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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah1993 beat me to the punch there, but aye that match is just incredible. Finlay is just oh so brilliant working over the leg, but Hardy's selling may actually eclipse him. There's been some monumentally awesome selljobs in WWE over the years but this stands out personally as the best, its up there with Kawada levels of selling on a couple of occasions, and Matt's Fujiwara esque bump off a stiff Finlay forearm is also majestic. I would take one of the Cena/Michaels matches over it (maybe both but I could see the Finlay/Hardy match edging one out as a personal favourite) and Cena/Umaga is just presented in such a violent and spectacular way that I'd probably have it higher. Cena's performance is outstanding but even though Finlay/Hardy bell to bell might be better (i.e the finish of Cena/Umaga being divisive and some brilliant unique touches in Hardy/Finlay) there's just something in the atmosphere, presentation and spectacle that was Cena/Umaga.

I do think Hardy/Finlay is better than any of the Batista/Taker matches however. Its just more my style of wrestling and I can't think of Taker or Batista putting in better performances in any of their matches than Finlay & Hardy did.

Here's my review of it anyway:

Matt Hardy vs Finlay - (WWE Smackdown 06/22/2007)

Tremendous, tremendous match which right now could end up as high as my top 50, I loved it that much. Hardy might be one of the most underrated workers of the decade at least in the WWE because people either remember him for his Hardy Boyz days or his supposed mental breakdown in recent years, but in 2006-2008 especially he was having regularly good-great matches with a variety of opponents and he's in no way carried by Finlay here. There's some great little character moments here that you come to expect in Finlay matches, things like them struggling to force a break in a lock-up in the corner and Finlay trying to intimidate Hardy who motions him to 'bring it on', just really set the stage for what was to occur. Finlay throws a couple of vicious World of Sport esque forearms when Hardy goes for consecutive arm wringers, and Hardy's sell of the first one was Fujiwara esque: just collapses and stumbles into the ropes like his legs have just crumbled beneath him. Match really takes off however when Hardy gets yanked off the tope rope and lands awkwardly on his knee, which Cole and JBL point out took 10 months off of his career in 2004. Finlay is meticulous and devastating on offence with a variety of unique takedowns and submissions targeting the leg, but Hardy's selling is legit one of the finest selling performances I've seen in this time period. He just constantly hobbles and barely puts any pressure on the left leg, there's this one super moment where he goes to clothesline Finlay and essentially just collapses into him as he attempts to move a couple of yards. Finlay's entire control segment is just incredibly engaging with him being a vicious bastard and doing various unique touches to sell his desire to cripple Hardy, stuff like him removing the knee brace and finding ways to utilise every part of the ringside area such as a nifty spot where he just launches Hardy knee first into the steps and then has this awesome forced apology to the referee. Finish is excellent with them teasing a Finlay screwjob via the shillelagh only for Hardy to catch a cocky Finlay with a sudden twist of fate for the flash victory.

Incredible selling performance from Hardy complimented by a unique and vicious workover by Finlay, both men brought the violence with some tremendous strikes (Hardy throws this AWESOME punch combo which has Finlay rocking against the ropes) and just lay the match out with some excellent character traits that develop as the match progresses. Everything you can want in a wrestling match.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Segunda Caida states it better than I ever could, you wouldn't believe how much I was marking out during that match.

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

For YEARS I always thought Randy Orton and Matt Hardy were underrated as workers especially Orton in 04-06 and Hardy in 06-07. I'm glad more people are coming around to appreciating their abilities back then.

The Hardy/Finlay match is a beauty as are most Finlay matches in that period. Back then I even marked for Finlay's matches with Lashley. I have not watched any of those matches since they aired but my dad and I really enjoyed seeing those two go at it.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I think Cena has the most impressive carry-job of Lashley at GAB 2007, but no-one managed to consistently carry Lashley and hide his weaknesses as well as Finlay did on a semi regular basis.

Finlay can be trusted to work against anyone and everyone, guy just has his act down to a tee. His entire 2006 run is my candidate for the best year a wrestler's had since 2000. Cena for most of 2007 comes close, Danielson in 2006 as ROH Champ was the only person able to come close to matching Finlay for consistency and Austin in 01 had some incredible matches and an overall fabulous character performance, but week to week Finlay was just going on a tear. He also has the 3 Benoit matches from 06, the 07 Hardy match and the Undertaker match from Smackdown Cal really loved as top tier matches as well as his general consistent output of good-very good TV matches.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Finlay's made one minute squashes that were used to get Hornswoggle over fun. He can do no wrong.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Would have given Benoit/Finlay MOTY in '06 if I didn't have Danielson/KENTA at *****. Still fucking love Benoit/Finlay.

