carder who got a few title shots was what he should have been. Not world heavyweight champion. Besides, a lot of people talk about Benoit's mic skills but in my opinion he was better than Mysterio and wasn't all that bad. And even though Benoit didn't really have much of a gimmick he was nicely over for a guy who was pretty much just a wrestler. Mysterio really had no reason to win the World Heavyweight Championship on the occasions that he did. Him being over and selling a decent amount of merchandise were the only reasons why he won it and he never once was booked to have a good reign.

As for small guys drawing, I really don't think that size really matters. Character is what really matters and to a certain extent booking. Characters are larger than life not guys who are 6'8" 290 lbs. Did anyone really care about Cena before he became the rapper? He had a great size and wore colorful trunks and boots every night. Did anyone care about Rocky Maivia to a level where he could become the face of the company(I'm sure that's what Vince imagined for Rock when he signed him). Nope. But, when they got characters to go along with their frame, they became top stars and faces of the company. The lone exception to needing superb booking to become a top face was The Rock. He just had too much charisma & would be over regardless of card placement or regardless of win/loss record. Booking is very important because you must make the crowd believe in that character. Sure you can look like a the toughest s.o.b. in the WWF and say that you are but if you are constantly getting your ass kicked, no one will believe it. I can understand where you are coming from op, but for someone to become a draw they must have a good/great character that connects with the crowd and good booking. That's it. Size does not play that big of a factor in it. If that were the case, we wouldn't have the abundance of characters and gimmicks that we have had.

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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

Originally Posted by JAROTO View Post
Do you think CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are short? Because I would say that being 6'1 is tall and 5'10 is average.
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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

Nobody can't argue small guys can entertain. In fact they are sometimes more entertaining than the big guys. I am talking about a future icon...the next Hogan, Rock or Cena. I don't think a small guy like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan could fill that shoes. That's why I understand what the WWE is trying to do with Sheamus and Ryback. I must say I hate Sheamus and I'm not sure if Ryback has what it takes, but that's what they have right now. Tough dilemma for Vince and company.
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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

So, you are entertained by D-Bry and Punk's performances, and don't care for either of the big men you used in your example. But you still think they'd be better faces of the company than the guys who can really go and perform?

I don't understand.
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Re: Small guys as Main Eventers

People seem to be conflating "main eventer" and "face of the company". A small guy with the character, charisma, and wrestling ability (only big guys can get away with sucking in the ring) necessary can appropriately be given top billing.

Its having a smaller guy as champion or face of the company is where the size issue really comes into play. Its easy to buy a smaller guy as being just plain better than the majority of big guys. Its another thing entirely to present a smaller than average wrestler as THE best wrestler in the promotion.
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