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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

2011 : Punk/Cena (MITB)
2010 : HBK/Taker (WM)
2009 : HBK/Taker (WM)
2008 : Edge/Taker (WM)
2007 : Umaga/Cena (RR)
2006 : Angle/Taker (NWO)
2005 : Hunter/Batista (VEN)
2004 : Hunter/HBK/Benoit (WM)
2003 : Angle/Benoit (RR)
2002 : Hunter/HBK (SS)
2001 : Hunter/Austin (NWO)
2000 : Hunter/Foley (RR)
1999 : Rock/Foley (RR)
1998 : Austin/Foley (OTE)
1997 : HBK/Taker (BB)
1996 : Austin/Bret (SS)
1995 : Diesel/Bret (SS)
1994 : Owen/Bret (WM)
1993 : Perfect/Bret (SS)
1992 : Bulldog/Bret (SS)
1991 : Savage/Warrior (WM)
1990 : Hogan/Warrior (WM)

SO..By my estimation :

Taker : 5
HHH : 5
Bret : 5
HBK : 5
Foley : 3
Austin : 3
Cena : 2
Warrior : 2
Benoit : 2

Wrestlers with multiple MOTY's

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

This century -

2000 - HHH/Foley - Royal Rumble
2001 - Rock/Austin - Wrestlemania 17
2002 - Taker/Rock/Kurt - Vengeance
2003 - Kurt/Benoit - Royal Rumble
2004 - Benoit/HHH/HBK - Wrestlemania
2005 - Batista/HHH - Vengeance
2006 - Taker/Angle - No Way Out
2007 - Taker/Batista - Wrestlemania
2008 - HBK/Flair - Wrestlemania
2009 - HBK/Taker - Wrestlemania
2010 - HBK/Taker - Wrestlemania
2011 - Cena/Punk - Money In The Bank
2012 - Punk/Bryan - Over The Limit

The Undertaker - 5
Shawn Michaels - 4
Triple H - 3
Kurt Angle - 3
Chris Benoit - 2
CM Punk - 2 (Could change)
Batista - 2

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

No idea what the 2002 MOTY would be for me, certainly not the No Mercy Tag or HBK/HHH. Would probably be one of Brock/Rock or Lesnar/Taker HIAC. Vengeance triple threat is good, but not THAT GOOD. Rest of the year has some good matches but lacks in truly 'epic' matches, Elimination Chamber isn't terrible but the 2005 Chamber and the 2009 NWO Chamber featuring Mysterio being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else are better chamber matches.

2004 MOTY? Benoit/HBK/HHH is a tremendous shout, though Benoit/Orton Summerslam, Foley/Orton Backlash, Benoit/Edge/Jericho v Batista/Orton/Flair Raw & Mysterio/Chavo from Great American Bash are also excellent. MOTY however is Eddie/JBL from Judgement Day, so hate filled, so passionate and featuring one of Eddie's finest performances with JBL also excelling in his role. However I'm adamant that Eddie/Big Show from Smackdown is my favourite match of the year. So smartly worked and encapsulating everything that is wonderful about pro-wrestling, but it doesn't get the time to be a MOTYC even if it is a personal favourite in company history.

2005 MOTY is without doubt Eddie/Mysterio 06/23 on Smackdown. Neither HBK/Angle match is anywhere near the level of that, Judgement Day or Great American Bash in their series. Batista/HHH is an excellent HIAC though and worthy of the top 3. MITB 1 is super thanks to Benoit's selling and making a multi-man ladder match something other than a catalogue of insane spots to pop a crowd. Cena/JBL Judgement Day is a very good I Quit match.

2007 MOTY would be one of the Cena/HBK matches, or Cena/Umaga LMS. Cena/Orton is a very good Summerslam main event, and Orton/HHH LMS and Orton/HBK are also very good in their own right, but aren't as good as the first three matches I mentioned IMO. Finlay/Mysterio have a couple of excellent TV matches on Smackdown and Taker/Batista remains a very good heavyweight bomb throwing match despite my tastes always making me expect to dislike it, I just cannot.

2008 MOTY? Its not HBK/Jericho imo, but the year isn't exactly layered with matches that scream being MOTY. Edge/Taker HIAC is just too gimmicky for my liking, and I absolutely loathe Edge as a worker from like 2008 onwards. Flair/HBK is emotive but the actual ring work leaves a lot to be desired, though I can't argue if people focus on the emotion as drawing them in. HHH/Cena from NOC and Orton/Cena NWO are both top tier title matches, with the latter being superbly worked in the context of the feud and both men putting in top performances. HHH/Hardy No Mercy however would likely be my MOTY, a rare HHH performance from this period where I can't find any fault with him and it was a super match in Hardy's quest to becoming champion, very smartly worked face/face match which left both men looking great by the end and with a super veteran finish.

Punk/Cena MITB is far and away the 2011 MOTY, Cena/Mysterio, Bryan/Henry Steel Cage, Orton/Christian OTL & Miz/Lawler are also better than HHH/Taker IMO, but the latter match especially is just personal opinion in what I look for in a match these days.

Mind Games v Mankind is also a far more deserving 1996 MOTY for Michaels than the Iron-Man.

