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Re: Wrestler name changes.

Duke Rotundo/Husky Harris/Bray Wyatt

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Re: Wrestler name changes.

The Caddy/Nicky/Dolph Ziggler
Edgehead A/Curt Hawkins*
Edgehead B/Zack Ryder*
Idol Stevens/D. Sandow
Skip Sheffield/Ryback
Kofi Kingston (from Jamaica)/Kofi Kingston (from Ghana)
Kenny/Kenny Dykstra
Johnny Blaze/Johnny Spade/Johnny Nitro/John Morrison
Eve Torres/Hoeski/Eve Torres
Mordecai/Kevin Thorn
Goldust/TAFKA Goldust/Dustin Rhodes/Goldust
Godfather/Goodfather (/Papa Shango, but that was before '97 iirc)
Hollywood Hogan/Hulk Hogan/Mr. America/Terry Bollea (for a short time period in WCW)
The Giant/The Big Show
Bull Buchanon (spelling?)/B-Square
All kinds of Stevie Richards name variations
Chavo Guerrero/Kerwin White/Mexican Jobber Chavo
"Sin Cara"/Black Sin Cara/Hunico
Brian Kendrick/Spanky/The Brian Kendrick
Prince Albert/Albert/A-Train/Lord Tensai/Tensai
Brian Christopher/Grand Master Sexay
Hurricane/Hurricane Helms/Gregory Helms

* both were known also as Majors Brothers, Brett and Brian but that lasted very shortly

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Re: Wrestler name changes.

Owen Hart/Blue Blazer
Road Dogg/BG James
Billy Gunn/Kip James
K-Kwik/Ron Killings/R-Truth
Elijah Burke/The Pope
Katie Lea/Winter
Danny Basham/Rellik
Chief Morley/Val Venis
Jay Lethal/Hydro
Johnny Polo/Raven
Hardcore Hak/Sandman
Little Guido/Nunzio
Dean Douglas/Shane Douglas

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Re: Wrestler name changes.

The Ring-master / Stone cold steve austin

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Re: Wrestler name changes.

If there are any not covered in other's replies, you could always look the wrestler up on wikipedia, it will list their other ring names.
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Re: Wrestler name changes.

Shawn Michaels/Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
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Re: Wrestler name changes.

Mabel - Viscera - Big Daddy V

I accept rep.

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