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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

There's a really great Dreamer/Regal match from ECW in late 09. Dreamer took a stiff cane shot the week before and has his shoulder taped up and Regal's just a disgusting fuck towards the injury and puts in arguably one of his most vicious performances. Dreamer is also fucking great selling the injury at every opportunity and making you believe every punch and bit of offence he's able to muster is taking up all his energy..and the finish is suitably great in being clean whilst making Regal look scummy for exploiting an injury.

EDIT: Regal/Dreamer

Swagger/Christian 2/24 is incredible, probably WWE MOTY imo and definitely better than HBK/Taker.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Wouldn't put Undertaker/HBK below Swagger/Christian, but dammit there ain't anything else from 09 that goes over the single greatest ECW match ever (including the original ECW. Come at me hardcore fucks).

Posted this elsewhere, figured I'd post it here since when I refer to "WF" I pretty much mean everyone OUTSIDE this thread lol.

Fuck me WWE. How many god damn times do I have to watch Raw or SD and see Wade Barrett Vs Randy Orton or Sheamus? Seriously, every fucking week. I like Sheamus, but Barrett is just so fucking DULL and void of any character or any redeeming characteristics. Then you have Orton who is just as dull too. Urgh. And Barrett's new finisher looks so unbelievably shitty. Argghh. Barrett came back and every week he just randomly seems to be wrestling those 2 big names, for absolutely NO REASON at all, and him winning or losing doesn't seem to mean anything because Sheamus is still feuding with Show and Orton is still feuding with Del Rio. So Barrett is just there in the middle.

So what does everything think to Show being champion atm? Ok he hasn't done anything yet, but what about just the idea of him being champ? Personally, I'm wondering if he'll finally get a title reign for the first time in his career. Despite beating people like Hogan and Flair (Savage too?) for the title in WCW, he did absolutely fuck all with it every single time he had it. He was just there so they could switch it between the likes of Hogan and Flair without either of them having to job to the other as much it seemed lol. Then he gets the title in 99 in WWF, as a substitute for Austin and with the help of McMahon. HHH and McMahon feud, Rock teams with Mankind, Undertaker and Austin are injured, Kane is busy with X-Pac, so Show feuds with Bossman and Albert and then drops the belt to HHH when he's done with McMahon. Then he gets the title in 02, beats LESNAR of all people for it with the help of Heyman. Then a month later he drops it to Angle and Heyman randomly joins Angle and Show continues to feud with Lesnar and Undertaker while never seeing the title again until last year and he drops it in 45 seconds or whatever lol.

At least he got that ECW title run that was awesome, but yeah, that wasn't exactly a world title despite wrestling Flair, Undertaker and Kane on TV etc. So for me personally I think he does kinda deserve a decent run with a REAL world title. If you go by WF's opinions on the guy, he's hugely underrated as a performer and wrestler and if it keeps someone like Wade "Dull as shit" Barrett away from the title that little bit longer then I say let the big guy run with it for a while. Everyone keeps saying Ziggler needs to cash in now or whatever, but the guy has until JULY to cash in. FUCKING JULY. 8 MONTHS. If they put some sodding effort into him he could be built up huge in that time and make his title win mean something, and actually give him a decent reign too.

So in other words, Sheamus is winning the belt back at SS and Ziggler is cashing in, then losing the belt at TLC.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm digging Show's badass character, The promo he cut after winning the belt was a really strong promo built on seemingly legit emotion whilst still being able to cut a verbally intimidating promo to the rest of the roster. I feel like they're trying to replicate Henry's push from last year, i.e the seemingly unstoppable giant running riot over everyone, and whilst Henry is better than Show there's still great potential in this reign. Show worked his arse off at HIAC in the match and if he wrestles with that sort of motivation rather than going through the motions we should get some really fun David vs Goliath matches depending on how long he remains as champ. Rumoured idea of Ryback pinning him for the belt doesn't irritate me, I'd sooner see Punk be in the WWE Title picture ahead of Ryback and at least this way they have a chance to make Ryback and his first title victory legit and important.

