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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I watched Batista/Eddie again tonight and after bashing it so much the first time, I actually liked it a lot this time around. Not because the match had so much awesome wrestling, but because of the story of the match.

Match starts of with Batista overpowering Eddie in everything they do, then Eddie gets the upper hand when he uses the ropes and hits the frog splash on Batista's back. After that move Eddie just attacks Batista's back, trying to injure him enough so he cant do his big power moves. During this whole time there is another story happening. Eddie ends up getting a couple of chances to cheat by using a steel chair, and exposing the steel turnbuckle, but you can see him struggling because he is trying to change from his old ways. Towards the end of the match Batista makes a comeback and tries to do the Batista Bomb on Eddie, but his back is too injured so he fails. Eddie tries to do a frog splash, Batista moves out of the way and ends up hitting a spinebuster for a quick 3 count. Loved both of the stories of the match. ***1/4 in my opinion.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

^Only seen it the one time, myself. Probably gonna have to give it another chance too. Whenever I get a copy of No Mercy 2005.

Rise & Fall of WCW - Disc 1:

1) NWA 6/15/85 - 10 Minute $1,000 Challenge
Ric Flair vs Magnum TA ~ ****

2) NWA The Main Event 4/3/88
Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, & Tully Blanchard vs Barry Windham, Sting, & Lex Luger ~ ****

3) The Great American Bash 1988 - NWA United States Championship
Barry Windham(c) vs Dusty Rhodes ~ ***3/4

4) Chi-Town Rumble - NWA World Championship
Ric Flair(c) vs Ricky Steamboat ~ *****

5) Wrestle War 1990
Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) vs Rock N' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) ~ ****3/4

6) The Great American Bash 1990 - NWA United States Tag Team Championship
Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) vs The Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) ~ *****

7) Superbrawl - WCW Tag Team Championship
Scott Steiner & Rick Steiner vs Sting & Lex Luger ~ ***3/4

8) The Great American Bash 1992 - WCW World Championship
Sting(c) vs Vader ~ ****

9) Spring Stampede 1994 - WCW International World Championship
Rick Rude(c) vs Sting ~ *1/2

10) Bash at the Beach 1994 - WCW World Championship
Ric Flair(c) vs Hulk Hogan ~ ***3/4

~ So ignoring the one less than stellar contest in Sting vs Rude, this disc is chalk full of UNBELIEVABLE matches. Buy it now. Price is irrelevant and it should be at a lower price most places since it was released back in 2009. It was well worth 20 bucks then and it's a steal at any price below now. Combined with a decent second disc full of latter WCW matches and a solid documentary, you have to own it.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Anyone else watched the new LOW: Roundtable yet? Its the History of Raw edition, with Mene Gene, JR, Patterson, Hayes and Road Dogg. Basically seems more like a "best of the AE Raw, with some other era stuff mentioned here and there" thrown out to aid as marketing for the upcoming Attitude Era set lol. I still enjoyed it though, always like the Roundtable shows.
I watched it the other day when it was first put On Demand. I always find some enjoy the discussions they have. JR was right on when he talked about WWE were forced into "a sense of urgency" as far as being creative and took risks. The federation really challenged themselves to make the most watchable product possible and some of that was lost when the Attitude Era ended and WCW was bought by McMahon. The discussion was Attitude Era heavy and I sense WWE will continue with more AE productions now that they don't have to edit & blur WWF anymore. The sales for the AE DVD will really indicate how much more focus we will see on DVDs for this period. WCW and ECW DVDs must be very profitable since they keep producing them.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Watching those '96 RAWs will show why they were losing. The 2 hour time slot wasn't the only obvious killer for the WWF to compete against, but the overall nature of the rival. RAW is fun to watch from a nostalgia standpoint, but they really couldn't compare to the product that WCW was unleashing at the time w/Nitro. "Younger" main event talent or not. It was a no contest. The Attitude Era was the best gamble they could try. Simply because it gave them their edge. As it showed, WWF w/an edge was able to demolish and eventually run away with the victory.

That + the obvious in which WCW's booking didn't flourish in a different direction when it should have during the time WWF was getting traction. They latched onto the nWo storyline WAY too long. Neglected the players that could have helped them, at least, remain on an even level w/WWF circa '98 & beyond.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Holy shit. I just realized the Attitude Era logos aren't blurred and WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION wasn't edited in the nWo DVD! This is so fucking exciting.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Well I rocked some WWF in 1995 so why not some WCW in that same year? Here we go:

WCW Saturday Night 4/8/95
The Bluebloods (Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton) vs Red Tyler and Melvin Hagler ~ SQUASH

WCW Saturday Night 4/15/95
Vader & Arn Anderson vs Stars & Stripes (The Patriot & Marcus Bagwell) ~ ****1/4

WCW World War 3 1995
Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto vs Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki ~ ****

WCW World War 3 1995 - WCW United States Championship
Kensuke Sasaki(c) vs Chris Benoit ~ ***1/2

I'm pretty burnt out atm so to make up for any proper reviews on the matches I'll simply feed into bullet point/quips...

~ Bluebloods match = squash. A damn fun one too. Only about 2 minutes but their easy disposal of the jobbers was magical. Had to see their debut when I found it. The video of Regal transforming Eaton from Alabama country boy to proper & pristine "Earl" Robert was probably my favorite segment from the 90's that didn't include The Undertaker or Mick Foley. It's that spectacular.

