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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

It would be nice if SV offered some of those older PPV's on Wild Wednesday (WM19 would be nice lol)
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Elimination Chamber 2010

WWE Championship : Sheamus(C) vs John Cena vs Triple H vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase Elimination Chamber

I remember watching this match live and genuinely being quite unimpressed, and even stated this was the worst chamber match since the atrocious ECW chamber match. But after finally a second watch of this match it really wasn’t that bad, not in the same league as the chamber that follows it 2 hours later though. I guess my main gripe was at the time how long it took them to utilize the chamber. Randy was really the only one who did once he came in and really showed his sadistic gimmick quite well, especially when he squeezed Kofi’s head outside the chamber. The in ring action however was quite good in this with everyone really having their moments in the match. Words however can’t describe how much I hate this ending, they really had a chance to have another epic cena vs hhh ending to the match, however cena practically makes hhh tap out within 30 seconds of them facing off. These are the reasons why so many people dislike the character of John Cena. Overall however a fairly decent chamber, definitely not in the top 5 ever, but much better then I first assumed.

*** 1/2

WWE Championship : John Cena(C) vs Batista

Vince McMahon can really be a cruel bastard at times and I know people who said why would he give Batista a title match. At first I didn’t like this decision, and would of rathered Cena just retain at Mania, but this was brilliant storyline wise, it fit both his and Batista’s characters so well. Not much of a match, but who doesn’t enjoy Cena getting destroyed. I never was a big fan of the face Batista, and I was just dying for the heel Batista before he left and he definitely didn’t disappoint. Interesting fact that John Cena has never left an Elimination Chamber event with the title in tack despite winning twice. One Star for Cena being mauled.


IC Championship : Drew Mcintrye(C) vs Kane

Words cannot describe how much the crowd could not give a crap about this match, it was utter silence nearly for 10 minutes. The upside of this match though, the awesome McIntyre entrance for the first time and the in ring action really wasn’t that bad. It was funny that I read that Mcintrye was pushed down because of his in ring work, when I tend to find him one of the most underrated inside the squared circle. The arm work he did here was quite good and the selling from Kane wasn’t too bad either. The finish was a little anticlimactic however after all McIntyre’s arm work he wins with a thumb to the eyes and future shock DDT. I really didn’t think he would get a somewhat clean win over Kane here, and it seemed they really were adamant in pushing him to the moon. I really would like to see him get another opportunity like this, since he has really matured and has paid his dues.


Raw vs Smackdown :Gail kim & Maryse vs Team Laycool

Im really torn on this, on one hand by today’s diva standards the in ring work wasn’t bad at all, on the other why turn a vacated Women’s title match into a tag team raw vs Smackdown match. Not saying it would of made it better, it just makes no booking sense. Not too bad, but only memorable for the beautiful Peterson roll by Layla.


US Championship : The Miz(C) w/ Big Show vs MVP w/ Mark Henry

Really again? If you haven’t read my last review of Royal Rumble 2010, you will discover how much I despise impromptu matches. In the 5 weeks build from TLC to the Rumble they couldn’t’ book this match, and here we are again 3 weeks later in the same ordeal. Putting that all aside this match, was a lot better than there TV like match at the rumble. Miz actually gets busted open quite nicely which I surprisingly never remembered. This match actually got going in the last 5 minutes with some good counters and an awesome belly to belly from the top rope from MVP. However in heel fashion as Miz is on the ropes he pulls the ref away so Show can knockout MVP for the win. Actually a decent match that deserved to be booked on pay per view, Miz was actually improving quick nicely in the ring and he would wreak the rewards later on in the year.

