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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Wrestlemania XX:

Big Show vs John Cena - **1/2
RVD/Booker T vs La Résistance vs Dudley Boyz vs Lance Cade/Mark Jindrak - ***
Chris Jericho vs Christian - ***
The Rock/Mick Foley vs Evolution - ***1/4
Torrie Wilson/Sable vs Stacy Keibler/Miss Jackie - N/A
Cruiserweight Open - **3/4
Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar - *
Too Cool vs APA vs Basham Brothers vs Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin - **3/4
Victoria vs Molly Holly - **1/2
Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle - ***3/4
Undertaker vs Kane - *
HHH vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit - *****

Overall: A lot of average or flat out bad matches on this show, yet I absolutely love this, mainly due to the legendary Eddie/Benoit celebration at the end and the classic main event. Also a lot of filler that made the show look more stacked than it should have been. (***1/2 out of *****)

Wrestlemania 22:

Kane/Big Show vs Chris Masters/Carlito - **1/2
Money in the Bank - ***3/4
Chris Benoit vs JBL - ***1/2
Mick Foley vs Edge - ****1/4
Boogeyman vs Booker T - *
Trish Stratus vs Mickie James - ***1/2
Undertaker vs Mark Henry - **
Shawn Michaels vs Mr. McMahon - ***3/4
Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio - ***1/2
Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle - ZERO
John Cena vs HHH - ****1/4

Overall: Pretty good show with most stuff around the average to great mark with a couple of filler that should have been cut out. An underrated show with a great crowd. (***3/4 out of *****)
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WM 22

Carlito/Masters vs Kane/Show - **1/4
MITB - ***1/2
Benoit/JBL - ***1/2
Edge/Foley - ****1/4
Booker/Boogey - DUD
Mickie/Trish - ***1/4
Taker/Henry - **3/4
HBK/Vince - ****
Angle/Rey/Orton - ***1/2
Torrie/Candice - DUD
Trips/Cena - ***3/4 (up from last view)

WM 24

Finlay/JBL - ***1/4
MITB - ****1/4
Umaga/Batista - *1/2
HBK/Flair - *****
Orton/Cena/Trips - ***3/4
Mayweather/Show - ***1/2
Edge/Taker - ****1/4

Two favorite WMs.

Rusev | Sami Zayn | Dean Ambrose | Alberto Del Rio | Jack Swagger
Timothy Thatcher | Chris Hero | Scott Dawson | Dash Wilder | Roderick Strong
Summer Rae | Charlotte | Carmella | Becky Lynch | Paige

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The crowd saved WM22. It had plenty of great matches but the most memorable thing at that time was the WM crowd. I still see WM22 as the biggest wasted card of all time because the original card for this PPV was one of the best ever.

Hogan/Austin, Angle/Taker, Eddie/HBK, Edge/Foley, Batista/Orton, HHH/Cena etc.

Greatest matches:
Flair/HBK - *****
Foley/Edge - ****1/4
Vince/HBK - ****
Taker/Edge - ****
HHH/Cena - ****
Angle/Orton/Rey - ***3/4
Show/Floyd - ***1/2
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Angle/Rey/Orton is a horrific match on so many levels. Choreographed bullshit for starters, does little to deviate from the terrible triple threat formula of 'Wrestler A throws Wrestler B out of the ring and fights with Wrestler C' and more importantly does a terrible job of building up to Rey's win by just making Angle look ridiculously strong and like he was cheated out of the win. I mean christ unless my memory is really bad here doesn't Rey tap when the ref is down???? It was just a stupid stupid match made all the more worse when Rey/Orton NWO and April on SD prove both men could put on a far better match than what the triple threat with Angle consisted of. The fact it got 9 minutes as well was utterly stupid, if they weren't going to fully invest in Mysterio's win I honestly question why they didn't recreate the Rock Wrestlemania 16 finish and have him chase the belt and win it at another PPV with a longer match better focused on teasing his win. A 9 minute win in which he and Orton are largely Angle's bitches, and not having Rey and Orton try to kill one another but rather work together was just an appalling way for someone of Mysterio's quality to win the title.

WM 22 is definitely underrated though, I prefer it to 21 and think as a whole match show its far better than 23 (Cena/HBK from that show would have made 22 incredible however), 18, 20 and 25, 27, 28. I really for the most part love Wrestlemania 26, and think 24 despite not being great for the in ring wrestling managed to create that 'Wrestlemania atmosphere' which really makes the entire show a spectacle, and despite the wrestling as a whole being better at 22, 23 and 26 I think it just manages to strike a greater balance between the spectacle as well as the entertainment. The card placement is also brilliant and definitely ensures there's very few matches together where the crowd interest is minimal, yet still ensuring the bigger matches have the necessary crowd heat.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I see WM20, 22, and 24 reviewed recently... so why not do em all from WM20 on?