Basically Show isn't better than Henry who I'd rather see work a Monster Champ heel run than anyone else on the roster, but when he's motivated he's a damn good worker and should produce some good matches.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Speaking of Henry, when the FUCK is he coming back? Would love to see another match between the two with Show now being all badass heel too. Keep Henry badass and not some smiling babyface and it could be awesome.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I asked that question last night. Friend of mine told me he's rehabing, getting into shape to make sure his body can sustain another run. It's even been said that he's dropped weight too. A leaner Mark Henry = a meaner Mark Henry. That's something I'm ALLLLLL for.

I'll give that Regal/Dreamer bout a watch when I get to it. Which will probably be tomorrow.Believe that was the #1 contender's match to set up Christian/Regal @ Summerslam aka the start of their program. I need to crash atm. Figures I stop when preparing to watch one of my favorite matches of the year, Finlay vs David Hart Smith. Tomorrow should rule. Finlay vs DH Smith, Christian vs DH Smith, Christian vs Kidd, and start of the New Superstar Inititive ECW. Can't wait.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I tried watching that Dreamer/Regal match, but the quality is dog shit . I need to get me some WWEECW on disc lol.

Regal/Christian in November is for me. Was there live.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Regal/Christian in November is for me. Was there live.
I had to re-watch this after you mentioned it.

Christian vs. Regal just felt important as both men made their entrances to the ring. I really enjoyed this long, grueling and physical wrestling match they pieced together. I love watching Regal masterfully use his mat work and submissions on Christian. Both men sold well throughout the entire battle especially Christian's babyface in peril segment. There were loads of counters and near falls in this main event like we see in most big matches in WWE yet this one didn't feel contrived because of the physicality nor a rehash because of the technical style they wrestled.

The counter of the match for me was when Regal went for the Knee Trembler and Christian moved out of the way only for Regal to shift his momentum in the other direction and hit him in the jaw anyway! The forearms, suplexes and stretches were all displayed by Regal who I think is still one of the best in the WWE ring today. Christian had a tough fight on his hands but he came out looking like the determined and strong champion finally knocking his biggest annoyance off his block, literally. One of the best TV matches of 2009. *** 3/4

Much gratitude to

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

With only a few weeks left until WWE celebrates the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw, I decided to review what I consider to be the Top 10 Raw shows in history. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. So let’s start with:

#10 - Raw March 2nd 1998

° Show starts with a video package about the Austin/DX/Tyson feud. You gotta love those videos. Get you really hyped for the show. After the intro and pyro, JR welcomes us and we are Live from Cleveland in the sold out Gund Arena. JR says he is joined by Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole in the first hour and that Austin, DX and Tyson will all be in the house tonight. In other words shit is about to go down.

° Right on cue “Are you Ready?” brings out DX.
• Shawn is wearing his cowboy hat which he hadn’t since his heel turn
• Hunter says tonight the Road to Wrestlemania begins
• Wrestlemania will be “X-Rated” and viewers discretion is advised but will be completely ignored (He almost dropped the F-bomb here directly in the camera but thought better of it. He did it the week before in a taped segment and I guess Vince was not pleased.)
• Says he will go through Owen like a hot knife through butter
• Hunter then presents us his weekly dick joke
• Shawn says he loves that stuff. No comment
• They will make Tyson an offer that he better not refuses or he will never forget DX
• Austin should put on dance shoes because he will hear some Sweet Chin Music tonight
• Glass shatters and Austin comes down to ringside
• Lights go out and Kanes music hits
• As the red lights go on, Austin is in the ring and DX has apparently left
• Bearer and Kane are on the ramp and Bearer says that Kane will send Austin to hell tonight
• They leave, Austin puts on a headset and says he’s going to mania to take the title, he doesn’t care about Tyson and he’s not afraid of Kane. So Austin vs Kane in the main event?!
• Very good opening segment

° Backstage Tyson arrives with his “posse” in a huge limo. Shane brings him into the arena.