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This is my favourite section of the forum. Seriously, I'm always going through this thread looking for random matches. Going to check out that Hardy/Finlay match.

I just want to get some opinions, what's the best MITB ladder match? For me, it's SD MITB 2010. Goddamn, I really enjoyed it. One of the few if not probably the only MITB match to have some sort of psychology to it. The whole thing with the Big Show breaking every ladder he stepped on built it up so well for when it was time to bring out that big ass ladder.

I haven't seen it since but hey call me crazy I remember screaming down the place on the forum "5 stars!!" Yeah, probably overrating at the time but from what I recall it was just a beautiful match.

@Segunda, not seeing anything from Finaly and Hardy on 6/22/07

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
I think one of the Strong/Danielson matches was in 05, if Vendetta was in 05 then that's definitely another ahead of Styles/Joe. Styles/Joe is very good in its own right, but part of why I like it so much is that I can barely name 10 TNA matches I'd call 'great' due to the style, so any match they do that actually manages to make me not only think of it as good, but a contender for MOTY will always leave me impressed. Same reason I fucking love Storm/Harris Texas Death Match from Sacrifice 2007, although again I'd have a few matches over it as MOTY.

EDIT: Vendetta was on 11/5/05.

Top 10 for the year, WWE/TNA/ROH:

1. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Smackdown 6/23/05
2. Bryan Danielson vs Roderick Strong, Vendetta 11/5/05
3. Chris Benoit vs William Regal, Velocity 7/16/05
4. Batista vs HHH, Vengeance
5. Matt Hardy vs Edge, Unforgiven
6. Ric Flair vs HHH, Taboo Tuesday
7. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles, Turning Point
8. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Great American Bash
9. John Cena vs JBL, Judgement Day
10. Matt Hardy vs Edge, Summerslam

Ok, I need to check this one out. Was it really that damn good? I'm not a big Roderick Strong fan and quite frankly D-Bryan's in-ring work doesn't impress me like it does most people. I'm not denying the guy's technical abilities but to me that's not all that makes someone a great wrestler. As a matter of fact, knowledge of holds has absolutely nothing to do with being a great wrestler/worker. They're the same thing in my opinion, wrestler and worker. Cause when you're wrestling a match you're basically working.

But yeah, the names you just listed this match sounds like a blow the fucking gasket match. It sounds like a match where it starts of with some chain wrestling for the sake of chain wrestling and then it just fucking blows. It just evolves into nothing but stiff kicks and head dropping and near falls.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Top 20 Steel Cage Matches in WWE History


JBL vs Eddie Guerrero (SD 04) : *** 1/2


Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero (SD 05) : *** 1/2


JBL vs The Big Show (No Way Out 2005) : *** 1/2


Chris Jericho vs Christian (Raw 2004) : *** 1/2


The Undertaker vs Batista (Smackdown 2007) : *** 1/2


Hulk Hogan vs The Big Bossman (MSG 1989) : *** 1/2


Bob Backlund vs Stan Hansen (MSG 1981) : *** 1/2


Chris Benoit vs Edge (Raw 2004) : *** 1/2


Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior (MSG 1991) : *** 3/4


Edge vs Kurt Angle (Smackdown 2002) : *** 3/4


JBL vs Chris Benoit (Smackdown 2006) : *** 3/4


Ric Flair vs Randy Orton (Taboo Tuesday 2004) : *** 3/4


Bob Backlund vs Pat Patterson (MSG 1979) : ****


Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan (Smackdown 2011) : ****


Mankind vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Summerslam 1997) : ****


CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (Smackdown 2009) : **** 1/4


Matt Hardy vs Edge (Unforgiven 2005) : **** 1/4


Bret Hart vs Owen Hart (Summerslam 1994) : **** 1/4


Bob Backlund vs Sgt Slaughter (Philly Spectrum 1981) : **** 1/4


Triple H vs Ric Flair (Taboo Tuesday 2005) : **** 1/4

Greatest Cage Match Performer of All Time ?



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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I knew it was Pat Patterson.

Haven't seen some of the some on there, and I had no clue Savage and Warrior had a cage match in '91. I think I prefer the SNME Hogan/Bossman to the MSG one. I probably would have had a Bret Hart/Yokozuna and Hogan/Orndorff in there somewhere. Prob replace Eddie/Rey and Eddie/JBL since I've never really loved them.

Did you watch Roddy Piper v Rick Rude? I love match and totally forgot about it up until now. Also just remembered I loved Andre the Giant v Kamala too but I seemed to be alone on that.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I have a copy of Wrestlemania 28 DVD for sale, NTSC Region 1 Version, new, sealed, at a good price, 17,50 € (about 23 $ or 14 £). The price include shipping, everywhere in the world!

If Interested, send me a PM
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