WrestleMania XX

Show/Cena **
Jericho/Christian ****
Rock n Sock/Evolution **1/2
Cruiserweight Open **
Goldberg/Lesnar *1/4
Eddie/Angle ****
Undertaker/Kane **
HHH/Benoit/HBK ****1/2

Very good Mania. Two awesome championship matches, and a great Jericho/Christian match. Also the Undertaker returns as the deadman, which was great. Sadly the Taker/Kane match wasn't great. Neither were any of the other matches outside of the ones listed above. There's also the infamous Lesnar/Goldberg match, which may be one of the biggest disappointments of all time. I mean no doubt this was one of the biggest drawing matches of the Mania if not the biggest, and there was a lot of hype around it, especially with Austin as the guest referee. Then they go out and deliver the crap they did. Neither of them gave a damn, they showed it, and MSG reacted accordingly. Oh, and the Rock n' Sock match was cool as well, and would be Rock's last match for seven years before returning to the same arena at Survivor Series last year... which I was there for. The match itself was decent though.


Mysterio/Guerrero- ***1/2
MITB- ****1/4
Taker/Orton- ****1/4
Trish/Hemme- *1/2
Angle/Michaels- ****1/2
Akebono/Show- DUD
Cena/JBL- *
Batista/HHH- **

This show is really a mixed bag. Ultimately though the undercard saved this show and makes it one of the better Manias and one of my favorites. Guerrero/Mysterio, while one of their lesser matches in quality, was still very good. The original MITB is the best. Taker/Orton was amazing and Angle/HBK is a classic. The divas match though wasn't very good. Show/Akebono was a bore, Cena/JBL was terrible, and Batista/HHH was a sorely disappointing and poor main event, especially considering how big the feud was. Overall like I said, a mixed bag. Half the show was filled with awesome matches, while the other half was filled with terrible ones.

WM 22

Carlito/Masters vs Kane/Show - **1/2
MITB - ***3/4
Benoit/JBL - ***
Edge/Foley - ****1/4
Booker/Boogey - DUD
Mickie/Trish - ***1/4
Taker/Henry - *3/4
HBK/Vince - **
Angle/Rey/Orton - **3/4
Torrie/Candice - DUD
Trips/Cena - ***

Edge/Foley saves this show for me. MITB is fun as well. Trish/Mickie was great and one of the best Divas matches in the last 6 years. Cena/HHH was boring, Rey/Orton/Angle wasn't WM level World Title quality, and there are two DUD matches in the second divas match and Boogeyman/Booker. It's not the worst WM ever but not close to one of the best IMO. I'd honestly say it's weaker than it's surrounding Manias, though from WM20 on is better than WM25, and far better than WM27.


MITB- ***1/4
Khali/Kane- 1/4*
Benoit/MVP- ***1/2
Taker/Batista- ****1/2
ECW Originals/NewBreed- **3/4
Lashley/Umaga- ***1/4
Melina/Ashley- DUD
Cena/Michaels- ****

Underrated WM. Great main event. The World Title match was a classic and stole the show. MITB, while not one of the better ones was still fun. Benoit/MVP was great, and Lashley/Umaga was actually a good match. Yeah, Kane/Khali and Ashley/Melina bring the show down a couple of notches, but besides those everything else delivered.

WM 24

Finlay/JBL - ***1/2
MITB - ****1/4
Umaga/Batista - **
Kane/Chavo- 1/4*
HBK/Flair - ****
Divas Playboy Lumberjill- *
Orton/Cena/Trips - ***1/2
Mayweather/Show - ***
Edge/Taker - ****1/4

WM24 was awesome. Only two lackluster matches on the card (well, three if you count the ECW title match, which was barely a match). The main event between Taker and Edge is one of the best WM main events ever. HBK/Flair was an excellent match and a great way for Flair to go out... just a shame that's not how he ultimately goes out. Mayewather/Show was a billion times better than expectations. The triple threat WWE Title match was great, and the JBL/Finlay match was an excellent opener. MITB is probably the second best MITB match ever. Overall just an excellent Mania top to bottom, and one of the best Manias of all time.