2000- HHH/Jericho LMS. Royal Rumble 2000 and HHH/Rock Backlash are mighty close, but the LMS has HHH putting in one of his best ever performances with Jericho supporting him tremendously, Street Fight is an incredible Foley showcase but as a whole I find the LMS more captivating.
2001- Austin/Angle Summerslam. Benoit/Austin Edmonton and Benoit/Jericho v HHH/Austin would also be above Rock/Austin Wrestlemania.
2002- Brock/Rock or Brock/Taker, can't decide.
2003- Angle/Lesnar Ironman.
2004- Eddie/JBL Judgement Day.
2005- Eddie/Mysterio 06/23 Smackdown
2006- Benoit/Finlay Judgement Day (Taker/Angle NWO is probably 'better' but there are so many little touches in Benoit/Finlay that I always end up thinking of it as being my favourite match and something I'd rank ahead of the NWO match in terms of 'best in company history'. Weird logic I admit.
2007- Cena/Michaels Wrestlemania.
2008- HHH/Hardy No Mercy.
2009- Punk/Hardy Steel Cage, Loser Leaves Town Smackdown. Legit adore the match and find it more engrossing than anything else in the year, Jericho/Mysterio from The Bash is the best PPV match though despite my reservations about Jericho as a worker in this time-frame.
2010- HBK/Taker Wrestlemania
2011- Punk/Cena Money In The Bank
2012- Cena/Lesnar Extreme Rules

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

2012: Cena/Brock Extreme Rules, thought it was a GOAT level match
2011: Pun/Cena MITB, not much contention except from Triple H/Taker Mania
2010: Michaels/Undertaker Mania, GOAT. If it wasn't for that match, I'd probably give it to the Rumble
2009: Michaels/Undertaker Mania, Edge/Cena Backlash was also spectacular bar the finish
2008: Batista/Michaels ONS, love this more and more with each viewing
2007: Michaels/Cena Mania
2006: Idunno, Angle/Undertaker by default b/c I can't think of anything
2005: Triple H/Batista HIAC Vengeance
2004: Benoit/Triple H/Michaels from Mania, I guess
2003: Brock/Angle Iron-man
2002: Brock/Rock SummerSlam or Brock/Taker HIAC No Mercy
2001: Austin/Rock Mania
2000: Triple H/Foley from the Rumble probably, or Rock/Triple H from Backlash
1999: BLAH
1998: Ehhh, OTE against Dude Love? Maybe
1997: Austin/Hart Mania, GOAT II
1996: Mindgames? I don't know
1995: Bret/Davey IYH: Season's Beatings
1994: Bret/Owen or the Ladder Match Mania X

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Seems me and HOL share similar thoughts bar the odd year, really should rewatch that Batista/Michaels match because I recall you on many occasions pimping that as well as the entire Flair/HBK > Batista/HBK > Jericho/HBK story arc.

Brock/Cena is legit one of the best matches the company has put on, unlike anything seen before it in the company and had a legitimate aura of violence and puts Cena in his best match setting against one of the best monsters. Whole build to the comeback was engrossing and the final moments were inspiring, finish also gets better to me with every viewing. Makes Cena look like the hero pulling out a huge win with everything he has left, but Lesnar is still the man who fucked his arm to frightening proportions and who left an emphatic beating on the company ace. Cena's booking immediately afterwards on Raw is worse than the actual finish, with the right booking it might have finally given the Cena character depth and a set of balls.

Legit no idea what my 1999 MOTY would be, agreed with you on 1998 though but would go HIAC > Austin/Bret, just because I love the storytelling centred around the Michaels character in the Cell match and how they create this aura of fear and violence which would go on to dominate the build in future Cell matches.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Michaels/Batista is pretty much an extended squash. You see this man nearly past his prime trick the animal, the man who went toe to toe with the Undertaker the previous year, out of a victory at Backlash. When Jericho exposed Michaels for faking the injury the character change in Batista was amazing. He went from that guy who wanted to avenge his mentor, to being a raging bull intent on hurting the man who made him look stupid.

Think it's a basic story to relate to. Tough guy is made to look like a fool by the wiser, more experienced pro and tough guy wants redemption. And boy does he get it. Michaels buys pity brilliantly as we've seen in many performances but this might be one of the best. You know you probably shouldn't feel sorry for him. Batista promised Michaels that if he were lying to him, he would pay dearly. But Michaels is just a master at garnering sympathy.

There's a shot of Batista crouching down, waiting to spear Michaels, and that picture pretty much tells the story of the whole match. Michaels is done, beaten and broken, but Batista has to do what he promised he would do. You don't see an evil animal, just the tough guy who wants his rep back.

The inclusion of Jericho was both good and bad. While it does slightly detract from the closure of this program, it sets up for the bigger story that was coming up.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

2000 - Triple H/Jericho LMS
2001 - Triple H/Austin No way out
2002 - Triple H/Shawn Summerslam
2003 - Angle/Benoit RR
2004 - Triple H/Shawn/Benoit WM 20
2005 - Triple H/Batista HIAC
2006 - Taker/Angle NWO
2007 - Cena/Shawn RAW
2008 - Triple H/Hardy No mercy
2009 - Punk/Hardy summerslam
2010 - Taker/Shawn WM 26
2011 - Cena/Punk MITB
2012 - Triple H/Taker HIAC

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Shit WW this week. Dammit. Wanted last week's but had no money. Don't want this week's, but I get paid .
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah, I was thinking of getting the 1995/96 one, but looking at it, think I can live without it.
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