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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread


That's pretty much it. Fans go APESHIT for it. Similar to how they'd react to Austin Stunning everyone back in the day.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah but Austin was popular for more than the Stunner. Nowadays, that's about all he's good for, but back when he was active he was popular with fans for just about everything he did. I understand fans loving the RKO and reacting accordingly, but for one of the top stars to be popular solely for his finisher baffles me. I agree with what you're saying - I think the RKO is a big part of it - but it just doesn't make much sense.


Credit: A$AP
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Doesn't make that much sense to me either lol, but that seems to be all I can think of. They love him for the RKO .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I disagree, I always find Orton fun to watch because he's so athletic. He made me a fan last year and he has a bunch of fun matches on the RAW 2010 set, but I still don't like his character. Orton fave 5:
5) vs Edge, Raw 2004
4) vs Rhodes, Smackdown 2011
3) vs Undie, Wrestlemania 21
2) vs Foley, Backlash 2004
1) vs Christian, Summerslam 2011

I left out the OTL 2011 match because I only watched it the once and that was just me staring at the screen until Christian won (he didn't, boo.) The Summerslam match is there because I didn't watch it live and only got to watch it well after the heat had died down from that.

I suppose I should do an Edge fave five too:

5) vs Flair, RAW 2006
4) vs Ziggler, Royal Rumble 2011
3) vs Hardy, Unforgiven 2005
2) vs Eddie, Smackdown 2002
1) vs Undertaker, Summerslam 2008

and that's strictly singles. A lot of my favourite Edge matches also lie in his multi man stuff with the tags, fatal four ways, et cetera.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Championship PPV Matches : 1994

Yokozuna vs The Undertaker RR 94 : ** 1/4
Yokozuna vs Lex Luger WM X : *
Yokozuna vs Bret Hart WM X : ** 1/2
Bret Hart vs Diesel KOTR 94 : ****
Bret Hart vs Owen Hart SS 94 : **** 1/4
Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund SS 94 : **** 1/4

Yoko-Taker was FUNFUNFUN. Two great big men (one of them just happening to be the greatest big man of all time) in the middle of an extremely fun slugfest for the title, just fantastic. All of the interference towards the end may rub some people the wrong way, but I felt that it was necessary to build Taker up as this unstoppable force (different from everybody else) , therefore there needs to be a little extra to take him down. Always got excited for Taker vs RANDOM BIG GUY , and this is no exception. Taker has done the MOST with the LEAST over the years.

Lex and Yoko... WHAT...THE...FUCK. These guys decide to do a complete 180 from their fast paced, good match at Summerslam the past year, and opt for one of the worst paces of all time. Seriously, who had the brilliant idea to give these guys 17 minutes on PPV ? Yet again we get another complete bullshit finish, after some REALLY slow and boring action with very uninspired psychology in it. Basically nerve holds for 17 minutes. YAY. The Hart-Yoko match was pretty good, and much like last years with the dynamic of Bret being able to somehow conquer this monster. I liked the back and forth action, and I loved the ending as Bret doesn't so much BEAT Yoko as he does outsmart him and let Yoko beat himself.

Bret-Diesel is always awesome, I don't know what's up with these two having elite chemistry, but this isn't even a top 2 match between them at KOTR... and it's still off the chain. Bret basically mows down Diesel and stays on him for a majority of the match, and coupling Bret's command with some pretty fucking great psychology, we get an instantly fantastic match, just another one in the career of Bret Hart.

Speaking of Bret, his string of awesome PPV matches continued at Summerslam 1994. I fucking LOVE the cage match between him and Owen, as these two don't fight each other as much as they just try to beat each other out the door. I like that dynamic because of the thought processes of both Bret AND Owen ; Bret wants to get out as fast as possible so he doesn't need to inflict any more damage to his family, while Owen wants to escape the cage ASAP because he still doesn't have the confidence that he can definitively beat Bret again. It's like two brothers on a set of jungle bars , I love it. Now, obviously it doesn't touch their WM X masterpiece at all (although Meltzer disagrees, giving this match ***** while giving the WM bout **** 3/4) , but I'd still put it in my top 5 cage matches of all time for sure.

Next up we get a dream match in alot of peoples minds, as Bret Hart takes on BOB BACKLUND of all people in a submission match. This match is fucking long as hell, but that is what makes it so beautiful in my eyes. They really built up the Crossface Chicken Wing to be the most devestating hold in the entire WWF, and to have Bret last in it for a grand total of almost SIX minutes without giving up really made Bret look like a badass, while it added to the whole Bret vs Owen story as well. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how FUCKING AWESOME this match was. These two work at a great old-school pace here, reminiscent of an early 80s BOB match, exchanging hold after hold trying to get the advantage on the other man. The story was there, the psychology was great, it had an old school pace, and it had a great ending.... Better than the Owen cage match IMO.

BTW.... Anybody notice Maria Menounos at Summerslam wearing a BOB BACKLUND T-shirt ?

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

ECW Unreleased Vol 1: I have a few questions about this DVD/Blu Ray.
I never used to watch ECW back in the 90's and only started watching ECW just before WWE purchased it. I enjoyed both One Night Stand show's that the WWE put on in 05 and 06, and that leads me to my first question. Is this DVD/Blu Ray as Hardcore and Bloody as some of the matches that took place on One Night Stand? and How come New Jack is NOT on any match?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Orton 2011 is superbly underrated. Guy was on fire that year.

Originally Posted by WutChagoNAdoBrothA View Post
They better have a fucking ***** match to end with.
Fucking music , dancing , and 360 piledrivers , Maryse sex scene , 450s through tables , shoot star press drop kicks , Rock comes back , Austin comes back

It better be epic
Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Top 25 CM Punk WWE matches!

