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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I missed a bit of Sheamus/Show, and I just heard Sheamus did the White Noise on Big Show. I cant believe that if its true. Props to Sheamus.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
They went 11 minutes in a pretty average Hell In A Cell match. I don't really want to see a rematch between these two either. Maybe they do a big Survivor Series tag in three weeks where Punk takes the pin to Ryback or Cena, Punk finishes up with Cena at TLC, and whoever wins that can turn to The Rock for the Rumble in January.
11 minutes. Not bad. Could have been worse.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I would have LOL if they had a main event shorter than 10 minutes! There were no botches in the match and Ryback looked dominant in the match and the action that transpired, but I'm not interested in putting money down to see him destroy fools at the top of the card. Maybe with more time. Creative has to expand on his character (or they should) now that he has his first loss, albeit controversial.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Judgment Day 2007 was only 8 minutes, haha.

Yeah, they have room to work with on Ryback considering the way things went down. One blemish by the WWE Champion isn't gonna change anything. He's in the thick of the main event scene now. Lets see him work some more legit bouts to complete him.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I was a little surprised when I heard it only went 11 minutes. Felt around 20.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Cleavage View Post
Show/Sheamus was totally MOTN if anyone remembers the Show/Taker matches from '08 it was just two big mean beating the shit out of each other. Sure it was a little slow when show was on offense at times but that final stretch HOLY SHIT. ***3/4 - **** I can't wait the watch this again.
Yeah, exactly. I was tired and distracted and not very into the match at all; I was gonna only listen in to Show/Sheam but then my box turned itself off and I was going to turn it on and not watch again, but that finishing stretch...

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Sheamus/Big Show **** - Great match,MOTN.
Ryback/Punk *** - Nothing great here but it was a fun match.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Review

Quick Thoughts: I enjoyed this show more than others; the show flowed well and most of the matches didn't drag. Card was consistent and you got a fantastic title match in Show/Sheamus.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio- ***1/2
Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars- **1/4
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz- ***
Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel- **
Rey Mysterio Jr. & Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Players- **
Sheamus vs. Big Show- ****
Eve vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn- **3/4
CM Punk vs. Ryback- ***

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Orton/Del Rio - ***1/2
Kane/Bryan vs Rhodes Scholars - **3/4
Kofi/Miz - ***
Cesaro/Gabriel - *** (really liked this)

Good start to the show, didn't see the rest. Can't say I'm pleased with how Punk/Ryback sounds but I wasn't expecting much from THE RYBACK.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


Non-match factors

The crowd was DEAD. However for many of the matches I do not blame them. I thought they would at least come alive for the main event and WHC match though. The crowd took quite a bit away from this PPV

Commentary was great tonight, JBL and JR bringing it as always.

Randy Orton VS Alberto Del Rio- ***1/4

Good opening match. It gave a solid start to the PPV. Del Rio seems to be teetering on good/decent matches these days. Orton still puts on great matches. Neither of these men have exhibited excellent or MOTYCs yet. However this went as expected. The random botch where Del Rio jumped from the ropes doing nothing in the process really killed momentum and flow though. The ending was nice, on the replay it still looked nice.

Team Hell No! VS Rhodes Scholars- ***1/4

Good opener followed by a good seconder. I really enjoyed this as a fun match and the end was good. Both teams looked strong and it creates a hook for a rematch at Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston VS The Miz- ***

Not that great a match. I would easily define this match off the bat as being, well, average. Miz showed a calculated side with the pad/gear spot. The starting sequences with speed were the best of this match though. Watchable.

Antonio Cesaro VS Justin Gabriel -**

Poor to sum up. Very bad flow and absolutely dead commentary and crowd(outside of the Swiss-Death uppercut spot). Very short, which is both good and bad in this case. Cesaro still doesn't click with me, so this rating is probably different to other peoples.

Prime Time Players VS Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio- **3/4

The best part of this was the crowd dancing during PTP entrance. It was an alright match with nothing memorable outside of Sin Cara's spot...which he botched.

Big Show VS Sheamus- ****

Match of the night by a distance. This is where Big Show actually shows(no pun intended here) his worth. When mixed with another smaller brawler, like Sheamus(who I believe is bashed far too much on his ringwork) and he works well. The build for this match was all based on the finishers. Both men kicked out of each others(holy shit at Big Show kicking out of the Brogue Kick, Rock316AE and I said weeks back it would be a moment when someone did kick out and it was!). Equally crazy to see Sheamus kick-out of the WMD. The end was great and shocking winner.

Layla VS Eve Torres VS Kaitlyn- N/A

No rating. Did not care for or watch this.

CM Punk VS RyBack- ***

This match was fun to watch. Both men had their roles psychologically down to a T. Punk who is much smaller than RyBack would not believably take him head on. Especially as a heel. His "scouting" and eventual opportune strikes/assaults worked well and gave an old-school heel feel to Punk. RyBack just played the destructor in this and totally tried to power through the match. I found the actual flow and rythm of the match to be rather offsetting though. It also had NO, and I mean NO need to be in the Cell(outside of the random ending spot). The actual ending was OK but a bit goofy.


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