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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ziggler/Jericho - ***1/4
Kane/Bryan - **
Miz/Rey - ***1/2
Sheamus/Del Rio - ***
Kofi/Truth vs PTP - 1/2*
Cena/Punk/Show - **
Lesnar/HHH - need a rewatch

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Something I forgot to add. I love the fact that throughout this whole thing, HHH legit thought he could take Lesnar. Shawn said he had his doubts and Trips confidently laughed it off and told him that he "got this." Heyman told him what would happen and he didn't believe it. HHH asked for the match. HHH asked for the FIGHT. And in the end, HHH got humbled. He lost. He tapped out. He didn't avenge his friend, his family or his company. The look on his face at the end was picture perfect and told another story all on its own. Awesome sauce.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Summerslam 2002 is £4.99 on SV atm.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
Something I forgot to add. I love the fact that throughout this whole thing, HHH legit thought he could take Lesnar. Shawn said he had his doubts and Trips confidently laughed it off and told him that he "got this." Heyman told him what would happen and he didn't believe it. HHH asked for the match. HHH asked for the FIGHT. And in the end, HHH got humbled. He lost. He tapped out. He didn't avenge his friend, his family or his company. The look on his face at the end was picture perfect and told another story all on its own. Awesome sauce.

Agree. The best part for me was referencing Brock's past diverticulitis, followed by him dry heaving and wincing. Just excellent psychology and storytelling.

Thanks Punk

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Cena/Lesnar absolutely lapped HHH/Lesnar. Cena's babyface performance was in another universe to HHH's, he actually looked terribly vulnerable and on the point of being slaughtered, rather than working not far behind Lesnar and they timed Cena's key moments of offence superbly, the Backlund Powerslam Spot (with Lesnar's golden 'WTF' reaction) and the Chain off of Lesnar's dive both got huge reactions because they were timed perfectly in the match, the Backlund spot came off as a terrific 'do or die' spot with Cena having next to no offence before that spot, and the chain spot was exactly what Cena needed to weaken the monster and throw everything he had left to capitalise. The pace was frantic, the violence raw and dramatic, and crucially I never got the impression they were trying to force a great match, it just happened naturally. I said all along that HHH was never going to work with Lesnar in the same way Cena did, and despite Lesnar executing some nice limbwork and the selling of the intestine being excellent, the overall pacing and structure made the match feel long and plodding, rather than 100mph a minute like Lesnar/Cena. HHH wanted to make the match personal and feel like a war, but HHH/Lesnar whilst stiff in parts just didn't feel like a war, Lesnar/Cena felt violent and brutal, here's my thoughts which is a C&P job from another site:

Lesnar/HHH in theory had some good elements, but fuck me it was sooooooooooooooooo boring. HHH was never going to bump around and let Lesnar beat him like Cena did, so instead we got Brock working over the arm, and despite the work being good and fitting into the story....Lesnar just looked like a more aggressive Del Rio. The Cena match was unlike anything we'd seen for years, whereas this match despite being billed as the fight of the year didn't really feel that different to HHH/Punk or HHH/Taker. It was the same drawn out, slow plodding 'EPIC' HHH main event which just dragged and went too long. Lesnar should be killing people, things like him attempting a cradle and working holds just seemed so out of place for 'a monster looking to hurt people'. At least when he injured Cena's arm at ER it was done in a snap fashion off of the Kimura, and put over Lesnar could kill you at any moment, rather than Lesnar just working a drawn out limb segment.