° The New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring
• Dogg and Gunn wear neck braces
• Dogg still does his shtick but not as enthusiastic, he’s hurt that bad
• There’s a dumpster at ringside. Only Russo knows why
• James says they were injured last week during Foleys and Funks assault
• They pressed charges even though people might say they don’t have a case; well wrong they are
• Dogg starts crying; Awesome!
• They have a wrestlers, no excuse him, a doctors excuse so they can’t wrestle tonight
• Commissioner Slaughter appears on the tron and orders them to defend the titles, wait but they have a wrestlers, I mean a doctors excuse. Russo what’s going on here?
• DOA come out on their motorcycles, seems like that’s our match
• A few minutes in and Foley and Funk jump out of the dumpster, Outlaws escape
• That was weird at least Dogg was entertaining

° Video package of Sable & Mero vs Luna & Goldust

° Marc Mero and Sable are out
• Huge ovation for Sable, so Mero sends her to the back, tons of boos
• His opponent: Tom Brandy
• Luna interferes and Mero finishes Brandy with the TKO
• Luna kisses Mero; da Fuck?
• Goldust storms out, and attacks Mero along with Luna, that was a set-up
• Sable makes the save and attacks Luna, huge pop
• Luna & Goldie leave
• Crowd chants “Sable” as she shoves down Mero, he gets up and leaves

° Pete Rose will be at Mania

° Sirens signal Owen Hart is next, this theme was great
• Unlike the theme of his opponent, Mark Henry
• Commissioner Chin is out to ban the rest of NOD from ringside
• Even better than his music, is Owens in-ring work of course. He was the best wrestler to never hold a major world title. Period
• And even worse than his entrance music is Henrys in-ring work
• Chyna is out
• Sign: “Chyna will you marry me?”
• Owen applies the Sharpshooter, chyna distracts him
• She throws Owen right in a bearhug by Henry
• As Owen is fading she enters and hits a low-blow on Henry
• Henry gets the DQ-win
• Cole wants to know why Chyna did what she did, but I was not able to understand one solitary word she was saying
• Owen got a decent TV match out of Henry. Finish was a classic Russo swerve. Chyna costs Owen the match but then also attacks Henry to give him the DQ-victory. Now if all she wanted was Owen losing then why interfere in Henrys bearhug?!

° Okay next, oh no not the Headbangers. They tag with Taka Michinoku
• Their opponents. The NWA, no not Cube, Dre and Ren (that was stupid)
• The three members here are the Rockers, no excuse me they just stole their theme, it’s the Rock’n’Roll express and Barry Windham
• Although I would have loved to see Cornette jogging to the ring ala Marty and Shawn
• Taka calls Cornette a Jackass. Seriously that was the highlight of this segment!
• Taka hits his huge Springboard as Thrasher hits Gibson with Cornettes tennis racket for the win

° Second hour starts, this is the Warzone now and JR and King are our commentators now

° McMahon is in the ring
• You can barely see him with all the signs in the crowd
• Very loud boos Vince has legitimate heat on him
• Doesn’t get any better when he asks fans to welcome and gets much worse when he then asks for a warm “Cleveland” welcome for the “baddest Man on the planet” “Iron” Mike Tyson
• Vince wants the fans to show some respect, you know what that means
• Before Tyson can say anything, DX music hits and they make their way down the aisle
• About a hundred guys are now in the ring: DX, WWF officials and Tyson with his entourage
• HBK says he is not Steve Austin, he won’t disrespect Tyson
• He is calling him out man to man right here right now
• Tyson says “Lets do it”
• They get everybody out of the ring until it’s only HBK and Tyson
• Crowd is eating it up
• They exchange words, HBK grabs Tyson “WWF attitude” shirt as Tyson dares him to throw a punch
• HBK then rips Tysons shirt off to reveal a DX shirt
• Crowd is stunned, they don’t know whether to boo, cheer or just go apeshit. It’s something inbetween
• They crotch chop Vince who does not like what he’s seeing
• Awesome segment, Tyson is my favourite celeb ever in wrestling. He understands his character and knows exactly what and how to do it. He’s a natural sports-entertainer.

