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WWE's Champions and Their Title Defenses

Hello all - this is a little thing I came up with (my idea ). Lately I've been thinking of the current state of champions and it's pretty diverse. Some great champions like Punk and some horrile ones like...Santino. I notice that some chmps always defend their strap and others don't, so I thought I'd see how long each champ has held their belt and how many defenses they've had. Defenses make the belt look much more valuable in effect IMO. I'll also be including how many days they've held the belt as of July 27th and how many of their title defenses were pre-announced and how many were just random. Obviously I'll say who they've defended their belt against. I'm hoping this will spark some interesting duscussion. Also, all though some reigns have better stats than others, this is by no means a way for me to show how great X or Y wrestlers is, this is done from an unbiased standpoint lol. **Make sure to correct me in a post/PM if I'm off on something and als, I won't be including the Miz for obvious reasons.**

1) WWE Champion CM Punk
Days as WWE Champion: 250
Title Defenses: 14 (1x vs. Alberto Del Rio, 1x TLC, 2x Dolph Ziggler, 1x Elimination Chamber, 3x Mark Henry, 2x Chris Jericho, 2x Daniel Bryan, 1x Kane, 1x Daniel Bryan/Kane)
Announced Defenses: 13 (all but 1x vs. Henry)
Average: 1 defense per 18 days (approx).
-Obviously Punk has defended his title a lot, which I like. Announced matches/PPV quality are great, and even more than what I expect from a WWE champion.

2) United States Champion Santino Marella
Days as US Champion: 144
Title Defenses:5 (2x vs. Jack Swagger, 1x vs. Swagger and Ziggler, 1x vs. The Miz, 1x vs. Otunga)
Announced Defenses: 1 (vs. Miz)
Average: 1 Defense per 29 days
-Horrible run. No fueds whatsoever, no real defenses that even went more than 5-7 minutes. SHH. Retire this belt.

3) World Champion Sheamus
Days as World Champion: 117
Title Defenses: 5 (1x vs. Ziggler, vs. 1x Alberto Del Rio, vs. Orton/Jericho/ADR, 1x vs. Daniel Bryan, 1x vs. Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler
Announced Defenses: 5 (all)
Average: 1 Defense per 23 Days
-Somewhat surpriseingly, great run from Sheamus so far. This is not even to mention great matches with Henry, Orton, Ziggler and Jericho in addition.

**The next two belts are kind of irrelevant so I'll do them a little quicker**

4) Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth
Days as Champs: ~ 90
Title Defenses: 3
Announced Defenses: 2 (1 Random vs. ZigSwag)
Average: 1 x 30 days
-Decent, if uneventful reign. The championships are somewhat relevant, which is more than you could say before, so a decent run I guess.

5) Diva's Champion Layla
Days as Champion: 89 (90 for rounding purposes)
Defenses: 2
Announced Defenses: 1
Average: 1 defense per 45 days
-Dat ass.

-So, there you have it. What I gather from this is that Santino and his run are a joke, so is RAW's midcard. Punk has had a lot of great matches, Sheamus has done surprisingly well. The most alarming thing I gather from this is that there are only 3 relevant belts - the two World Titles and the IC strap. IMO, this goes a long way in showing how WWE treats their championships and how well each reign is going. So what do you gather from this? How do you like each champions reign? What should WWE do different? Really just any discussion can go. Discuss.

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4. Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton - ***3/4
5. Daniel Bryan vs. Christian - ***1/4
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Re: WWE's Champions and Their Title Defenses

And the Miz is averaging 1 title defense per day as champ! AWESOME!


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Re: WWE's Champions and Their Title Defenses

I forgot Layla was divas champ.Santino reign is just awful as well amazing that just one of his matches was announced.

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Re: WWE's Champions and Their Title Defenses

US Champ Antonio Cesaro
2x Santino Marella
1x Ryder
1x Tyson Kidd ( NXT)

IC The Miz

1x Christain
1x Mysterio
1x Sin Cara, Rhodes, Mysterio

Divas Champ - Eve

No title Defenses

Daniel Bryan and Kane- Tag Champs

1x Kofi and Truth

Sheamus - WHC
1x Daniel Bryan
1x Del Rio, Orton, Jericho
1x Ziggler
1x Ziggler, Del Rio
4x Alberto Del Rio ( MITB, Smackdown, Summerslam, NOC)

WWE Champ : CM Punk
1x Del Rio
1x Del Rio, Miz
2X Ziggler
1x Elimination Chamber
2x Jericho
3x Mark Henry
2x Daniel Bryan
1x Kane
1x Kane and Daniel Bryan
2x John Cena
1x John Cena and Big Show

Not Removing Until

A.J is removed from Raw General Manager {X October 22,2012 A.J Resigns }

Zack Ryder wins another championship { }

Dolph Ziggler Main Events A Pay Per View {TLC 2012 }

Sheamus Loses the title { X Hell In A Cell 2012}

Ryback Loses {X Hell In A Cell 2012}

John Cena does not main event a pay per view { X Hell In A Cell 2012 }

Made these in October 6th, 2012
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Re: WWE's Champions and Their Title Defenses

Santino and Layla both had horrible reigns, completely irrelevant and superfluous. Some of these other reigns, however, have been solid since Wrestlemania.

In the case of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, at least the division underneath them slowly but surely "grew" as their reign progressed.

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Re: WWE's Champions and Their Title Defenses

Has The Miz gotten a feud yet? All his title defenses (except Christian's re-match) has been random

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