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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
I loved the JBL/Eddie Guerrero feud. I stopped watching WWE by that time but last year I watched every single RAW and SD from 2004 and although SD was complete crap in 2004 IMO the one feud that made it stood out was JBL/Guerreo.
I've said before my memory sucks on old matches, but I am sure JBL was not part of the best feud on any show... Especially when he wrestled under that name.

EDIT: That reminds me... Why did the video for Ron's HOF induction only refer to the "APA", & not the team by its earlier name (only way JBL gets in the Hall)?!
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Wrestlemania X-7

It's been years since I last watched Mania XVII and as my tastes in wrestling have developed I thought it'd be interesting to review what is considered by many the greatest PPV of all time.

Match #1 WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
William Regal vs. Chris Jericho (c)
A neat match that was hurt by the lack of time. Basically, Regal works on the injured shoulder of Jericho beautifully with an array of offence and works towards his signature submission. Jericho makes it to the ropes, catches Regal out and as Regal is on the floor he hits a Lionsault for a surprise pinfall victory. This was good while it lasted but I felt like half the match was missing. **

Match # 2 6 Man Tag Team Match
Right to Censor (Val Venis, The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan w/Steven Richards) vs. APA w/Jacqueline & Tazz
Short tv esque match used to fill out the card. By no means offensive and there are a couple of nice spots, particularly Buchanan's athleticism but it felt unnecessary especially in light of the previous match. *

Match #3 Triple Threat Hardcore Championship Match

The Big Show vs. Kane vs. Raven (c)
This was a fun brawl with a couple of sick hardcore spots. Raven going through the glass hits all the right notes and I cracked up big time watching Kane drive in the buggy with Hebner in the back. Nice finish too. Arguably the best hardcore championship match in WWE history. ***

Match #4 European Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero w/Perry Saturn vs. Test (c)
A short but sweet match that told a good story and sort of sticks out as a bit of a sleeper hit on this card. Test wins all the battles until Eddie uses every dirty trick in the book to even out the odds. Test makes a comeback but just as he looks to have put Eddie away Malenko distracts the champion and the referee allowing Eddie to hit the champion with the belt. Good psychology but because of the length I really can't be too generous. **

Match #5 Grudge
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
The biggest disappointment. I remember when I was younger I really enjoyed this match, I liked how it made Benoit look strong in defeat and Angle smart in victory and really made me want to see a rematch but on re-watch I thought this match just kind of sucked. The whole point of this was to see who the better submission wrestler was so you'd assume they'd work a body part like in the previous match or something. Instead we're treated to the same take down spot four times which only kills the crowd. The match then boils down to an ordinary Benoit/Angle match except the offence here is really weak. I still like the finish but it wasn't the kind of finish that can save the rest of the match. *

Match #6 Women's Championship Match
Chyna vs. Ivory
Squash, but a fair squash none the less. N/A

Match #7 Special Guest Referee Street Fight
Vince McMahon w/Stephanie McMahon vs. Shane McMahon
Special Guest Referee: Mick Foley
The personification of sports entertainment in one match. Very spotty (does Shane even hit 5 moves?) but everything they did was for a purpose, drew huge responses and the match was able to tie four stories together in a match. This might sound generous but this match was as good as it could ever hope to be. ***

Match #8 WWE Tag Team Championship Tables Ladders and Chairs Match

The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz (c)
As brutal as it was over 11 years ago. An incredible amount of violence in this match and what surprises me is the worst bumps seem to be taken by those not involved in the match. Spike in particular takes an incredibly brutal chair shot from Lita of all people that stands as one of the best (or worst depending where you sit) I've seen. Bit difficult to write as there were very few moments it appeared somebody was going to win and some of the psychology in the spot seems iffy. Seems like certain participants think the match is won on style points. Also found the finish a little anti-climatic for some reason. I mean on paper it's actually quite fair but it seems like it takes Christian ages to get the belts (with thanks to Rhyno which makes it dirty) and given the non-stop action before hand I thought it could have been more dynamic. Still, a fantastic spot match and one that should be seen. ****

Match #9 Gimmick Battle Royal
Bunch of old timers
This was fun enough, a bit of a piss break and way to ease the crowd off until the third and final act of the show. Heenan's commentary is a star of the match for me, big fan of his. N/A

Match #10 Singles
Triple H vs. The Undertaker
First off, wow I thought Motorhead sucked on the intro. Usually I like them but I swear Lemmi didn't even know his own song and just started improvising on the spot. This was a fun enough brawl and they went at each other straight away. Hunter works the neck well on the early going before the ref. proceeds to piss him off with a perceived slow count. Eventually it leads to the most exagerated ref. bump of all time when an Undertaker elbow takes Doane out for about 10 minutes which allows them to brawl to some production set up which leads to a couple of big spots. Of course the star of the match is the Last Ride/Sledgehammer spot which goes over massively with the crowd. Eventually Taker picks up a win when Hunter puts himself in a precarious situation on the top turnbuckle. Sort of a difficult match to mark, at the time of the show it was the stand-out singles match but certain parts drag, seem silly and they didn't pull out all the stops which I'm fine with on this card but it hurts this match. ***

