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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Survivor series tag team like Undertaker, Rock, etc

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Well first off, I would hold off on having him wrestle his first match for a few weeks. After a few weeks of weird video packages getting hacked into the titantron through kayfabe tampering, he will debut by getting involved in a main event title match during a REALLY hot feud. That's the gist of what I'd do, the rest I don't know.
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Phantom Thief
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Guy comes out to no reaction, says nothing.

Does this every week until the fans have an undefinable hatred for him.

Becomes most over heel ever.
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Think Kane's debut without the weeks of hype. How much more of an impact would he have had (not that it wasn't awesome as is) had Bearer never mentioned him and then all of a sudden there's this giant in a mask coming to rip the door off the cell and Tombstone Taker?

I don't know about debuting somebody straight into a championship feud because they're screwed if they don't get over but taking on a big name that isn't in the title scene at the time would be a nice boost. A new heel going after a face Orton when he's just floating around with nothing to do would be a nice start for anybody because he's working with a main eventer that wouldn't overexpose him like feuding with Cena would.
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Alright, I'm a WWE writer. 3 weeks of vignettes, promo on Smackdown, 6-8 months of jobbers, jobbers everywhere, random PPV matches against upper-tier jobbers. Repeat until the end of times.

I have a few guaranteed money-makers in my mind, but Creative's lurking, I'm sure. They couldn't come up with anything better but the above if their life depended on it. Bucket list #48: become WWE writer, drastically improve product.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

In China :

One unknown chinese (or ABC) wrestler comes out 10th during a Rumble and stays undefeated until the end when he gets eliminated by the champion after one long undecisive struggle. He is proficient in martial arts and impressive looking.

Somebody like him :

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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Main event of WrestleMania. The shows just about to go off air after the face champion has successfully defended his title, at that point the heel comes in and absolutely destroys the champion. Security rush into the ring as the show goes off air in chaos.

You then do the slow build where the guy is in jail, he might get out on bail and he comes back and just attacks any 2 random guys during a match. The hero champion rushes out but security are that bit quicker and the new guy is ushered out again.

Everyone wants to know who this guy is, speculation flies until JR goes to the jail to interview him. He cuts a short promo where he gets his key points across.
*He wants to be in the WWE
*He wanted to get everyones attention, etc.

The face this time bails him out so they can have a match. However the organisation don't agree and say this new guy can't just turn up and get a title shot. They then offer him a chance to work his way to the title.

His first match, he loses by DQ after a continuous onslaught which just totally annihilates his opponent. He does the same in his next match and is then suspended by the WWE. It's total anarchy when it comes to him, they don't know whether to fire him or not. His marketability prevails and he is given another chance but he does the exact same thing again. Again they don't know what to do with him. The face champion talks the authority figure around that he just wants to face him. They come up with a deal where the new guy will face advanced opposition (the big monsters Tensai, Brodus, Show, Kane etc.)

The new guy then destroys all the monsters one by one but by the rules, learning as he goes. He comes out totally impressive after being a complete wrecking machine. After all this has gone on for a couple of months he new guy gets his shot at the champion and finally beats him. They go back and forth having matches over the next few months with the new guy winning all 3 matches.

By this point you've established a brand new top star within 6 months.



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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

How about a guy that walks in without theme music, that would be unique i guess lol

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Characters Welcome
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Have him/her come out of a box. As Cornette famously once said - you can instantly get someone over by having them come out of a box.

"This is a lot better than lugging wrestlers around who farted in my car" - Jim Ross on starting his new podcast.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: How would you debut a superstar?

Surprised this forum took 7 replies in this thread to mention Ambrose in this thread...
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