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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I know they get a lot of shit, but Shawn and Triple H made Benoit look like God from Wrestlemania to Summerslam.

He just beat them in every single match, every single way, every single time

They made him look like a real world heavyweight champion

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Agreed w/Redead. As much crap as Shawn gets, he never hogged the title (after 96), nor was he involved in neverending title matches. His title feuds actually meant something (Jericho) because they weren't so common.

Credit: A$AP
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I was wanting Shawn to be champ again in the later years. His 02 run was only for that brief stint and I was honestly hoping he would have another go with the gold.

Then again, it was kind of hard when the company was letting Orton finally flourish and Jericho have his best run of his career (2008-2010). Props to Shawn for helping those guys go to an even higher level.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

This is the DVD discussion, so I figured I should post this here... I just watched the Punk documentary, and it was amazing. I couldn't believe how brutally honest he was about certain topics that I never expected to even hear brought up. Well worth the watch!
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I hear the documentary is great and possibly the best one they've put out since Rise & Fall Of ECW
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Just got the Punk Bluray from Platt this morning, finished watching all the special features. Damn. Took the doc to the next level. Might put it above the Austin and Jake Roberts ones now (making it my #1). Everyone telling the story of the first time they met Punk was awesome . The only guy with a good experience was Lars . Regal was awesome. Something about him looking like a scruffy swine and thinking the best place to hide something from him would be in some soap .

Also watched the Punk/Regal No DQ IC title match. Remember being disappointed with their series back when it happened, but I really enjoyed the match this time around. Including the stuff from the commercial break helped no doubt, always better to see a match in full.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Commercial breaks during matches are one of those things that I would really love WWE to stop doing. I understand why it happens, but you can get taken out of some really good matches just for 5 Just For Men ads.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

During Raw when its live, it happens and I accept it even though I don't like it... but Smackdown having breaks in the middle of matches really pisses me off lol. Its taped. Days before it airs. They know how long they have between commercial breaks, they know how long matches are given. They supposedly have people who understand TV. Yet they can't seem to structure a taped show so that matches (unless they go for a long time, then its unavoidable) don't get interrupted. ARGH!

Nice that WWE are starting to occasionally include the stuff in the breaks on sets nowadays at least. Angle/Lesnar Iron Man was probably THE match that needed to be in full, and they did, so yey for them.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

SummerSlam 2004:

The Dudleyz vs Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman/Paul London - **1/2
- Nothing special. Standard tag team action that belongs to your average Smackdown episodes at best. But wow, the losers of this match are some damn good performers in the ring!

Kane vs Matt Hardy - **1/2
- Ends rather fast and Kane finally gets to marry Lita, lol. The in-ring action was nothing special so it was the best decision to only give them a few minutes.

Booker T vs John Cena - **1/2
- Another below average match. The start to the Best of 5 series between these two but I can't say I liked this one very much. It gets under 10 minutes but they still spend quite a bit of time using restholds and the finish just comes out of nowhere. I hope the rest of the series will be better, though. And I also loved the random and first-time ever segment with Cena and Orton backstage before the match.

Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Batista - ***
- This is the start of "bizarro world" that the commentators constantly refer to afterwards. Edge returns to his hometown for the first time in two years and gets booed in favor of Jericho, who gets the cheers. That aside, it's a decent triple threat with all three getting their fair share of ring-time and it ends at under 10 minutes like every match preceding it. Decent but that's it. And I assume Edge loved the boos because the seeds were already being planted for his heel turn which he probably enjoyed playing a lot more. So this was it and afterwards, they decided to finally pull the trigger on the improved heel Edge.

Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero - ***
- Another okay match. Given above 10 minutes but it starts off a bit too slow. They do ankle-work for a bit too long during the start then when it starts getting exciting about 8 minutes into the match, it only takes a few minutes until Angle makes Eddie tap out after removing his boot as a call-back to their WM20 match when Eddie outsmarted Angle. Inferior to their WM match and I hope that their 2 out of 3 falls match will be better.

HHH vs Eugene - ***1/2
- This one was pretty entertaining. HHH plays the asshole heel perfectly but gets cheered while Eugene is greeted with "Eugene sucks" chants, which he manages to turn into cheers by doing Rock Bottoms, Stunners and Atomic Legdrops! One of the best spots was when Hunter faked a leg injury and then as soon as Eugene turned around, attacked him. To Eugene's credit, he can wrestle just fine despite the stupid gimmick he plays. I hope now Raw is no longer Eugene-dominated after this now because I was bored of him one month into it.

JBL vs Undertaker - ***1/4
- A lot better than I remembered it being. Some decent wrestling by the two and I forgot how strongly JBL is booked here as he kicks out of a Last Ride and Chokeslam too. Unfortunately for the two, the crowd distracts a lot as they are at their most random here. Doing the wave, chanting "Spanish table" and looking away towards the limo when some guy jumped the barricade and almost ruined the final spot that was planned with the chokeslam. Undertaker gets DQ after using the belt on JBL but he completely destroys him post-match!

Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton - ****1/2
- Match of the night, historic and a classic to remember. Benoit as usual brings it in the ring and Orton keeps up just fine as he adapts towards a more technical style. Despite restholds being used a few times throughout the match, I was still entertained one way or another. Also a few notable spots such as Orton doing a Sharpshooter (well executed might I add) and the terrifying suicide dive by Benoit when his head hits the barricade pretty hard. Truly a machine was the Wolverine, he continued to carry on matches even after taking some of the worst bumps ever. I didn't expect the end to come so soon when Orton hit the RKO after a Crossface counter. Orton wins and the crowd cheers despite Benoit's "homecoming" to Canada. There's also a bit of a nice touch towards the end when they have Benoit shaking Orton's hand. This was supposed to be the moment that made Orton "the man" as the youngest World Heavyweight Champion but for one reason or another, his face run flopped and he was buried pretty fast by HHH. By the time he was back up to the main event, Batista and Cena had already passed him by but to Orton's credit, he managed to get to the top and peaked in 2008-2009 time.

Overall: ***1/2 out of ***** (Plenty of average stuff in the start but things pick up towards the end. Nothing is truly bad, though, which makes SS 04 a pretty worthwhile PPV to check out and a great one. I've heard people say they can't stand this PPV because of the weird crowd but they never took away my enjoyment from the show and I personally actually liked most of their randomness save for the disrespect shown towards JBL and Undertaker.)

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Eugene/HHH- ***3/4- As I mentioned, probably HHH's best heel performance ever. Excellent stuff.

Taker/JBL- ***1/2- Had one fun match, and I remember as a Taker mark and someone who despised JBL (despised as in I would get PPV's just to see him lose the title, only to be disappointed for 9 months), I was pissed beyond all belief that Taker got himself DQ'd. The chokeslam through the limo after the match was cool, but I always lol at the guy that jumped the barricade.

Orton/Benoit- ****- Excellent main event to an overall good show. Orton won, but then got buried by HHH/Evolution, his face run flopped, and he was back in the mid-card with Christian before you knew it. Thank god for Orton for the feud with Taker.

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