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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

the fact that WWE is actually more about quantity than quality right now... its very annoying to me

Sheeee looks good to meee
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

I hate the PG era, I hate it when people say its fake when clearly its not the bumps these guys/girls take every night are brutal and have a lasting effect on them
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

WWE today, their childish bullshit, their editing of history to the way they see fit.
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

I have a few things that annoy me about the way WWE is now.

My main one is creative seemingly giving up on storylines on a whim. I realise much of this is probably down to Vince changing his mind for his bullshit reasons but you get things like the McIntyre losing streak last year that seemed to be going somewhere then just disappears. People blame PG for boring storylines but places like Chikara are doing well and if I remember correctly I think Smackdown has always been PG so it's not an excuse. Linked to this is the complete lack of any midcard storylines. I don't want to hark back to the attitude era but back then every level of wrestlers was given some time on the programme and some of my best memories are from stuff like Jericho/Regal and the E&C/Dudleys/Hardys. Now we just get the same 5 (Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus, ADR) and everyone else just seems to be filler.

Also the way they are editing history and removing the Attitude era stuff like it never happened. I know Vince thinks we all forget what happens over 3 weeks ago but the real world is very different.
With that we have the constant recaps/social media. I know what happened 20 minutes ago, I was watching it. I can understand maybe once an hour or mentioning it during the main event where they say the backstory to the match but that along with the constant Social media/Social ambassadors is just ridiculous.

Another thing is the way they can only book the cowardly heels. Punk has been going on about respect for ages and when he was a face he was willing to take on all challengers. As soon as he turns heel he runs away from challenges. There are other types of heels!
And this one is a minor gripe for me but since Cena has been wearing pink for the cancer awareness Ziggler/Sandow aren't wearing the usual pink attire. Is cancer awareness support exclusively a face thing?

Oh, and if I hear Cole say 'patented' one more time I might have a breakdown.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

This G rated crap they have now.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

I pretty much hate nothing about wrestling. No wrestler, fan, gimmick, event, idea, show, etc. It doesn't all entertain me, but I think every single moment of a wrestling show has the potential to either, show me something I've yet to see, or bring me back to a memory with nostalgia. Even Eric Bischoff has been amusing from time to time, and he's as close to my least favorite person in wrestling history as anyone will ever be.

I hate that WCW and ECW went bankrupt, and that no one will ever be true competition for Vince, but other than that? HOOOOOOOOOOORAY Wrestling!

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The Irish Rapist
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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

The unfairness of the business. How many wrestlers are great but just don't "click" and get pushed because they are not there at the right time and aren't given the opportunities? How many wrestlers risk their lives and are disrespected for some marky fan who thinks he is the center of the world and has the right to disrespect a wrestler? (not referring to general fan interactions). How many wrestlers suffer a major injury or even die during a match? How many kids mark out and get hurt by trying to impress their favorite wrestler? How many wrestling fans (mark/smark/all kind) are misjudged for being a fan? How many wrestlers dedicate their life to wrestling, are in the road all year, get hurt frequently and when they end their career, due to injuries or age, can't find anything else in their lives because they dedicated every second to the business? How many kids are away from their parents because of the business? How many parents are away from their kids because of the business?

Bad storylines and gimmicks are things that I don't like, and in that case I don't watch. You guys just made me laugh.

What is it with NJPW marks invading the WWE section with non WWE related threads?

Go to your own section! The ones who care about NJPW already watch. If the others cared they would watch too, but maybe, just maybe, not everyone has the same taste and is looking for the same thing in a wrestling show.

You look like jehovah witnesses knocking on people's doors.

I don't hate New Japan, but you guys are fucking obnoxious sometimes!

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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

Things I hate? Let's see...
When people say it's fake.
Satino Marellas new personality.
John Cena.
Booker T as GM.

The Miz
Chris Jericho
Daniel Bryan
CM Punk
Zack Ryder

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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?


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Re: Things you hate about Wrestling?

Lot's of small things/inconsistencies.
One example would be the "callouts". Promo going on, blablabla, Dude, I hate you, get out of here right now. BANG PYRO MUSIC Here I am in full ring attire, wazup? It's like everybody is forced to stand behind the stage for the whole show, just in case. (Like the TNA OFN thing, when they show people coming from backstage)

Another thing would be repeated spots after botches. "O no, the powerbomb from the top rope didn't break all the three tables, come on buddy, jump up, we need to do it again" or "Oh no, you missed your cue, now were all standing around like dickheads, crawl back under the ring and we will do the chasing again, and you act surprised when he trips you from under the ring"

Losing hair? Gain muscles!
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