Like I said it was good pyschology from a story standpoint, but it should have been a frantic pace to put over the hate, rather than some plodding and drawn out 'DRAMATIC MATCH'. Table spot and Lesnar's selling was excellent, but again would have worked much better if HHH had been like Cena and had little to no offence prior, I get they want to work some start where HHH 'gets in Lesnar's head' but the Cena deadlift powerslam out of the Kimura spot worked so well because despite being an amazingly impressive visual, it was the first real bit of offence he landed that hurt Lesnar. The table spot here was very well done, but HHH had largely been working even or not far behind Lesnar that it just didn't feel as big a hope spot as it could have been, HHH never looked as vulnerable as Cena did throughout the ER match and whilst I know we were never going to get a match close to Cena/Lesnar here, I just wished my predicition about HHH insisting on Lesnar working a slower pace hadn't come off. They made this personal and talked it up as a match which could end HHH's career, but did he honestly look anymore vulnerable than he did at Wrestlemania? Its like they wanted us to believe this was a career defining match and something horrific to watch...but they never wrestled or incorporated spots to reflect that. HHH got banged up admittedly, but Cena looked like he was on the verge of being annihalated throughout the ER match, and this was coming off of a 3 week feud where they had one pull apart brawl, and Lesnar F-5ing Cena a couple of times. This had 3x the length in build, was far more personal in having Lesnar break HHH and HBK's arm...and yet the match had about 1/10th of the animosity and raw violence that Cena/Lesnar had. Again, it just goes back to HHH wanting to build the feud around this personal war but not wanting to eat the beating that would reflect that.

And again, brawls/fights of this nature have to be excellent naturally, you can't work a slow pace and try to sell the drama, it just has to come naturally from the quick pace and big bumps. You watch a Lawler/Dundee match and it feels naturally dramatic, you see a HHH 'brawl' and it just feels so much damn slower and trying to capture this essence of 'emotion' and it just feels tame in comparison. I realise that's the WWE main event style, but holy god damn does it really show in a match like this. Finish made Brock look strong, though him just up and leaving shortly afterwards kind of lessened the impact. HHH milking the crowd and being met with 'you tapped out' chants honestly had me in tears. That will make me sound like some HHH hater not giving him or the match a chance, but I honestly couldn't contain my laughter there. Expecting some drawn out HHH retirement promo tonight.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ziggler/Jericho - ***1/2

This match was MOTN, the crowd in attendance would probably agree too, a very hot crowd, great back and forth action with some close 2 counts made this match very exciting to watch. It's also great to see Y2J broaden his repertoire again, that hurricarana from the top rope was very old school Jericho. It also took me off guard of how intense the match was, they gave the impression this match wasn't just filler but a personal rivalry, it really bought me into the build. A great way to open the show.

Kane/D Bryan - **1/4

A short but sweet match, in fact it exceeded my expectations too. I know some people have been saying Daniel Bryan carried Kane but Kane has actually been pretty impressive since he put the mask back on. Good performances against Cena, Orton and now Bryan. Good stuff that didn't slow the pace of the show down. Not too long but not too short.

Miz/Mysterio - ***

A great match here. I am not one to applaud Miz and his in-ring ability but he was great here, Mysterio is always great against smallish guys but I highly enjoyed this match. Some good little spots and lots of action, the final exchange in particular. This is probably my second favourite match of the night.

Sheamus/Del Rio - **1/2

Another good match here, although it was so hard to get in to or care about the outcome because both Sheamus and Del Rio have been extremely lacklustre outside of the ring recently for me. A boring feud with a good match. Albeit anticlimactic, no cash in nor closure from the feud makes me feel this feud is continuing. I don't know where the WWE are going with the whole foot on the rope thing, expect Del Rio to be on full complaining mode on Smackdown and get his rematch soon enough.. Yawn.

Oh and another thing, Sheamus really is struggling to get over as a true face champion, if anyone needed that heel turn or change of character it was Sheamus not punk.

Kofi and R Truth/Prime-time Players - *

My first of few complaints about this PPV was this match, it was pointless and should be saved for RAW, 10 solid minutes that should have been given to other more significant matches that would have really helped the show. Nonetheless the match itself was ok. Kofi is being wasted here, he was clearly the best thing about the match.

Punk/Cena/Show - **

Another PPV, another second to last match for the Champion to endure. The psychology was there and the match never really tired. Although the match played out how I expected and nothing really interesting happened. When AJ came out she should have eliminated Show and let Punk and Cena exchange for another five minutes. I don't know why the WWE are going with this direction for Punk as he is clearly still very much over, I didn't like the finish. Nor did I like Cena's laughable face pulling and terrible STF he locked on, just horrible..