~ Saturday Night Tag was FUN FUN FUN. Blast of a match. Great southern dynamic. Surprise to me that Patriot was the FIP for the match. I thought that screamed Bagwell. Big thanks to Segunda Caida for name dropping this. Never even knew it existed till he did. I could see that being my favorite WCW '95 match too.

~ Joshi tag was grand. Some of the transitions in the early portion were a tad wild. Easily forgiven. Joshi matches are so legit when it's the dainty, petite dames vs the monster types. No exception here. Coincidence that WCW & WWF had Joshi tags on their PPVs in the month of November during 1995? I think not. Glad they did it though. WCW's proved to be the stronger. Advantage was that they didn't have to work with 4 other women and be in a elimination style match for 9 minutes.

~ Benoit vs Sasuke was really good puro style bout. Fitting since Sasaki is Japanese and Benoit has plenty of work in that style. Ground game established early on. Fine wrestling work with the eventual lead into a nice mini finishing stretch. LARIAT by Sasaki rocked. GLORIOUS flying headbutt by Crippler in this one too.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Finally watched the Jake 'The Snake' Roberts - Pick Your Poison DVD yestaerday, really compelling doc, learnt
alot about Roberts, always a fave of mine as a kid, when i watched him back in the day i obviously had no idea
of some of the shit he went/was/possibly still is going through,

He was such a legend in promos and on the mic, bloddy brilliant, loved his alliance with The Undertaker (was interesting
to hear Jake talk about their WM match and how it could have not hapened), also his fued with the Ultimate Warrior -
with that fued Jake talked about the blowoff match at Summerslam and it never happebed as the Warrior demanding money shit, but
forgive my memoey but was that Summerslam? (i thought Warrior did that at SS92)

Also, people talk about The Oustiders/NWO and how they entered WCW, but when Jake entered was the same,
only before any of the NWO shit happened, when Jake left WWF, came through the crowd at WCW, dressed in normal clothes,
leather jacket and all, and straight attacked Sting - marvellous, everyone too of course knew who Roberts was.

Long post for me lol but i always love revisiting the wrestling from when i was a kid, also reminded me of his fued
with Savage, the snake bit, the attack at Savage/Elizabeth's reception (i think) and when The Undertaker 'turned' on
Jake to help Savage.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Jake set is a favourite of mine. Tremendous documentary. Really helps explain why Jake is so fucked up. Kinda like Scott Hall (he shot and killed someone); shit happened to them when they were younger and unfortunately its stuck with them and ruined their lives.

Matches on the Jake set can be hit and miss, but there are some solid and fun matches from his early career, and a personal favourite of mine from SMW against the Dirty White Boy in one of the better examples of Jake being a master of ring psychology. Sting match is garbage though, as is the ECW match.

Promos on the set are . Some great stuff, as well as the Ultimate Warrior vignettes which are awesome.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
Maybe I'll get on one, or both if possible, of their house show affairs. I have all of their other televised matches in my collection so at least I got a bite on the legendary series.

Don't know why my memory is clouded, but I don't even remember a brief departure for Steamboat that caused him to return in '91. Then again it seemed like he faded away following WrestleWar '89. Either way, I'm gonna look for ALL of those tags and see if I can luck out on dailymotion (or youtube) and watch them. Seen all of those stellar Dangerous Alliance tags so giving them another go around is gonna rock.

Toss in the Vader/Rhodes matches to ones I want to find too. I know I've seen one of those. Not both however. Think it was the '92 over the '94. So if the rematch is even stronger then yeah, I have to witness it. Loved all the Vader vs Sting matches. No doubt. That chemistry, wonderful.

Speaking of top WCW matches, where do you have Malenko vs Dragon from Starrcade '96? Say what you will about Dean's dull tendencies, but damn I might have to go out on limb and claim that to be his best match in the whole of his tenure. Probably my favorite opener from a WCW PPV too. And it didn't even make the top 25 matches on the Starrcade DVD set brought out by WWE. AHHHHHH.
Yeah I can't remember exactly if Steamboat was gone for a while, but I recall them selling it like he'd returned, especially with how freaked out Arn was that Steamboat was back. Maybe it was a mini hiatus or maybe as you said this was one of the first prominent matches he'd been in since '89, here's the match anyways:

Steamboat/Rhodes vs Arn/Zbyszko :

Dustin Rhodes vs Vader (Saturday Night 11/21/92) :

Dustin Rhodes vs Vader (COTC XXIX 11/16/94) :

Had the '94 match as my #30 in WCW history, but truth be told it would be closer to top 10 these days having rewatched it. Just an amazing underdog babyface performance from Rhodes complimented by Vader delivering as the ruthless monster, but with the added benefit of Rhodes being big enough to hurt Vader and them teasing and building to that moment in beautiful fashion.

Assuming I'm not confusing it with another match they had, Malenko/Ultimo really surprised me and ended up making my final list which did shock me considering I don't think much of either guy as a worker. Having just checked it made my #85. Think there were other matches worked closer to my preferred style which is why I kept it that low, because its certainly a good match but given what WCW was putting out from 89-94 in particular most of my list was dominated by those years and the endless tags and singles matches of absolute quality.

Speaking of further underrated tags, Faces of Fear vs Jericho and Eddie from Nitro 2/24/97 is another gem:

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Steamboat toured around in 90 and joined WWF in 91. The 11/91 Clash was his WCW return.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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