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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

It should be moved back to WrestleMania and there should only be 1 briefcase and then have more creative ways to cash in rather than heel cashing in on weakened Champion, we've seen about 10 times.

Bring back KotR as the July PPV, with the winner getting a WWE Championship shot at SummerSlam.

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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

Originally Posted by new_year_new_start View Post
Anyone else feel this way? That breakthrough moment when a guy wins their first world title, the emotion, crowd reaction after a usually pretty good match etc. It just seems tarnished when you look back and it's like, oh they hit their finisher/pinned a guy already knocked out etc.

I'd say Edge is an exception as his (first) cash in was not only the first, but he his character had the "ultimate opportunist" thing going on so it did make sense.
I could be wrong, but Edge was dubbed 'The ultimate opportunist' AFTER he cashed in his MitB, because everybody was expacting some promo where Edge wold call for a championship match like a week in advance, not right after the champ just had a match.

I originally thought this thread was going to be about how certain omg moment turned into boring redone every year crap. Like the ladder breaking, or someone falling from a twenty foot ladder to the outside of the ring etc.

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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
MITB is ruined since Jack Swagger won and they made it a PPV. Now it just needs to go.

MITB was amazing as a Wrestlemaina tradition,Having a guy like Swagger win it and then make it a PPV so two people can win it the the same year just seems stupid.CM Punk looked AMAZING when he won his first world title reign,I'm not saying this because I'm a mark of his but because there was emotion when he won it at RAW from Edge.Jack Swagger kinda just ruined it,And the MITB PPV ruined the entire "Mr.MITB" thing.

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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

Originally Posted by #PushKofiKingston View Post
The concept works better for heels because its pretty much an underhanded way of winning the title. Its usually a great moment when a face comes up the ranks and wins the title in a legit match and MITB kinda ruins that.

I'd like it better if they made MITB the summer version of the Royal Rumble and the winner is the #1 contender for whichever world title he chooses at Summerslam.
I agree with this. And could be KOTR version
The MOTB should be one match at wrestlemania or at Summerslam.


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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

Edge was great
RVD was pretty good
Since then kind of good
Since the 2 MITB/year awful awful awful

Just switch it with King Of The Ring



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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I want it gone, I've been saying it's become a cheap excuse to have somebody win the title but not build them up, it's detrimental to stars, WWE doesn't give a world title to any up and comer without it, etc. It's hurt the WWE immeasurably.

As for the point about CM Punk, I really don't think it ruined his breakthrough moment because he got another one. Yeah, his first world title was nothing special, but his real, GENUINE breakout moment was the first WWE Championship he won in Chicago, ironically enough at MITB 2011. Hot, hot, hot crowd, long match, real emotion, that saved his legacy. The WWE title is significantly above the WHC anyway, as we all know. Regardless, though, MITB has become an extraordinarily bad influence on the WWE, it's ruined Vince McMahon's thought process on how to book a first time world champion. Absolutely.
Been saying that since about 2007, it's completely lazy booking, rather than taking the time to develop & refine a character to gradually become a 'player' they simply just throw them into one match and think that it'll do all the work for them.

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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

MITB in itself could still work but, as they've done with so many things, they just overdid it completely. Making it into a PPV, creating two MITB winners, was a huge mistake. They need to scrap it and leave it for a year or two before they could even begin to repair the damage that's been done to the concept.
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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

Originally Posted by Eclairal View Post
It's not terrible. If the MITB never existed, Daniel Bryan would had neever be the guy he is today
that has nothing to do with anything. Bryan could have won the world title without MITB in some other fashion, and he would still be the same guy. He is the guy he is because of the Yes chants that started at WM, which made him start to really get over.

In fact MITB ruined a possible emotional, Chris Beniot/Rey Mysterio-like World title victory for Bryan. He is the type of guy who would have made for a really great moment when he finally won the title, the MITB ruined that.

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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

I hate MITB and i agree it ruins the moment of winning a title as a title should be won after a long hard fought match not some cash in after the champion has been knocked out.

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Re: Money in the Bank ruining breakthrough moments

I have to agree. It was a great gimmick for the first time that they did it but now it kinda cheapens title runs.

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