Match #11 WWE World Championship No-DQ Match
Steve Austin vs. The Rock (c)
I finally get it. After all these years I never completely understood why people loved this match as they do and apart from being a very good Austin/Rock match with a nice twist but this match is more than that. Great pacing which just explodes from the start and builds from there. Both guys captured the importance of this match but Austin here particularly shines displaying just how passionate and desperate he is to win this match. What really made me mark out for this match, after all these years were the callback spots which JR picked up perfectly. First The Rock uses the Sharpshooter, the one move that put Austin away at Mania, then Austin gets desperate enough to use the Million Dollar choke, a move that earned him his first victory and then The Rock uses Hart's successful counter to attempt a pin on Austin. Both guys hit everything on one another but unlike Indy stars they make sure to protect their finishers and make them mean something in this match. It's a long match but both guys know how to keep it interesting through each phase and both come off looking like a million bucks. I don't hand this score out much but here we go...*****

I'm unsure if this is the brilliant card everyone remembers but it's probably the most balanced card that hits all the right marks. I wanted something to get me into the Wrestlemania mood and it succeeded just like It's A Wonderful Life gets me into Christmas.

Good stuff.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Loved that JBL/Eddie series and as a whole 2004 is my favorite year in WWE history.

Watching the Jeff Hardy DVD right now. Was never one of my favorites but they did a good job putting this together and he has quite a few high quality matches.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Brye View Post
2004 is my favorite year in WWE history.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me a few of the In Your Houses on DVD? If so let me know on here or PM me.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DAT SHIT CRAY BRAH View Post
Don't quite see where you're going with this.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

seems like the only thing a lot of people on this site do nowadays is post shitty pictures in attempts to be funny or something.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

2004-2005 was awesome. We had Benoit, Guerrero, Trips, Angle, Shawn, Shelton, Edge, Jericho, the list goes on and on and on, tearing it up night after night. While this was going on we had the build up of the new generation of stars such as Cena, Orton, Batista, etc. Shelton completely OWNED the midcard, and that twas awesome as well.

You know what ? Take apart JBL's title reign as much as you want, but he was the WWE champion when I first started watching Wrestling, and he holds all the credibility in the world to me. One of the true masters of garnering heel heat, I'd go out on a limb to consider him a top 5 most hated heel of the last decade (hell, maybe even top 2 or 3), the dude was NEVER cheered and crowds absolutely HATED him.

So yeah, where was I ? Oh yeah, 2004/2005 were awesome years, and my two favorite years in Wrestling ? Don't like it ? Well then..... Do something about it

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

TLC 2011

Dolph Ziggler v Zack Ryder
Really entertaining fast paced opener with a satisfying feel good title win for the underdog babyface. Good start to the show.


Air Boom v Primo & Epico
Short and sweet. Rosa's hot.


Randy Orton v Wade Barrett
Solid brawl and they incorporated the tables often and well. Not high on Barrett's ring work but this was a good showing from him. Nice finish.


Beth Phoenix v Kelly Kelly
Skipped it.

Kevin Nash v Triple H
Heard most people say this was bad, didn't think it was at all. It was slow and a bit too long given Nash's limitations but overall I thought it was a solid brawl. HHH's leg work was good, although Nash didn't sell it very well, and Hunter's flip bump in the corner looked great with the ladder there. Didn't help that the crowd wasn't into it until the finish (which Nash fucked up too) but it was a good effort from Trips to carry a guy who really doesn't have much (or anything) to offer in a ring anymore to a decent match.


Jack Swagger v Sheamus
Nothing match put together to give Sheamus a win. The execution was fine.


Mark Henry v Big Show
I was enjoying this before the abrupt finish. Henry talking shit, Show selling the injured hand like a champ, chair shots galore. Could've been good if they let them go longer.


Cody Rhodes v Booker T
What it needed to be. Booker looked sharp and I liked how he sold being out of it before and after the spinarooni. Cody was on point and got the win as he should have.


CM Punk v Alberto Del Rio v The Miz
Punk is a guy on top of his game right now. You can put him in a technical wrestling match, a hate-filled grudge match, or a spotfest like this and he's really really good in all of them. Del Rio and Miz teaming up briefly at the start but never trusting each other was good and from the moment it broke down to every man for himself it was pure action. Had some of the usual flaws that detract from this kind of match but the action was good and the stuff with the handcuff was creative.


Pretty good show.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I have to agree here. 2004/2005 were brilliant years in the WWE. I loved them. Eddie Guerrero as WWE Champion but also JBL as WWE Champion. I loved JBL's reign. I aint joking when I say I'd buy a JBL DVD/Blu-Ray Set.
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