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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

Austin would crush that little indy scumbag. CM Sucks is nothing. #IRespectLegends
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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
2nd to last is still midcard, it's NOT good enough. Punk needs a MAIN EVENT. Fucking Miz has main evented WM and Punk hasn't. That's disgraceful, and that's coming from a Miz fan.

And of course Austin would win. He's not gonna put Punk over, Punk isn't a Superman character like Cena. I don't even think Vince would LET Punk beat Austin, even if Austin wanted to lose. I really don't believe it.

I didn't say he's a "weak mid card draw", he's not Sheamus or Randy Orton, obviously. When I say he's not a draw, I mean he's not a MEGA STAR anymore. And he's not. The Rock is. Even Cena is. Hell, at this point, even Lesnar, Triple H and Undertaker will draw more than Austin and it's not good enough, you can't main event a WrestleMania with the kind of business he'll bring in, it's not going to happen. I don't like it but I can acknowledge when somebody's run is over.

Would they make this match a main event if he was wrestling Cena? Yes, but not Punk. Not a chance in HELL.
I don't mean to be rude or anything but....bruh...what the fuck are you talking about?

You can't honestly believe that Stone Cold Steve Austin, the biggest draw of an era that old and new fans alike go ape shit over till this day with nostalgic glee, returning to the WWE to face the WWE Champion in CM Punk, who is heralded and loved the way he is because he's the closest thing there is in the current WWE to the era Austin helped start, would not draw.

You can't be serious.

Saying Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn't draw if he came back is horribly off base. He'd draw because 1. The WWE would promote the fuck out of his return, ESPECIALLY if it was for Mania. And 2. He's not The Rock, he doesn't need to make million dollar movies to help his draw, HE'S STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, THE BIGGEST DRAW THE WWE EVER HAD BESIDES HULK HOGAN. His identity is still closely related to that persona, to that time. The Rock worked overtime to distance himself from his "Rock" persona, and Lesnar from his. Hell, in The Rock's case, he even stopped going by "The Rock" and started going by his real name to help soften that link. Austin hasn't done that. He will always be "Stone Cold" to people. They will ALWAYS want to see him in the ring, more so than The Rock.

And as for Austin not losing to Punk? Why would it matter? The Rock just beat Cena at Wrestlemania and it didn't hurt Cena. It was enough just for Cena to be IN THE RING WITH THE ROCK. The same applies here. CM Punk standing across the ring from Stone Cold would signify that he's made it, that he is at the top of the top, that he's seen as one of the best the WWE has EVER seen. The WWE just wouldn't throw anybody in there with Austin, they'd have to be a proven STAR. CM Punk would be a set in stone superstar.

That, and I see CM Punk going over if the match happened...I feel like Austin is far removed from the Brock Lesnar walk out (something he was sort of justified in...not walking, but his position). I think he would be okay with Punk going over, especially if he was only coming back for that reason and not on a permanent basis...

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Thank You Taker
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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

I'd definitely like to see it. I'm not sure how the match would be, although it sounds on Austin like he could get in good shape after the surgery, but the promo work would be absolutely amazing. The Rock is still great but I think he's lost more of it than Austin has and Punk is pretty much the perfect guy to face him.

It's extra funny to see the Punk haters belittle him in the thread when you know that the very reason we're speaking of this is because Austin thinks he is great.
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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

So it's actually going to happen, it seems. Or WWE is just trolling everyone, thing they do quite often.

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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

Since i've recently changed into a CM Punk fan, I'm going to vote for him even though I know the WWE wouldn't let him win.

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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

IMO: Missed opportunity here. Could have added another poll here to see what the people on the forums think and compare that to those that are voting on the wwe.com website. May have had some interesting results.
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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

Depends, Kayfabe Punk has a lot of neck based moves which would be super effective as well as his tendancy to kick at the knees, plus he has the quickness and agility that comes with youth and enough experience that Austin's veteran instincts wouldn't effect the match much. Plus he can kick out of 2 AA's and endure two STF's. He'd probably win.

However if they ever did fight, Stone Cold aint losing his one last match and that's the bottom line.

WWE does seem to know that this match and feud would be make money (and I think Punk desperately wants it) so are teasing, whether it actually could (or should) go ahead is another story.

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
So it's actually going to happen, it seems. Or WWE is just trolling everyone, thing they do quite often.
They wrote an article last year about why the Hardcore Title should come back, so best to assume the writers are either optimists, fans like us or massive trolls, or a combination of the three.

Polly fucking Anna...

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