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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

HHH has always been my favorite, i loved him as heel, face, tweener, always a fan.. I think he is the only one id cheer for against scsa or rock, i can't stand kurt angle

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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

Not in the arenas if that's what you meant besides specific matches or situations. Plenty of Angle fans as you would expect from a guy who in less than a year was already a tremendous performer in every aspect but Jericho was mostly a babyface, a huge popular babyface, second biggest for most of 2000. The fanbase just enjoyed watching the greatest performers of all time in the greatest era and peak of the wrestling industry.

As for HHH on the internet. There was never a period that he wasn't involved in backstage BS with reports coming out that he's trying to bury someone in production meetings and things like that. But at least people appreciated his great on screen work in the 2000 period. Of course his real life relationship with his on screen wife which is probably going to be the first thing that come to people's mind when they would think of Triple H. It's just seems to me like it's stuck in the legacy for too long now. Also played a big factor. When he came back in 2002 half the performer that he was, it was pretty much full negativity and just got worse from there with the obvious attempts in the Jericho/Stephanie WM18 storyline.

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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

the rock as a face champ got old and repetitive. same catchphrases and same few power moves over and over again. he was like a current cena except with better mic skills. i never even read about wrestling online back then and went from loving the rock to eventually being so sick and tired of him when he became face. i loved it when everyone rooted for hogan even though he was the heel. it wasn't just the iwc, it was a lot of people that got tired of the rock. i think people are forgetting how many boos he got during his last years in wwe.
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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

The whole rooting for people to win/lose was less pronounced during the AA. It was an older smarter fan base, and they really enjoyed the characters and performers, and just went nuts for everything. It was actually kind of like ecw in that way, where the guys who were good often got cheered regardless, because people enjoyed their work. Everyone got cheered- Taker, Austin, Rock, Foley, HHH, jericho, Angle whether they were heel or face. Pretty much the McMahons took most off the boos and real hate from the fans.
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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

I remember Edge and Christian split the IWC like no other before them. You either hated the hell out of them or you loved them.
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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

I was a kid during the AE so I generally cheered for faces. Also Edge & Christian and the Dudleyz regardless. And Billy Gunn, can't forget Billy Gunn.

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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

Triple H was the one who made this shit cool for me.
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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

I was a steve austin fanatic so i clearly was never cheering the heels he faced.

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Re: Rooting for heels in the AE

The 'IWC' back in them days in all honesty were more of a minority, your 'uber smart marks' who just love workrate and in ring stuff compared to other stuff were all prominent, nowadays the 'IWC' is a bit different because I'd say nearly everyone who watches Raw and Wrestling in general has access to forums and the internet.

If back then the amount of people who use the internet like they do today back then im sure Rock and Austin would still have the same haters but they'd be among the minority with them getting a lot of love from most others.

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