MITB- ***1/2
Divas Battle Royal- DUD
Jericho/Legends- *** (for the Jericho/Steamboat interaction)
Matt/Jeff Hardy- ***1/2
Mysterio/JBL- DUD
Taker/HBK- *****
Edge/Cena/Show- ***1/4
Orton/HHH- **1/4

Taker/HBK did save this show, and is an all-time classic, but the MITB match was fun. Matt/Jeff I really liked, and the World Title triple threat was good. Orton/HHH is a match that wasn't that good and was a huge disappointment, but had such a hot storyline going into it (see Batista/HHH WM21). Mysterio/JBL is... well... it is what it is. Divas battle royal is made even worse by the fact Santina... *cough Santino* won. Jericho/Steamboat was a great little match. If it was just that I'd probably rate that legends match ***1/2.


ShowMiz/TruthandMorrison- **1/2
Orton/Rhodes/Dibiase- ***1/4
MITB- ***
Sheamus/HHH- ***1/4
Mysterio/Punk- ***1/2
Hart/McMahon- DUD
Jericho/Edge- ****
Divas Tag- *
Cena/Batista- ***3/4
Taker/HBK- ****1/2

Overall a very good Mania. Taker/HBK is a classic main event. The title matches were both excellent. And hell, the show just kept getting better and better as it went, which is what I love, besides McMahon/Hart, which is one of the worst matches ever, and the Divas tag which.. well... is a divas match. But overall one of the better WM's and marks HBK's last match, which will always make it memorable.


Edge/Del Rio- ***1/2
Rhodes/Mysterio- ***1/4
Corre/Show-Kane-Marella-Kingston- *
Orton/Punk- ***1/2
Cole/Lawler- DUD
Taker/HHH- ***1/2
6-mixed tag- *1/2
Cena/Miz- *

Overall, not an as abysmal Mania as it's made out to be. Yeah, probably the worst out of all the ones I'm rating now, but still did have several great matches in Orton/Punk. Taker/HHH, Edge/Del Rio and Rhodes/Mysterio was a very good match as well. The problem with this Mania is it's kinda like WM21, a mixed bag, only worse. The top tier matches in quality of this Mania don't beat the ones of WM21 and the worst matches of this Mania are worse. Cole/Lawler is the worst match of all time imho. But yeah, a weak WM, but at least it had good spots, plus Rock guest hosting was a nice touch.


Sheamus/Bryan- 1/2*
Kane/Orton- ***1/4
Show/Rhodes- **1/2
Divas Tag- 3/4*
Taker/HHH- ****
Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy- **3/4
Punk/Jericho- ****1/2
Rock/Cena- ***1/2

Only really bad match was the divas match. Sheamus/Bryan at least furthered there story well in this, even if it was ridiculous. Show/Cody was okay, and same for Team Johnny/Team Teddy. Punk/Jericho was an amazing wrestling match, Taker/HHH with HBK as ref was an awesome storytelling match, Rock/Cena was a spectacle, and Kane/Orton produced a quality match. Overall a petty good Mania in my view.

How I'd rate these Manias:

1) WM24
2) WM21
3) WM20
4) WM26
5) WM23
6) WM28
7) WM22
8) WM25
9) WM27

I'm watching you...

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I seem to be a bigger fan of WM28 than most. With the original (speculated) undercard consisting of:
A MITB featuring guys like Christian, Kofi, Truth, Ziggler, Swagger, Kane, Wade Barrett, etc.
Orton vs. Del Rio
Cody vs. Goldust
Miz and Eve vs. Ryder and Kelly Kelly
Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

Or something similar, would make 28 a Top 3 Mania.

Spoiler for Currently Marking For:

AJ Styles
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I did rate WM21 a while back, but I can do it again.

Eddie/Rey - ***3/4
MITB - ****1/4
Taker/Orton - ****1/4
Trish/Hemme - *3/4
Angle/HBK - ****1/4
Akebono/Show - ZERO
JBL/Cena - ***
HHH/Batista - **3/4


MITB - ****1/2
Khali/Kane - 1/2*
Benoit/MVP - ***3/4
Taker/Batista - ****1/2
ECW Originals/New Breed - Haven't seen yet
Lashley/Umaga - ***1/4
Melina/Ashley - Haven't seen yet
Cena/HBK - ***1/2


Finlay/JBL - ***1/2
MITB - ***3/4
Umaga/Batista - **3/4
Kane/Chavo - N/A
HBK/Flair - ***1/4
Divas Playboy Lumberjill - *
Orton/Cema/HHH - ****1/4
Mayweather/Show - ***1/4
Edge/Taker - ****


