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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

They roughly did the same last year with Lesnar calling out Austin. This promo is meant sell video games not necessarily sell a future match.

As to people comparing this to Rock. Come on guys. Rock and Cena could play a video game together and get great results too. A little bit different than building a match.

Punk looked inferior compared to Austin. If you had a face v face match between Punk and Austin and WWE wanted to protect Punk's image you can easily see how the build gets messed up.
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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

Watch the original while you can, from whatever source you can find. There is no doubt they are going to edit the one that is allowed to stay up forever, because Austin buried the whole damn locker room. No way in hell WWE is going to allow that into the final video that is allowed to stay up in my opinion.
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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

Thanks for posting that MF link.

A really cool video, these type of interviews are always very good, also with JR doing the interview.

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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
What are you smoking? Austin was already Stone Cold by 1997. When Austin was at the height of his career, he was stale in my eyes. I got tired of the same old shit week in, and week out. Stunner, middle finger, beer, more beer, and stunner, and oh hell yeah, and more beer. The man brought a fucking milk truck to Raw, that's not wrestling, and it's corny heat. Spraying your boss down with beer is also cheap heat. Who the fuck wouldn't go over with that kind of shit going on?

Smashing the boss's expensive car. He was a grown up Dennis the Menace with a drinking problem, and a goatee. What I saw in this recent video is Austin 15 years later with an even more surreal character than he had back then. You can tell he has worked hard on his acting, and it's showing. He has cemented a true act similar to that of The Rock, and I would even say Hogan. Every other word isn't "Oh Hell Yeah", "Can of Whoop ass", "That's the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so". Before it was such a stale act, and now it's good to see he made it that much better over the years.

Yes, I can't recall taking 12 minutes out of my life to listen to any promo, not since Punk dropped his pipe bomb over a year ago, and that had nothing on this. You had Punk, Jim Ross, and Austin. The moment seemed off the script, and it came off as genuine. That's very hard to do in the world of professional wrestling without breaking kayfabe, just ask Punk. You may think that Austin is this "wrestling legend" because of what he accomplished in the early 90's as Stone Cold. I enjoyed watching Austin practically his whole career. His work has always been great. However, even he became stale for me because it was the same thing all the time like it always is with the "top guy".

Of course I enjoyed the Attitude Era, but there were times when the Attitude Era sucked as well. HBK retired, Austin was suffering from injuries, Hart had left for WCW. The Rock boomed, and HHH became a star. The Attitude Era is overrated, and I would even say that proper booking had existed the greatest time period for wrestling was wasted away after WCW, and ECW collapsed. No roster will ever match up to that. Even without proper booking from top to bottom I still enjoyed seeing DDP vs Taker, or Steiner vs HHH. Angle vs Jericho is better than Ahmed Johnson vs D-Lo over the European title.
Cheer up. Austin was awesome from 1997 to 2001.
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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
That 12 minutes was better than anything the WWE has produced on Raw, or, Smackdown in the last 15 years. Austin is the greatest character of all time, and it almost doesn't feel like an act anymore. Punk was a bit intimidated, but did well trying to out do Austin. This shows you that Punk can still improve as Austin had hinted at this already in the interview. The mutual respect was nice, but a bit of a let down. I was ready to hear "heel" CM Punk, and think they wanted to stay away from that.
It was indeed awesome, but I do think Austin comes across as playing a character while Punk seems more genuine. Punk sounds like you'd expect him to sound if you were just chatting with him somewhere while I don't think people naturally act like the Stone Cold character. Austin does what you come to expect in wrestling, while Punk is closer to what you'd expect in a movie.

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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

i believe 13Min version was edited...i believe there's alot more to it with Cm PUNK.
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Re: JR Interviews Austin and Punk

It's crazy that things like this never get aired on TV. What the hell are they thinking not putting this on TV knowing this would help in the ratings.

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