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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

Don't worry, TNA just did their first 0.8 in a years lols, so the ratio of WWE:TNA is still the same as ever, wrestling is just not popular at all, and that's also partly due to none of the promotions creating any larger than life buzz (excluding The Rock vs Cena, and Brocks appearances). Honestly, I can enjoy wrestling as a fan that's been watching for years, but if someone ever asked me to give anybody else who doesn't watch good arguments on why to watch, I couldn't think of any. Now wrestling in general is a "love it or hate it" thing, but the quality of wrestling just isn't there to warrant much argument for interested fans, who actually want some niveau in entertainment.
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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

Not much to say here..

Wrestlemania 28: 1.4 Million BuyRates

Not that bad, isn't it? Get a number like that 20 years ago.
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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
mystique and atmosphere

You know that magical feeling when you watched wrestling as a kid? that was the territories in their prime, every night

Larger than life is a term tossed around a lot but when wrestling is isolated in your local area, its much tighter. it has a homely feel but the men in that ring look like gods to you. The Von Erichs, Dusty, Lawler, Gagne all controlled a cult like worship for many years in their prime

and dont even get me started on what would happen when Flair or Andre rolled into down. Seeing Flair taking on your idol and you hating him for rolling out somehow with the title. And Your guy, facing this, god of a man, Andre.

Mark my words, everyone who who saw andre on in the territory was blown away. Back then, and the early days of the Hogan era, Larger than life actually meant something. You werent watching tv stars or guys plastered all over the place, you were watching warriors you worshipped

Wrestling to me has always been about that. Hell its the reason im an undertaker fan. I live for those special moments. But alas, overexposure, cable TV, internet and growing up are the death of that
You're totally entitled to that opinion but I have to disagree, for me the best time in wrestling was the monday night wars era. In terms of larger than life I have to say the late 80s/early 90s era was far more concentrated on that than the territory era. I was lucky in the sense that when it was aimed at kids I was a kid and when it was aimed at teens and adults I was hitting my teens. To me there will never be another time as exciting as the monday night wars

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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
big difference between the 90s and now


in the 90s vince was keeping the company alive paycheck to paycheck and basically haemorrhaging money

now, the WWE has shareholders, almost infinite sources of revenue, and absolute stability, as well as good profits year to year

simply put, unless a HUGE disaster happens, and im talking really really big, the WWE cant go under. Its far too structurally stable. Its a machine built to last
Yes now they do have shareholders to answer too. Stocks that can drop and cost them a large portion of that revenue that isn't close to being infinite.

Remember things can change in a blink of an eye. The US used to be a powerful country at one time too before the became China's bitch.

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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

I think WWE will always have a core fanbase large enough to sustain the company, but they're definitely on a sharp decline right now. Basically boils down to an over-saturation of the product with a thin roster to support it and a lack of new actual "stars" besides CM Punk. They didn't replace the Triple Hs, Shawn Michaels, Jerichos, Batistas, etc. and it's really starting to hurt them. They have guys who can be huge in Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, dare I say it even Ryback, but they need to maintain a steady push over the long-term and not hit the abort button too soon as they've continuously done in the past.

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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

It is difficult to know what the future holds: they've dropped the ball with so much talent, it will be difficult to replace Cena and ratings will only continue to fall until they produce a product that you want to can't miss.

In the meantime, they're continuing to sell tickets for live events, WWE 12 sold over a million copies, and Wrestlemania and Summerslam performed very well. TV rights gave a gross of 131 million dollars last year. This year it will be more than 150 million due to the extra hour of Raw and The Main Event.
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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

fucked? Quality is subjective, you have your favorite era, I have mine, kids have their etc...
Financially never been better. No competition, total stable and solid. 1,4 million ppv buys this years Wrestlemania



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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

Originally Posted by emil_vlkv View Post
Not much to say here..

Wrestlemania 28: 1.4 Million BuyRates

Not that bad, isn't it? Get a number like that 20 years ago.
This, as much as the product isn't great the buyrates are a huge indication that the company is still going strong. I think that the most recent raw has lead to a lot of unnecessary hate for the company, the raws prior have been excellent IMO.

The Rock, Lesnar Undertaker, and HHH are all still active, to an extent, those 4 do not make the WWE "Fucked"

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Re: Who else thinks WWE are fucked?

If there was a legitimate contender like WCW going against them, maybe.

[x] Wade Barrett wins any championship
[x] Dean Ambrose Debuts
[] Damien Sandow wins any championship
[] WHC and WWE Championship are unified
[] Christian wins another main event title
[x] Chris Jericho returns
[x] WWE Championship design is changed
[x] CM Punk vs The Rock

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I totally agree with you about the new stars, they just don't cut it, once cena leaves I think wwe will be in trouble.

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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