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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

Ryback's push. If he goes against Punk and wins the title, I will fly to Titan Towers and complain to Vince in person.

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Getting ignored by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

I hate the corniness of it sometimes. It can get pretty embarrassing to watch. Sometimes I hate the lack of edginess in the programming as well. I hate the term "WWE Universe" which makes me cringe every time I hear it. I also cringe at all the Twitter and Tout mentions.

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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

I hate the twenty minute promo at the start of most Raw's. If you want to start with a promo fine but keep it short. What I hate even more is guys constantly interrupting each other in the middle of promos, I'm not saying it should never happen but it should be rare. Are we meant to believe that everyone is hanging out just behind the curtain looking for any excuse to force the production staff to play their music.
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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

Too much "entertainment", not enough "sports".

"If anyone asks you if you've paid your dues, you tell 'em the check is in the mail."

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Congratulations, you played yourself
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

WWE was PG in the early 90s and we had blood and edgy storylines like Jake Roberts slapping Elizabeth and much more. Hell, Smackdown has always been PG, my problem isn't the rating per se; my problem is that WWE think they have to be squeeky clean in order to protect Linda McMahon's senate run. I always thought Vince McMahon had balls, but it seems like he's putting this stupid senate run above his own company and it's fans. This will go down in the list of failures along with the XFL and Vince's body building federation. I'm also sick of their media pandering.

John Cena
The stalest wrestler of all time, period. I imagine Cena would make an excellent heel, maybe one of the best of all time... but WWE care more about merchandise sales than good television and ratings.

How every bad guy has to be a coward and every good guy needs to be a smartass douche comedian who cracks corny jokes that only a 6 year old would laugh at.


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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

I hate roid freaks with no talent getting pushed.

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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

Cage, HIAC & EC matches without blood. They've taken away any brutality aspect so they might as well scrap all three.

Oh, and Cena's cheesy fucking smile!

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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

The relentless WWE spots of self-fellatio. 'Oh yes we're so great, best TV show ever, we're trending on Twitter, WWE Universe loves us, best company in da world!111' as long as their bullshit lists and charity campaigns which should be kept separate from the TV shows. Fucking horrendous.

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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

the annoying smarks, and celebrities who try and promote stuff, no one cares

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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

That since about 2008 EVERY PPV is built up the same except for WM
The champ and the opp usually open up every RAW with the same promo we have heard before, the end of the night usually ends in a stand off or fight. There are no real storylines.
The midcard doesnt have any build up or storylines at all, you just find out one day that they are having a match at the PPV.
Most matches on TV mean nothing they are just 2 random people wrestling, there are no tag teams its just guys who are put together and last for about a month.

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