MITB - ***1/2
Divas Battle Royal - *
Jericho/Legends - ***
Matt/Jeff Hardy - Haven't seen yet
Rey/JBL - N/A
Taker/HBK - *****
Cena/Edge/Show - ***1/4
Orton/HHH - **1/4

ShowMiz/Truth and Morrison - ***
Orton/Cody/DiBiase - ***1/4
MITB - ***
Sheamus/HHH - ***1/2
Rey/Punk - ***3/4
Bret/McMahon - ZERO
Jericho/Edge - ***3/4
Divas Tag - *
Cena/Batista - ***3/4
Taker/HBK - ****1/4


Edge/Del Rio - ***1/2
Cody/Rey - ***1/4
Corre/Show & Kane & Santino & Kofi - *
Orton/Punk - ***1/2
Cole/Lawler - 1/2*
Taker/HHH - ***3/4
Mixed tag team - *
Cena/Miz - *1/4

Sheamus/Bryan - N/A
Kane/Orton - ***1/4
Show/Cody - **1/2
Divas tag team - *1/4
Taker/HHH - ****3/4 (might need a rewatch and if it's as good as first time, it's a 5 star)
Team Teddy/Team Johnny - ***1/4
Punk/Jericho - ***1/2
Cena/Rock - ****1/2
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Rock/Austin - ****1/4
Shane/X-Pac - ***

Rock/Foley/Show/HHH - ****1/2
Ladder - ****3/4
Angle/Benoit/Jericho - ****
Hardcore - ***

Rock/Austin - *****
Angle/Benoit - ****1/2
TLC - *****
Vince/Shane - ***1/2
Taker/HHH - ***1/2

Rock/Hogan - *****(above the * rating)
Flair/Taker - ****
Angle/Kane - ***1/4
Austin/Hall - ***
Jericho/HHH - ***

Rock/Austin - ****1/2
Angle/Lesnar - ****1/4
Hogan/Vince - ***1/2
Y2J/HBK - ****
Booker/HHH - ***1/4-1/2

Rock/Foley/Evolution - **** (Should have been Rock/Flair alone, their interaction here was gold)
Angle/Eddie - ****1/4
Benoit/HBK/HHH - ****1/2

Angle/HBK - *****
Orton/Taker - ****
MITB - ****1/2
Batista/HHH - ***

Edge/Foley - ****1/4
HBK/Vince - ****
HHH/Cena - ****
Angle/Orton/Rey - ***3/4-****
MITB - ****

Batista/Taker - ****1/2
HBK/Cena - ****
Lashley/Umaga - ***1/4

Flair/HBK - *****
Edge/Taker - ****1/4
Orton/HHH/Cena - ***3/4
Floyd/Show - ***1/2
Batista/Umaga - ***

HBK/Taker - *****
Orton/HHH - ***1/2
Hardy/Hardy - ***1/2

HBK/Taker - ****1/2
Jericho/Edge - ***3/4
Batista/Cena - ***3/4

Edge/Del Rio - ***1/2
Taker/HHH - ****

Rock/Cena - ****1/2
Taker/HBK/HHH - ****1/2
Jericho/Punk - ***1/4
Orton/Kane - ***

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Holy Wrestlemania ratings! There are a lot of matches I'm hazy on, though.

Punk v Jericho ****1/4
End of an Era ****+
Once in a Lifetime 3-4*

Edge v Del Rio ***3/4

Michaels v Undertaker: It's been a VERY long time and this is definitely due for a rewatch. ****1/2+ definitely.
Edge v Jericho ****

Michaels v Undertaker see above. Although I remember liking the XXVI match more.

Cena v HHH v Orton ***1/2
Edge v Undertaker ****1/4
MiTB ****
Show v Mayweather ***+ AWESOME!
Flair v Michaels ****

Batista v Undertaker **** Remember NOTHING else

Edge v Foley ****1/4

MitB ****1/4 must rewatch
Angle v Michaels *** Not a fan of them together
Taker v Orton ****

Christian v Jericho ****
Benoit v Michaels v HHH *****

Rock v Austin ****1/2
Michaels v Jericho ****1/2

TLC II *****
Angle v Benoit ***3/4, Royal Rumble blows it away
Rock v Austin must rewatch, ****1/2+

Heaven is a place on earth.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I just watched WWF Rock Bottom 1998. Poor ppv with good undercard of Rock/Mankind (*** 1/2) and Austin/Taker.

Could you recommend me some good 1998 PPVs?
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