1. Punk/Cena - MITB '11 - *****
2. Punk/Bryan - OTL '12 - ****3/4
3. Punk/Hardy - SD cage '09 - ****1/2
4. Punk/Hardy - Summserslam '09 - ****1/2
5. Punk/Jericho - WM 28 - ****1/2
6. Punk/Mysterio - OTL '10 - ****1/2
7. Punk/Morrison - SD '09 - ****1/4
8. Punk/Morrison - ECW '07 - ****1/4
9. Punk/Bryan - MITB '12 - ****1/4
10. Punk/Mysterio - Feb '10 - ****
11. Punk/Orton - WM 27 - ****
12. Punk/Mysterio - ER '10 - ****
13. Punk/Mysterio - CP '11 - ****
14. Punk/Cena - SS '11 - ****
15. Punk/Miz/Del Rio - TLC '11 - ****
16. Punk/Jericho - ER '12 - ****
17. Punk/Taker - SD '10 - ****
18. Punk/Bryan - SD '12 - ***3/4
19. Punk/Ziggler - Raw Nov '11 - ***3/4
20. Punk/Umaga - JD '09 - ***3/4
21. Punk/Mysterio - WM 26 - ***3/4
22. Punk/Del Rio - SSeries '11 - ***3/4
23. Punk/Mysterio - Armageddon '08 - ***3/4
24. Punk/Hardy - NOC '09 - ***3/4
25. Punk/Burke - JD '07 - ***1/2



- Punk/Taker could have been so awesome but other than the match after their feud it was disappointing.

- Punk/Benjamin in '08 and Punk/Christian in '10 or '11 could have been awesome.

- Realized I left Punk/Orton from Extreme Rules off. Have it at ***3/4 so it'd go around that area.

- Didn't include his MITB matches but the two he won were pretty good with WM 24 being my favorite one of all time. His work in the 3 ECs he did was good too. Just didn't do any multiman matches other than the TLC.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Edge's top 5 (not counting tag matches):
1) vs. Undertaker SS08
2) vs. Cena BL09
3) vs. Matt Hardy Unforgiven 05
4) vs. Undertaker WM24
5) vs. RVD Vengeance 06

Edge has a ton of other matches at ****1/4, a ton at ****, and a heap just below that (and that's not including his tag matches which make up another huge portion of matches at those ratings). While Edge has a reputation as a "gimmick" worker, he's put on plenty of excellent non-gimmick singles matches. He had a very good series with Batista in 07 and an awesome match with him in 08. In 2002 he was on fire all year whether in normal singles matches or not. His match against Ziggler at RR, while I suppose was "gimmick" to some degree due to not being allowed to use a spear (which he used anyway), I'd still classify as a normal match and Edge pulled out some great old stuff for the match. Not to mention 2 of his top 5 are normal matches. And talking about gimmick matches, his cage match against Matt is the best cage match I've ever seen in WWE imo, and is probably Matt's best singles match ever in WWE as well.

As for Orton:
1) vs. Christian OTL11
2) vs. Christian SS11
3) vs. Undertaker WM21
4) vs. Foley BL04
5) vs. Cena SS07

And like Edge, there are several more matches at ****1/4, a ton at ****, and many just below that. Last year was Orton's best year in WWE in terms of in ring work. He was wrestling good-great matches weekly, had two classics that year with Christian (and his two best matches of his career imo), and overall he just seemed to find his groove as "the viper". But man, I should've probably done a top 10. Feels odd leaving out his matches with Taker at Armageddon, HHH at NM (LMS), Cena at NWO08 and Edge on Raw in 2004, 2007, and I'm one of the few that adored the Vengeance 04 match as well (which you can also chalk up both 2004 matches as great non-gimmick Edge matches I think... unless I'm not remembering them as well as I'd hope ).

And CM punk:

1) vs. Bryan OTL 2012
2) vs. Cena MITB 2011
3) vs. Jericho WM28
4) vs. Cena SS2011
5) vs. Morrison ECW 2007 (Loved this match when it happened. Need to re-watch. Made me watch ECW for a few weeks afterwards as I hadn't really watched ECW for well over a year)

Punk has had some excellent matches. Against Mysterio, against Jericho, against Cena (outside of the two above), against Orton, against Jeff Hardy, and many many more. Hell, he even had an awesome **** match with Taker I forgot until I read Clique's list on SD, which was ironically enough far better than any of their PPV matches. And since his title reign began, having great matches almost weekly, and even giving Henry arguably his best match ever on Raw after WM28. Punk's been on a roll and been one of the most consistent WWE Champions I've seen. As far as 9 month plus reigns go, I'm not sure of anyone who beats him. Of course, taking just the best 3 months of his reign (imo WM28-NWO11), I don't think there's anyone I've watched that's had a more consistent three month reign than Punk except maybe HHH's first reign in 2000, and even then it's arguable.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Top Edge (non tag team):

1. Vs Undertaker WM ****1/2
2. Vs Hardy UF ****
3. Vs Undertaker JD (or BL, maybe I'm confusing which one I prefer over the other lol) - ****
4. Vs HHH Vs Cena BL ***3/4
5. Vs Undertaker Vs Batista Armageddon ***3/4

Honestly not that big a fan of Edge outside of his tag work with Christian and Mysterio. Would literally only have those 3 matches at **** and above for him. Any other matches at that rating are tags. He was still good, sometimes great, but I think he's immensely overrated at times (mostly by WWE) as a singles wrestler.
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