** 1/2

WH Championship : Undertaker(C) vs Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs R-truth vs John Morrison Elimination Chamber

One of my favourite chamber matches ever, and it was every bit as good again on this viewing. This is the infamous match when Undertaker gets burnt during his entrance, and practically breaks character to tear his jacket off and nearly run into the ring however Matt Striker does a good job to cover it with his commentary. This is such a fun match, with amazing chemistry between the lot of them. Punk once again steals the first part of the match, with his amazing promos and selling. Once Rey comes in after truth is eliminated the Punk and Rey awesomeness starts, that hurricanrana to Punk on the steel was awesome. Once Rey overcomes Punk, Jericho comes in and there awesome chemistry begins. Rey Mysterio is probably the most underrated worker ever inside the chamber, his bumps and sellings are really amazing. John Morrison comes in and gives a breakout kind of performance, not quite on the level of next year’s chamber but really sells well and genuinely looked good with everyone in the ring. Undertaker and Jericho were the final two, I was waiting so anxiously to see if HBK would make an appearance, and when I saw the grate open I nearly jumped off my chair BAM Superkick 1, 2, 3.

The only thing that angers me in this match, is something that didn’t happen in this match you follow? How does it take one Superkick to finish Taker when at Mania, 2 superkicks and a Moonsault through a table couldn’t? I know its mania but it just makes me think some times. All in all, in my humble opinion this is in the top 5 chamber matches of all time, it never once dragged, had some great moments and everyone in the ring did their part extremely well. Once I finish reviewing all the pay per views of this year, I think this match will be extremely hard to keep out of the top 5 of the year.

**** 1/4


Another pretty decent pay per view here heading into Mania, it features one of the best chamber matches of all time in my view, and a decent chamber match as well. Anything really outside of the chamber matches however really ain’t that great besides Miz and MVP. But the real selling points of the show are the chamber matches and they were both good to great. I’m split though so far on which pay per view was better, the rumble was much more consistent however the Chamber pay per view was much more top heavy. On that note im going to rate them the same for now.

Required Viewing

WH Championship : Undertaker(C) vs Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs R-truth vs John Morrison Elimination Chamber
(**** 1/4)

Rating: 6.5/10

Still Happened.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Does anyone know if No Way Out 2003 and Backlash 2003 DVDs have inserts? And what kind of inserts?
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Geolink View Post
Does anyone know if No Way Out 2003 and Backlash 2003 DVDs have inserts? And what kind of inserts?
I only have Backlash 2003 and my new copy didn't include an insert.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

PPV's don't tend to have inserts (well, didn't back then anyway, fuck knows about now I rarely buy them lol) as the entire listing was on the back of the case.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

the trailer for the punk dvd is cool.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

A new wwe annual 2012 DVD is up on silvervision here.

I'll definately be buying that when it gets reduced in a wild wednesday.

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yup, I'm going to be a copycat.

HHH in 1998

WM vs. Owen Hart - ***1/4
OTE vs. Owen Hart - **3/4
FL vs. The Rock - ***3/4
SS vs. The Rock - ****
CC vs. Jeff Jarrett - **1/4

The matches against the Rock were clearly a cut above. I nearly docked the ladder match a 1/4* because Rock doesn't know how to realistically slow-climb a ladder at this point in his career and it takes you out of the match a bit. The worst part of a ladder match is if one guy goes up a little too quickly while his opponent is on the outside and flails at the belt when it's clearly his to grasp, just waiting for the other guy to run in and attack him. Nevertheless, the last 10 minutes of the match are great and make up for that. Maybe the best match of HHH's career to this point (although a couple of the Foley matches were really good).

I'm sure the Jarrett match would have been a lot better if they could have done more, but I guess coming off an injury you have to err on the side of caution. Solid for what it is.
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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Currently watching the Highest Flyers DVD

Ricky Steamboat vs. Brian Pillman - ***1/4
Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio Jr - ****1/2
Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin - ****1/2

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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Just trying to get my review feet under me, so I've been watching whatever they have on NETFLIX...

Best of King of the Ring

Ladder Match 2: Crash and Burn

Ultimate Randy Savage Collection

Let me know what you think.
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