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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Originally Posted by syrusriddick View Post
Why is it that when you are not a fan of someone you're a "hater"
Because that's the overused word of the 2010s. And look at the people who spew the word 'HATER' over and over. It's usually moronic abortions in the public eye saying it, but common folk saying it is just as bad. And when the word comes out of peoples' mouths, their IQ drops by 50 points. It's just stupid.

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Originally Posted by KO Lariat View Post
still green as shit
Not really. I understand that his style isn't what you like but he's been in the WWE system for the better part of a decade now. He was still rather green about three years ago. Not so green these days. And he can work longer matches than what he's worked as Ryback. Of course, he's not going to dazzle anything with his technical ability but that isn't important in terms of getting him over, quite obviously.

Originally Posted by AngryPhil View Post
its been said a million times...anyone can do that gimmick! Is he over? Yeah. That is by design though, put Big E. Langston in the same position and it would produce the same result.
Really? So... Dolph Ziggler could do Ryback's gimmick? Could Ted DiBiase, Jr.? The Miz? Hunico?

I don't even think John Cena could exactly do Ryback's gimmick. The closest he came was as The Prototype twelve years ago and that character never really got particularly over. Granted, his booking wasn't as grand as Ryback's but what is being missed here is that booking considerations follow strengths. You wouldn't book Sin Cara as a monstrous brute who can completely pulverize opponents, would you? By the same token, you wouldn't book Ryback as a mysterious high-flying masked "luchador." Or as a cocky, conceited and narcissistic Aryan archetypal heel with an ambitious streak like Ziggler.

Big E. Langston? I think he's a much, much better babyface big man than Ezekiel Jackson has proven to be. But he doesn't bring forth the ferocity or intensity Ryback does. He could try but I doubt it would be nearly as successful as Ryback.

It's time to face facts. Ryback is becoming a success. He's become remarkably over while feuding with Jinder Mahal. Why? Because he brings something particular, something specific to the table.

We can sit here and play the game that Wrestler X could be given the same role and succeed, but we have nothing to stand against objective reality based on audience reaction. It's like people who whined and bitched about Miz being pushed even while he was the one heel in the entire company who drew heat during much of his rise. Or that another guy could play Wade Barrett's role as the leader of Nexus in 2010.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
once they're forced to make the guy look human, thats where his character will die. It's great that he's undefeated, and has squashed guys for 5 months...but what do they do when they make Ryback look mortal by eating a loss? They cant protect him forever.

Also, anyone who is forced down our throats has been "successful"...again, let's judge the Ryback gimmick once he's had to eat a few clean losses.
I don't think wrestling really works that way, though. It is about audience connection. Sure, the moment Ryback loses, it will be a meaningful event in his career trajectory, but it hardly need be some kind of cataclysmic moment. Kozlov couldn't get ten people to care that he was alive while he was defeating The Undertaker cleanly on the Road to Wrestlemania a few years ago. Meanwhile, Ryback is getting full houses of thousands of people chanting his simple catchphrase while he beats the crap out of undercarders like Jinder Mahal.

To me, it's like any character progression or development. Sheamus was protected as a newcomer to the roster, and I believe avoided losing entirely cleanly until the Elimination Chamber match in early 2010. But he was unover, really, until after taking that loss: indeed, it was in the act of losing that the first majorly significant shreds of character development came to exist (the entire feud with Triple H), and that is what got him truly over.

Considering how over Ryback is already, I think the future for him looks bright. He hasn't even turned the corner in character development in the way I just described with Sheamus, and he's already doing spectacularly well (grading on a curve because of the level at which he's been working thus far) doing what he is doing.

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

ryback is garbage

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

I'll get on the bandwagon once he beats someone above the lower-mid card level.

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

I just want to see Ryback beat more and more people. I don't give a fuck. I just wanna see some smash mouth brutal force. High impact moves. I don't need to see much more from Ryback, he satifies that aspect of what I look for in pro wrestling.

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

The Ryback hate makes me lol so hard. If people genuinely don't like him or don't find him entertaining that's fine. But people hating on him for being big and getting a push is ridiculous and petty.
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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Ryback is awesome.

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Went into the RAW thread and seen people saying AGAIN that his 'Feed Me More' chants are piped in. Jeez, have anyone ever heard from people that go to these shows and say the chants we heard over hte TV were piped in? No. That's because they aren't. Someone in the RAW thread last night even got an email/text from someone inside the arena and they said the chants were real and loud as fuck.

Get over it. Some people just can't come to terms that he's over and he's getting more and more over.
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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Ryback makes fun to watch. But WWE should show jobber matches at PPVs.

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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.



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