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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

They should have brought back MITB for this Mania, theres too much talent being wasted in the GM vs GM.

Bryan/Sheamus & Punk/Y2J will run on for a few more months, likely to be gimmicked so people will get to see them again.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I rewatched the Punk and Jericho match and at one point I heard a small 'boring' chant LOL.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'll post my star ratings here.

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan (c) - DUD
Kane def. Randy Orton - **3/4
Intercontinental Championship: Big Show def. Cody Rhodes (c) - **
Tag Team: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly def. Beth Phoenix & Eve - *3/4
Hell in a Cell w/HBK as Special Referee: The Undertaker def. Triple H - *****
12 Man Tag Team: Team Johnny def. Team Teddy - **3/4
WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) def. Chris Jericho - ****
Once in a Lifetime: The Rock def. John Cena - ****

I'm in the minority but I'm giving The Undertaker and Triple H a full five stars here. All the factors just put it over the top, HBK's emotion, The Undertaker and Triple H's psychology and drama, JR's commentary, the story telling, it was all there and it was all unreal. I was spent after the match. It was truly an amazing match and one of my favorite's in a long while.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho started slow, but they picked it up. Once they got passed the storyline driven part of the match early on and went straight for a pure wrestling match, I thought it was a great match and the ending was just great. The finishing sequence was great and they won the crowd back. Great match.

The wrestling part of The Rock and John Cena is probably a ***, ***1/4 tops, but I give it a **** due to the crowd and the atmosphere. The middle part of the match was dull though and moved pretty slow. I think the match would've been better if they were given 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes so they wouldn't have that slow middle part of the match. Gee, I wonder where those 10 minutes could've gone? I was shocked that The Rock went over because I thought it'd be a passing of the torch moment, but nope, Rock went over and sent the fans home happy. I marked, the fans erupted, it was a great ending to a damn good WrestleMania.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Wrestlemania 28 STRZ RTINGZ!!!

Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus

Randy Orton vs Kane ***

A good Kane match? this really is Wrestlemania. Simple yet solid back and forth match, the ending spot was cool yet very surprising with Kane going over Orton clean at WM.

Big Show V Rhodes **

Rhodes bumping his ass off deserves to be recognized, as well with him getting speared in the balls by Big Show. This was fine with Show getting a deserved smypathy win at WM.

Divas match, lol.

Undertaker V HHH ****3/4

As close to perfection in terms of storytelling as you can get. Taker looked great, Triple H looked like a fucking murderer in this match, and Shawn derserves a Oscar for his performence acting wise. Everything from the entrances, the crowd, the Hell In A Cell being lowered to "The Memory Remains", the Sweet Chin Music Pedigree combination false finish, Triple H mouthing fuck you while doing the DX chop, to the beautifull moment of three legends walking out together accompnied with JR's line "that.... is respect". This is why I am a wrestling fan.

Team Teddy V Team Johnny **3/4

Fun match, ending sequence with the finisher/spot fest was exciting, and Miz getting the win was the best decision.

Punk V Jericho ****

Jericho's heel performence, my god, GREATNESS!. They both balanced nicely the personal animosity of the feud as well as the simplistic "Who is The Best In The World?" motif. Some fantastic spots in this and the last five minuits were hella exciting. Crowd could of made it better but hey, what you gonna do? they did pop for the big spots (Hurricana countered into the Walls sticks out) and were really into it near the end.

Rock V Cena ****

For Rock to not have wreslted a proper match in 8 years and to go out there and work a thity minuite match busting out crossbodys adds to he amount of respect I have for him. Both guys busted their ass's and were clearly drained near the end, the false finish with the AA near the end had me thinking "FUCKING SUPER CENA SHIT!!!" and The Rock to kick out was a mark out moment. Rock winning was the way to go other wise cena would have won, been booed by 70'000 people and most people would come away feeling dissapionted so yeah Rock winning was fine.

Overall Great Show, you know a Wrestlemania is half good when only about 40% of the forum is saying its the worst ever, usually its a good 60%.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Dissapointing show, the highlight was Triple H/Undertaker, , for me personally it took a while for me to really get invested, and I dont think they needed the Cell stipulation because they barely used the cell, however there are some tremendous moments, I loved when Triple H tries to swing the hammer at Taker and Taker stops him and says nods his head as if to say "just give it up". Not a 5 star match, but a great one and easily the best of the card
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Man, the latest Rock Bluray Documentary is amazing.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Bryan/Sheamus - DUD
Orton/Kane - **1/4
Rhodes/Show - *3/4
Divas 1/2*
Taker/HHH - ****1/4
Johnny/Teddy - **1/2
Jericho/Punk - ***3/4
Rock/Cena - ***1/2
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Bryan/Sheamus - 1/4*
Orton/Kane - **1/2
Rhodes/Show - **1/2
Divas - *
Taker/Trips - ****
Playa/Vice President - ***
Jericho/Punk - ****
Rocky/Cena - ***1/2

Not a bad show, was entertaining for the most part, I just wish their was a roof or something to make the crowd seem louder because during Rock/Cena, they were loud but with a roof to contain the noise, I bet it would have been loud as fuck.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah, the bad thing about open air stadiums is how much crowd noise is lost. But at the same time it makes it that much more impressive when during Undertaker/HHH and Cena/Rock you could still hear the crowd go absolutely fucking INSANE. Now just imagine if they took place inside a normal arena. Damn.

My internet is utter shit atm, but once it gets back to normal and I can download WM onto my PC, I plan on watching it again and doing a review, since I do it every year . Would just watch a replay on TV but that's downstairs, and my PC is upstairs, and I like to type as I watch otherwise I forget things lol.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Word View Post
I don't really post on here anymore but I'm seeing a trend of people reluctant to give high ratings in matches anymore. It used to be the other way round a couple of years back when this thread was booming. It doesn't really bother me just interesting to see.

Ive also seen major negativity towards the WWE. I mean Rocky wins and people aren't happy buy if Cena wins they would probably riot. WWE is an always a lose lose situation and always ever will be.

Anyway I haven't seen the top 3 mania matches yet, but I intend too. I expect the match ratings to be higher than many. I'd like to see old veterans of this thread to give their star ratings for Mania too.
I agree with alot of this, this thread is for the purists and not alot else. The Bryan/Sheamus match was great booking but everyone gives it a dud cuz it featured 1 move, nobody takes into account how clever the whole thing was but then they praise how clever the Taker/HHH match was

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