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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

Originally Posted by theidealstranger View Post
I would like to put that question across to you. what kind of heel turn do you think would for Cena's character or as IWC puts it, the lack of it.
I saw another poster say something long the lines of Cena ending the steak at Wm30 by beating the Undertaker half to death with a chair sort of like how Austin did to the rock at WM17 and i think thats a great ideal, the kids will be crushed by his heel turn the iwc will be pissed that Cena ended the steak, it would make Cena the most hated guy in the business not just with the iwc but with the casual fans as well.

The next night you would have Cena come out and say how for 8 years the male fans booed him and shouted all sorts of things about him and talk about how the fans only care about the Attitude Era guys and don't care about him. He would then say how he killed the last part of the Attitude Era that being The Undertaker and its time to move on and get with the times, and Cena is here to stay if you like it or not.

Now after turning him heel, you would have him do little things at first like not throwing his shirt into the crowd for the kids and not slapping their hand after he walks down the ramp, and from that you move on to him doing more heelish things like getting DQ from matches and walking away from matches that he thinks are beneath him all of this will go on for a bit then he will get the title from someone like Punk by cheating his way to a win from once again using a chair.

Thats just one ideal i'm not a booker so i'm not sure how the best way to do it would be.

Elijah89 also posted something about this about a WM30 heel turn in another thread he said,

I'm sorry dude, but NO match in wrestling is going to main event a Wrestlemania that has The Undertaker vs John Cena on the card.

Seriously, I plan on keeping my membership on this forum until the Spring of 2014 because I want to see the shitstorm here when Cena ends the streak. When WM 30 goes off the air I hope I will have a computer still, because I will have my popcorn ready and everything. People refuse to listen to me whenever ask who is left for Taker to face after Cena. This will likely be his last match, and I guarantee Taker is the kind of guy who wants to go out on his back. Will Cena and HHH pull an Austin/Mcmahon WM 17 swerve (In a way HHH will come through on his promise of ending the streak if he helps Cena win)? I kind of want to see a bloody Undertaker locked in the STF with Cena choking with his signature chain, and Taker not tapping for like ten minutes, but still looking like someone who's death is inevitable. Yep, I want the streak to end and I want it ended by Cena through dirty tactics.

Most will probably disagree with me but I think an Undertaker loss at WM is bigger than another Undertaker win at this point. Seeing him win at WM is getting stale. Hell, I hope his WM 29 opponent can at least create one good false finish during their match because I do not feel like the streak will ever be in jeopardy until he faces Cena.
Turning him heel at WM30 against Undertaker is the way to go

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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

Well I've always said that John Cena needs to turn heel. It would freshen up his character and make him less stale. But as far as caring for him goes. I don't know, there's still a lot of stuff about him that I dislike.

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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

It would make his character twice as interesting but it won't have even half the impact Hogan's turn did. Hogan lead the WWF during the first mainstream boom period, the internet wasn't nearly as prominent back in '96 so few people knew what was coming, NWO was very edgy in a cartoony period of wrestling. Plus an invasion angle hadn't been attempted in American wrestling back then.

A Cena led NWO could work but it still wouldn't have half the impact Hogan's turn did. Hell no one in the mainstream gives two damns about Cena.
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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

Originally Posted by murder View Post
It's never too late to turn heel. Hogan had been a babyface for 13 years when he finally turned heel. Cena has been a face for 9 years. Also Hogan was in his 40s, Cena still is in his 30s. He's got many, many years left in this business.

Maybe Vince waits for the heel turn until the opportunity presents itself. Which means that there has to be a real successor. Someone that can carry the company as top face just as good as Cena can. Like in 96, Sting was there to take over Hogans spot and in 2001, Rock was there to take over Austins spot.
Actually, he wasn't.

The night after the heel turn, he fucked off for about four months to film a movie and didn't even acknowledge Austin when he came back. (actually, WM17 was more or less the end of the rocks full time wrestling career when you think about it) That's part of the reason the turn didn't really take off, after the Rock had gone, there were no strong babyfaces left for Austin to bounce off. HHH could've filled that spot nicely, but as we know, that's not how it went down.

At the moment, only Punk can really be the ying to Cena's yang, and there isn't anything stopping a double turn at or around wrestlemania season. Besides, Cena turning heel allows WWE to wean fans of of Cena in the long run.
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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

Originally Posted by ConnorMCFC View Post

Anyways, I would welcome a heel turn for Cena, but it depends on how they handle it.


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fucking dumb Hogan marks..... Cena > Hogan.

Better quality matches
Better promos
Actually cares about the business

All Hogan had better was his theme song

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Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

Originally Posted by 11rob2k View Post
For everyone saying Cena heel turn wont be as good or as big, or mean as much as Hogans, It might not to you, but to the kids that turn in every week just to watch Cena like many of us did with Hogan it'll will mean just as much to them as Hogans did you.

For the kids and casual fans now Cena's heel turn is going to be huge, If they hold it off until WM30 it's going to make WM30 a must see ppv, iI cant see them doing it before that.
The title to this thread is will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us.

As in us the internet smarks.

So please save the when you were a kid speech.

And to answer the op i honestly don't know if he could make me care if he turned heel.

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He'd have to pin The Undertaker clean and then fuck him up after.
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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Actually cares about the business
Hogan actually cares immensely about the business, he just has a huge ego that takes a lot of satisfying. It was the same with Austin but he never gets the same internet rage. Both refused to job except under very certain circumstances because they believed their position in wrestling meant they should always be on top. Hogan was probably better than Austin though, he lost twice to The Rock in about a year; Austin lost twice to The Rock in his entire career and one of those losses was in a tag match. Of course The Rock was much less of an ass in terms of jobbing than both of them; he even lost to the freaking Hurricane.
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Re: Will John Cena be able to do a Hogan on us?

I'm way past caring about him turning heel now. I just want him to stop being the center of attention all the bloody time. Besides, they keep on point balnk refusing to build anyone else up to his level, so until the time when they do, there wont be anyone to replace him as top face, which a heel needs.
In short, I don't care what he does now, the less I see of him the better.
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