° Knowing they could not follow that up, next out is Steve Blackman
• His opponent Kama brings out the Nation and Chin bans them again
• This will probably be 99% kicks and more importantly 99% of the crowd won’t care
• Nation comes out (where are the officials now?) and attack Steve
• Shamrock is out for the save, handshake between the two faces

° Colonel Robert Parker is in the ring
• He introduces Double J Jeff Jarrett, that’s J-e-double f j-a-double r-e double t
• Jarrett is back with his old gimmick with the hat and those flashy clothes
• As ridiculous as he looked back in 94 with it, it’s even worse in 98, a lot worse
• He says he left the NWA because only one man was big enough to promote him
• And that man was Tennessee Lee, that’s T-e-double n-e-double s-double e l-double e
• He wrestles Flash Funk tonight, the most underrated performer on the roster
• Lee interferes and Jarrett wins with the Figure 4
• Only good thing here was the commentary. Every time JR said Jarretts or Lees name, Lawler would spell the name. By the second time, JR had enough already. Hilarious!

° Jennifer Flowers will be at Mania
• She did nothing to be ashamed of

° Cole is in the parking lot waiting for DX as they were about to leave. Why Cole knew that, I don’t know. He interviews Tyson who says he will knock Austin out or something like that.

° Video tells us about the history of the LOD and their split, that lasted about 4 weeks

° Main event time
• Kane comes out first
• Austin is next, but gets distracted by Hunter on the stage, he turns around to walk right into sweet Chin Music. He did not have his dance shoes on
• They taunt him
• Few minutes later Austin gets up and walks backstage obviously looking for DX
• Kane is still in the ring after a break
• Bearer tells kane to get the bell
• As Kane does that, he attacks a “fan”. I hate those staged fan attacks in pro wrestling
• Kane brings not only the bell but the timekeeper as well
• Bearer wants him to ring the bell 10 times out of “respect” for the Undertaker
• Mark Yeaton does exactly that
• He gets a Chokeslam/Tombstone combo for his trouble
• Bearer says Kane has one Tombstone left, somebody should step up
• Lights go out
• We hear 10 gongs, crowd pops
• Takers music hits, crowd pops even louder
• Suddenly, a lightning bolt strucks a casket standing on the ramp
• Taker is lying there and sits up, Crowd pops like crazy
• “Welcome to Hell” Taker says
• Taker says he will walk straight through the fire of hell to face Kane
• He literally does that because Kane sets the stage on fire. That looked cool
• Kane will “rest in peace”, crowd screams along
• Raw goes off the air
• Fantastic segment

That was one hell of a show. Some stupid things here and there. But the key segments all delivered big time. More importantly than that, this show did exactly what a weekly wrestling TV show is supposed to do. Make people tune in and buy the next PPV.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

See, now I'm SOOOO tempted to watch that atm. But, I'm gonna wait. Go in order. Anticipate the rivalry more when I get a chance to revisit all of it. Lets see how strong my will power is. I've been tempted to go and watch a Punk vs Henry match from 2010 already. Remain strong, Cody. Remain strong.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Punk/Henry from 2010? Oh yeah...

Spoiler for Punk Vs Henry:

CM Punk Vs Mark Henry - ECW 05/01/2010

Punk is pretty great here. When the match starts, he mocks Henry, then when Henry moves towards him he dives at the ropes so the ref will make Henry move back . Then when he starts kicking Henry, Henry catches his leg and Punk makes his quest to get to the ropes again look like the most important thing EVER.

Henry is just Henry, not great or anything, but when he is in there with the right guy, he CAN be a pretty good brick wall type wrestler. He overpowers Punk, sending him out of the ring, but ends up going into the ring steps to give Punk his control segment.

With Henry down, Punk begins to cut off his air supply with a head scissors, while also elbowing the fuck out of his head. Its the little things like that which make so called "rest holds" so much more than just rest holds.

Henry ends up almost Hulking up, when he stops feeling the effects of Punk's kicks to his chest, and the World's Strongest Man begins his massive comeback. However, in the end its a kick to the head from Gallows followed by a kick to the head from Punk to end the comeback of Henry, and end his attempt to quality for the ECW Homecoming Finale thing.

Good stuff here. Punk kept things awesome with his facial expressions and the way he worked his holds, and Henry did exactly what he needed to do as the bigger man in the match. All came together nicely.

Rating: **1/2
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