Lesnar/Triple H - **

Now for the match that Summerslam was built around. I probably didn't have high expectations for this match as others did but even then it still didn't surpass them. The match was terribly paced and tedious. Repeated spots from Lesnar killed any momentum the match had, he still looks all over the place in terms of wrestling whereabouts. Unlike Lesnar/Cena this match didn't take advantage of building suspense over a come back. I was waiting for Triple H to take it to Lesnar at one point but that just never happened. The close two counts felt completely forced and Lesnar's no sell to the pedigree just looked weird to watch. When Triple H tapped out I felt an "Oh.. Is that it?" feel to it, I could sense others in the crowd felt the same too as they never got into the match either.

One thing I did enjoy was the merciless crowd chanting "You tapped out" throughout Triple H's supposed tearful goodbye. The match wasn't terrible but extremely underwhelming, which is probably the best way to describe it.


I enjoyed Summerslam, it was well structured with an exciting opening and strong midcard. Although for a big PPV like this I expected one match to stand out as a classic but it didn't, possibly due to time constraints. A disappointing end but a good show throughout. I can't complain, then again I watched this PPV for free. If I'd bought the PPV I would have felt for a big event like Summerslam I didn't really get my moneys worth.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Is Judgment Day '08 worth buying?

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Arnold Tricky View Post
Is Judgment Day '08 worth buying?
Not particuarly, only match worth of a watch to me is HBK/Y2J one of my favourites. Forgotten gem definitely.
Other then that nothing is worthy of a watch maybe taker/edge but thats the worst match they had together

Still Happened.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Lesnar Vs HHH

Liked the early going, with Lesnar going straight after HHH's arm (and well, he did it through the entire match too lol). Didn't mind that HHH was managing to escape and counter and shit, because unlike the Cena match, HHH has a good idea of what Lesnar is going to try to do to him, and what he's capable of doing to him.

Bit with Lesnar taking off his gloves was awesome. MMA equivalent of the strap coming down. HHH does an awesome job of selling the ONE gloveless punch to the back of the head, and the slam onto the table was a real nice follow up.

at Michael Cole. "He's not a superstar, he's a BUTT kicker". Just doesn't have the same impact as saying ass would have .

HHH, while no great seller or anything, does take a pretty good beating for the most part. Lesnar does some sweet cut off spots, including a wicket lariat and the irish whip into the corner (where HHH launches himself over the ropes to the floor) out of the Pedigree attempt.

Then things turn in favour a little to HHH when he manages to send him stomach first into the corner of the table, playing up on the genuinely life threatening stomach injuries Brock has had. Lesnar sells real good, and Heyman on the outside looking and sounding worries just adds to it. Nice to see the crowd starting to come alive at times when HHH really lays it into the stomach.

Has anyone kicked out of the Pedigree like THAT before? He took it full force, HHH covered him straight away, and he kicked out as long before 3 after 2 as humanly possibly lol.

And of course, HHH has to kick out of the F-5 in return lol. I bet they included that in Lesnar's fucking contract. "In the event that one Brock Lesnar competes in the ring against one Triple H, should an F-5 occur and the participant of this maneuver is one Triple H, then one Triple H has a contractual obligation to kick out before 3".

Lesnar completely no selling the second Pedigree to lock in the Kimura Lock was... I dunno lol. I loved the fact that HHH TAPPED THE FUCK OUT, but come on Brock . I think I liked it more than I hated it anyway.

Overall, this exceeded my expectations and then some. I was expecting it to be some shitty brawl with HHH getting far too much in than he has any right to, and instead we got what I believed should have happened. Lesnar destroyed HHH for the most part and won. Nice. Arm work from Brock was great, HHH going after the stomach towards the end was great, selling of this from Lesnar was great (and better than HHH's selling of the arm), and the finish was good because HHH tapped, but not great because of the complete no sell of the Pedigree lol.

Rating: ****

Thought Cena/Lesnar was just a little better, though I'd love to give that a re-watch at some point.
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